The sandy stone beneath her feet is rough and uneven. Small bits of bone protrude from it, remnants of the Hives earlier meals. The sight of them doesn't scare her, though. She's a Priest- her training forbids all but the mildest of interest. The bones are old. They've been there for a while.

So no new meals, this far out. She reasons to herself, as she crosses into the main Hive. Either their Queen was dead, or the Vampires had moved their tribe. Either one of those options would make her job harder. With no Queen to give them commands, the soldiers became erratic and unpredictable. But with one, they became a cunning force, one she alone couldn't stand against.

There had to be another reason.

Stale air teases her hair as she steps up to the edge, scuffing one black booted toe against the lip as she gazes down thoughtfully. Nothing but darkness and bat cries spirals up to meet her. The hive, hundreds of stories both tall, and deep- is empty. A silent snarl twists her lovely face at the realization. Empty. Not dead. Dead would mean her job was over, and she could crawl back to the little hovel the City allowed her to keep. Dead meant she could lay down and sleep, grateful in the knowledge that there was one less problem out there waiting for her.

Taking one step back, she launches herself out into the open air. Careful to maintain a distance from the walls, she allows gravity to pull her down. Deeper, ever deeper, into that pit of hell.

Her boots hit hard sandy floor a few long moments later, and she rolls to absorb most of the impact. Once more, she can feel old bones and hard rock ridges digging into her flesh. Dimpling her being almost painfully as she moves over them. Shaking the feeling away, she stands- her hands slipping over the handles of her weapons reassuringly. Nothing can hurt her here, not while she still holds them.

She cracks a glow stick, the eary green light strong enough for her to peer around with ease. The floors are sand, more stone this time, then goo. The walls have a worn feel about them, suggesting that the hive had been built on top of a cave system. The rocks around her looked too natural to be anything else.

And then she finds it. The table.

Sitting proudly in the middle of the floor, the slate platform reeks of old blood. Old human blood. Even from here, she can feel the grace of Priest hood. So this is where they killed him. Ducking her head, she murmurs a soft prayer into the silent air around her. Asking for forgiveness, mainly. It is too late to pray for his Immortal soul- no doubt it has been gone for months now.

"I'm sorry, Priest. I should have been with you, that day. I would have made certain to bring you home." Even if it meant in a body bag. At least he would have been coming home, to be mourned and buried properly.

Pale golden fingers, protected by strips of fabric- as black as the rest of her outfit- smoothed over the dry red rock, gathering flakes of blood. She would store then in a vial, and bring them back with her to the City. He could finally be buried within their sacred walls.

Tucking the small glass tube back into its protective carrier, she turned and walked away. There was nothing more she could do for him, dead that he was. Better to tend to the living, now, and continue to eradicate the scourge of Vampires from the earth.

He waited until he was certain she was gone, before he moved from the tunnels, and into the fading green light. Scarred, strong hands traced were her fingers had been not ten minutes before. Lifting his head, he watched the tunnel she'd walked into with angry, scornful yellow eyes.

"You should have." He replied accusingly, his rough timber voice deepened with old rage- and new regret.

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