Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Tezuka/Atobe

Rating: PG-13/K (for now. Next will be probably T)

Warnings: uhm… smutty cocktails..?

Word Count: 964

Disclaimer: Konomi-sensei's. If it was our's, this would be canon. Seeing that it isn't… Let's not continue these depressing thoughts.

Authors: manaika & x-juliett

Notes: This madness is a collab written by me and my best friend, meaning that this is a collab by two crazed fujoushi. To say the truth, the concept hit us suddenly and now we are writing "Cocktail drabbles" - one drink for each pair. We are not saving the best for the last, but start right from the top: Tezuka/Atobe!

I hope you all will enjoy this.

Sex on the Beach


"So," Atobe asked casually as they strolled down the shore line after a heated game set on the nearby beach courts, "how about some relaxing sex on the beach, Tezuka?"

When the words his companion threw between them sank into Tezuka's brain he stopped dead in his tracks only to stare at his long time 'sparing partner'. Sex? And on the beach of all places? No… No way… Not even Atobe could be that much of a recessist, right? He wanted to say something to ascertain he heard right, but the words stuck at the back of his throat.

Atobe watched Tezuka's amok with growing amusement. This was why he loved his friend's simple minded ways. Whenever Tezuka got like this, it made Atobe's day so much better. He didn't even care he'd lost anymore.

"Relax, Tezuka," he said with a poorly suppressed laughter, "I was talking about cocktails. What did you think?... There is a decent place nearby," Atobe continued, smirking at Tezuka's expression of relief, "if I might suggest, their Orgasm is rather mind blowing."

Tezuka turned white as the pristine walls of his room back at the rehabilitation facility in Germany. First sex, now orgasm… If he didn't know any better Tezuka would say Atobe was… suggesting. No, wait… he did know better. Or rather, one never knew with Atobe.

He coughed.

"So… I take it that the Orgasm comes in trade then?"

Atobe nearly tripped in the traitorous sand. Was Tezuka… actually accepting the challenge? Well, that just opened a whole new world of possibilities for Atobe.

"It's this way to the left," he informed him evenly, trying not to speed up too much. If nothing else, it looked like Atobe was in for a great cocktail night. And who knew, with some luck and good use of his awesome prowess they might be putting some of the alcohol innuendo to the practical use.


The chairs in the small beach bar were actually pretty comfortable, Tezuka thought and promptly chided himself for sounding like Atobe. Speaking of which, the bespectacled male had just sprawled himself in the chair across from him, flamboyant as ever, looking like he owned the entire place, hell the entire beach, not just the nearby courts.

A spark was in the stormy eyes, flashing challengingly at him like lightning, daring him to move from under the tree. Ah, about that…

"So," he scanned the drink card and noted the varying degree of innuendo in the names of the mixed drinks. His eyebrows twitched ever so slightly and he found himself fighting a traitorous blush. "I'm not ordering any of this."

Atobe nodded promptly, already taking the card out of Tezuka's hands. "I though so. But never fear, ore-sama will take care of you." He carelessly ran through the list of drinks looking way too smug for Tezuka's peace of mind.

"It's just like tennis, Tezuka, really, with some practice, Orgasm won't be a problem," Atobe informed him and proceeded to order just that for Tezuka and Sex on the Beach for himself.

"Don't worry," he winked at now considerably worried Tezuka, "I'm planning on letting you taste some of that later tonight as well."

If nothing else Tezuka understood the words 'tennis' and 'practice', so chances were that the ground base for communication had been laid. Hidden meanings were another thing altogether. But until now he had been doing fine with that category of communication with Atobe and he was determined to find out how far he could go. It was time to test his limits.

"So all we have to do…" he paused as their drinks were served and took his Orgasm into his hand, "is to practice Sex on the Beach and Orgasm at the bar and things will go smoothly, yes? Well then, let's cheer without faltering!"

Atobe proceeded to gulp down his Sex on the Beach without so much as feeling the taste.


When they staggered out of the bar a couple of hours and an unknown number of suggestive drinks later, Atobe was holding Tezuka up by the waist, slowly working his way further down.

"Atobeeee… stop.. stop butting my grope!.." Tezuka demanded looking scandalized and very drunk. "No wait… that didn't sound right… Anyway, just stop it!"

"You know, Tezuka, " Atobe got a firm grip on the other man's ass and was bent on keeping it there, "I never thought I'd say this to you, but you've head one Orgasm too many."

"But I still didn't have any of that Sex on the Beach you suggested earlier." The words were out of him faster than his mind processed. But as it finally settled in, he rolled his eyes inwardly. Somehow that sentence sounded wrong. He looked at Atobe to ask that know-it-all to tell him what exactly was amiss, but the sight of the chiseled profile bathed in the moon's gentle light the question turned at the tip of his tongue into a hushed, "I'll take you up on that offer." He didn't even bother thinking about what he said just now.

Before Atobe could process this sudden development he was being pushed against the bar's wall and taken up and in quite literally.


"See, ore-sama told you it was all about practice," Atobe said afterwards stretching lazily on the warm sand. Before Tezuka could grunt anything in return and ruin the mood he leaned in for a lazy kiss.

Tezuka's naked body was as warm as the sand minus the unpleasant scratchy feeling. Inspiration struck. Atobe climbed on top of his dozing partner covering the both of them with his jersey.

"I think you are ready for some Sperm next time," he asked thoughtfully, grinning at the suddenly very awake Tezuka.


Hope ya all enjoyed!

mana-chan & juli-chan