Alright here's the last one. I'm taking the other ten pairings and doing them just a bit differently. That way at least I'll get songs i like to work with. Just the pairings will be random. So wait for the next set coming out in a week or so.

Reason it's written this way: I put the song on repeat and this is just what came out.

Warnings: triggers for any assortment of things because I kept it rather vague

Pairing- FinnPuckKurtSam suggested by eb012203 and Takachu

Song- If You Ask -Faith Hill

Disclaimer: I do not own glee Fox does. I do not own If You Ask, Faith Hill does

Kurt sat on a stool Sam sitting to his left with his guitar. Kurt didn't know what else to say or do. He'd finally broken down and found a song. Sam rubbed his side giving Kurt a reassuring smile. "Do you think this will work?" He asked softly.

"I hope so. I know it bothers you the most but he hurt all of us." Kurt teared up knowing Sam was hurting too and so was Finn but it was him that had found Puck and had been told off. Sam leaned over and placed a soft kiss to Kurt's trembling lips.

"It'll be alright Kurt." Sam spoke softly pulling back as the rest of the glee club came in. Finn came in and took up the other stool. "Remember the chords." Sam asked with a half smile.

"Yeah." Finn looked at Kurt. "Doing better?"

"Then this morning yeah." Kurt replied. Mr. Schue walked in trailed by Puck.

"Alright everyone Kurt, Sam and Finn have something they want to sing so we'll start with them. Whenever you're ready guys." Finn and Sam started the soon. Kurt looked too Puck taking a deep breath before starting the song.

Well I've come to know the look on your face
When you're lying about where you've been
Or how much you spent

Kurt tried to keep a soft smile on his face but it felt unnatural and awkward. He looked away from Puck staring more toward the floor as he entered the second verse.

I know when you will raise your fingers
To your mouth as if to wipe away the shame
It's not a game I know you feel bad

Kurt's eyes closed as he began the chorus unable to look at anything. He was fighting back the tears.

If you ask for my forgiveness
If you call my name I will come
If you ask for my love I will give you some

Someday I know you will understand
Someday you'll finally realize
What you're doing to yourself

Kurt looked to Puck and wrapped his arms around himself holding his own arms tight in his hands. His voice trembled a bit and Sam joined him softly.

If you ask for my forgiveness
If you call my name I will come
If you ask for my love I will give you some

We've been dancing to
That same old song over and over again
I want to be your lover
I don't want to be your policeman

Finn joined him and Sam on the next verse both dropping off at the last part.

So tonight when you finally make
Your way back to our door
I'll let you sleep it off like I did the night before

Puck looked near tears and Kurt felt his own well up with tears. They needed to get through to him needed him to stop being so defensive. What he was doing was going to get him killed.

When you ask for my forgiveness
When you call my name I will come
When you ask for my love I will give you some

In the morning I will get you up and
I will smile just when you want me to
Cause I'm, I'm all you have

The group clapped and Puck ran out. Kurt closed his eyes tight finding Sam's arms around him. Finn rubbed his back. "Shh it's alright Kurt. Just give him some time." Sam soothed the sniffling countertenor. He gave Finn a look but Finn was wearing the same look so it looked like he had not idea what puck would do.


Kurt lay between Finn and Sam having cried himself to sleep. The other two felt so awful at how hard Kurt was taking Puck's problem. He was the most sensitive in any case but to see him cry so much upset Finn making him mad. They didn't need Puck. If he was going to screw up his life then he could fuck off and leave them alone.

Sam touched his shoulder and he realized he was clenching his fist and teeth. "I can't stand this. Sam he's cried himself to sleep for the past week. Burt's starting to get suspicious. If he finds out things will just get worse." Sam reached out and rubbed Finn's shoulder.

"I know and it's also hard to watch Puck destroy himself. We'll just try to be strong for Kurt."

"I'm sorry." Both of them jumped as Kurt spoke. Usually he slept pretty deep.

"Kurt it's alright." Sam said kissing his cheek. "We understand you were the one to see him all fucked up."

"Why would he do that? He has us why would he do that?" Finn pulled Kurt hard against him as the smaller cried again. Sam closed his eyes feeling his own need to cry overwhelm him. The door bell rang.

"Sam would you get that?" Finn asked holding Kurt. Sam gave him a small smile and climbed over them to go upstairs to answer the door. He definitely didn't expect to see Puck on the other side of the door.

"Can I come in?" Sam wanted to yell and chase Puck off but he just looked so awful so Sam nodded and stepped back. Puck entered holding his arms tightly around his torso. "Sam I…"

"I think if you're going to say anything you should tell all three of us." Sam said in Puck's silence. Puck nodded and followed Sam downstairs. Kurt had stopped crying but he was still clinging to Finn.

"Noah." Kurt flew off the bed much to all their surprise tackling Puck. The smaller had his arms thrown around Puck's shoulders and he was crying again. "Please please let us help you. I love you so much Noah please." Kurt's hold looked painful but Sam didn't move to remove him.

"I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." Puck broke into tears clutching at the back of Kurt's shirt. "Please I'm so sorry." Finn got off the bed and with Sam's help got them to the bed. Kurt refused to let Puck go both of them crying against each other. Sam and Finn lay on either side of them laying comforting hands on their tearful boyfriends. "I'm so sorry."

"Just let us help you Puck. We love you so much but we can't help if you wont let us. We don't want to see you hurt yourself anymore." Finn said rubbing Puck's side.

"We'll do anything to keep this from happening again." Sam added.

"I won't I wont." Puck cried harder. Kurt kissed his cheek.

"We forgive you." Kurt sighed stroking Puck's Mohawk till he fell asleep. "We're here Noah."

"We're going to have a long talk tomorrow." Sam sighed.

"Yeah but for now I just want to sleep. It feels like years since all of us were in one bed." Finn sighed. Kurt nodded snuggling against Puck's chest. At least he wasn't crying anymore.