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Torio POV:

"Mum!" Ashley my 10 year old child shouted.

"Coming!" I yawned.

"No, let me!" Beck smiled.

"Awww thanks," I smiled. Beck walked out of the door then I ran into the toilet and got out a pregnancy test. I did what I had to do I waited for a few minutes until a plus sign came up. "I'm pregnant again," I whispered. I am going to tell Beck soon when I'm ready. "Tori," Beck said

"She just had a nightmare, where are you?" Beck asked.

"I'm in the toilet!" I shouted as I chucked the test behind the toilet.

As if on cue Beck walked in, "Come on lets go back to bed, I have a surprise for you tomorrow," Beck smiled.

"I'm excited, and guess what I have a surprise for you too!" I laughed. I hopped back into bed and after a few minutes I was asleep.

"Mum, mum wake up I'm gonna be late for school!" Ashley shouted as she jumped on our bed.

"Okay, let me get ready," I stretched.

"Where's dad?" I asked.

"I don't know!" Ashley screamed.

"Come on then," I laughed.

Cat's POV:

"Hey Tori," I smiled.

"Hey," Tori said.

"I need to tell you something," Tori whispered.

"Tell me!" I screamed. Tori and I are friends know she forgave me for everything!

"Well, I'm planning to tell Beck I'm pregnant today and…" Tori was interrupted by me,

"You're pregnant!" I screamed.

"Yeah," Tori smiled.

"I have a child too," Cat smiled.

"You do!" I smiled.

"No, but I'm planning to have one! But for now I'm just using this doll," I giggled.

"Kay," Tori said.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I questioned.

"Nothing I'm just okay with you having a fake child!" I laughed.

Tori's phone started ringing, "Hello babes," Tori said. She was probably talking to Beck.

"Sure I'll be there ASAP," Tori smiled.

"Bye love you," Tori smiled.

"Look Cat I have to go I'm meeting Beck in a few minutes," Tori said.

"Sure, bye." I giggled.

"Bye," Tori smiled.

Beck's POV:

Tori walked over to me. "Hey what's up?" Tori smiled.

I got down on one knee, "Tori Vega, will you marry me?" I asked hoping for a 'yes'

"Ahhhhhh, YES YES YES!" Tori screamed. She jumped on me and we both toppled to the ground.

"Now there was something you wanted to tell me what was that?" I asked.

"Errr, I'm pregnant!" Tori screamed.

"Yes, what a happy day!" I smiled.

I took Tori's hand and led her away. I'm 26 and I'm getting married and I will have two children.

'Okay what do you want to do next?" I asked.

"Pick out a wedding dress by myself though it has to be a surprise!" Tori smiled.

"I'll ask Cat to come along!" Tori added on.

"Sure whatever you want Mrs. Oliver," I smiled.

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