Tequila Sunrise

(tequila, orange juice, grenadine)

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Yuushi/Kenya

Rating: T

Warnings: incest, tequila body shots, dirty talk, Kenya's butt, lack of actual Tequila Sunrise

Word count: 1145

Disclaimer: Konomi-sensei's. All of the things mentioned in the last disclaimer still apply.

Authors: manaika & x-juliett

A/N – X-juliett: Is it still a drabble if it's over 1000 words?... Anyway, it's Oshitari cousins incest pair doing some hot tequila body shots! Yay! *insert an ear shuttering fujoshi squeal here* We were writing this in an open air café and were seriously tempted to try it out. July-chan is seriously scared of what might happen the next time now. Manaika: Yeah, well, the uke was already in position when the seme chickened out, so blame yourself. xP As to what happens next time…well, it will feature Fuji so I guess we should prepare ourselves.


Yuushi wasn't sure how his homecoming party ended up this way, but he had a suspicion the whole thing was a setup. After all, there was no natural way for a guy to end up on top of the bar counter drinking tequila body shots off of his cousin's relatively naked body while the rest of Shittenhoji tennis club kept cheering them on.

Kenya would, later on, reflect that it was all Shiraishi's fault. Since there was just no way he would end up lying naked on the counter with his cousin of all six milliard people in the whole world above him without an interference of a higher deity. Just no way in hell, right?

At least the guy had a skilled tongue. Kenya cracked an eye open to cast a glance at his cousin and decided that indeed going to Tokyo was, against all odds, a good choice for that guy. He had to grin at the thought.

"You know, Yuushi, as much as you've been complaining at first I have to say Tokyo did you good. What a handsome seme you have turned into…"

"What, you alpha male ego feels endangered now?" Yuushi purred sliding his tongue against the thin trail of salt on Kenya's abdomen until he reached the small pool of burning liquid inside his belly button. Yuushi sucked up every single drop, effectively cutting off all of Kenya's clever remarks. This felt surprisingly… delicious. He wondered of he could trick Keigo into trying it one of these days. It had to feel good for the other party as well, if Kenya's low sighs were any indication.

Alpha male ego? Not particularly. Kenya grinned as he breathed in sharply and sucked a bit of sour juice out of the citrus in his mouth. Combined with the sensations Yuushi was making him feel it was quite literally breathtaking. However the Speed Star of Naniwa regained himself quickly enough and did his best to reply to Yuushi's inquiry with the piece of fruit still between his lips.

"Naaaah…" he mumbled. "Just judging by the look on Zaizen's face this wasn't the result he was expecting when he made that bet with Shiraishi. Whoever wins, wins, right?"

Lazily Yuushi pulled up on his arms until his eyes met Kenya's defiant gaze. The rivalry was what he enjoyed the most about their relationship throughout the years and right now he was on the power trip of his life.

"It's not like you're in a winning position here," he sneered down at Kenya's twisted expression as his knee 'accidentally' grazed the hardness between the other's legs. "And now, cousin dearest," Yuushi cut him off, before Kenya could even open his mouth to reply anything "shut up!"

He went for a finishing move biting into the slice of lemon in Kenya's teeth.

Next to them Shiraishi glided the tips of his bandaged fingers down his face.

"I'd say it's you clear loss, Zaizen-kun. Aaah, ecstasy!"

Indeed , buchou, indeed. Ah, ecstasy! What a nice phrase. Right now Kenya had no reason to complain really…

"Why Yuushi, for me it's a win/win situation." And really it was. Because bottom or top, seme or uke, whatever Yuushi's fingers were doing between his legs at the moment, he enjoyed it immensely. Kenya wondered briefly how long it would take him to spill over the edge. He grinned into himself. The speed star of Naniwa shall rise above you!

Zaizen was watching him with growing dismay.

"I-I'm sure Kenya-san will show how much of a man he is! He's up to something for sure!"

Kenya, even though he would never admit it out loud, didn't think so. On the contrary he was starting to consider that maybe, just maybe he would fulfill Shiraishi's request to switch positions… He wondered if it wasn't Shiraishi's goal all along. He wouldn't put it past his captain, that was for sure. But he found he couldn't care less, because the things Yuushi's hand –

OhdamnfuckshitECSTASY! He cried out of pleasure and his eyes snapped open to stare up at his cousin.

Hitouji, with his arm around a struggling Koharu, grinned. "Zaizen-kun, I think you might want to reconsider you statement. I don't think Kenya is even remotely close to thinking, much less coming up with a strategy how to get back athis cousin."

Shiraishi smirked like a shark.

Kenya ignored the all, the only thing he was able to focus on being Yuushi's hand and those deep blue eyes sparkling at him from behind false spectacles.

"Fuck, Yuushi!.." Kenya swore, but the other Oshitari was sure the guy was just trying to bite back a moan. He removed his fingers from the budge in Kenya's jeans and brought his hand up to rub his chin thoughtfully.

"Hmm,.. actually, I wasn't planning to go that far, but since you're begging for it… Shiraishi-san," he raised his voice while still keeping his eyes on now considerably red and dumbfounded Kenya, "can I count on you for some privacy? Looks like from here on out it's a 'relatives only' part."

Shiraishi didn't look surprised in the least. "Let's go, everyone. Looks like we aren't welcome here anymore."

"But Shiraishiiiiii! I wanted to stay n' watch! Look, look, it's Kenya's naked butt!..."

"Kin-chan, it's late, we are going… Wait a second! Kin-chan?... Why the hell are you even here?"


Even a week later he found it was all Shiraishi's fault. The ache in his butt as a consequence of the last night only strengthened that opinion. Whoever died and declared the uke rebellion Kenya didn't know, but he hoped it was Yuushi.

That was when his cell phone started playing an oh-so-familiar theme from Titanic. He sighed. No such luck, apparently his bastard of a cousin was still alive and kicking.

Kenya picked up. "Yes, Yuushi?"

Oshitari knew Kenya couldn't see him, but he still smirked at the sound of his strained voice.

"Kenya! You still at Shiraishi's mercy, I gather? My, my, the mighty really do fall easily. To think a couple of tequila shots was all it took to bring you down."

"Oh, shut it! I only went along with that dirty fantasy of yours since you were the honorable guest and all. Next time I'll – "

"Sure… Give my regards to the great mastermind. And to poor Zaizen-kun too. He probably ended up handing over all of his pocket money. Don't go letting him mooch off of you now."

On the other side Kenya grunted, "Who would! Dammit, Yuushi, things are screwed up here now. And to think all I wanted was to have a nice Tequila Sunrise!.."

He continued rumbling on. Yuushi listened only half-heartedly occasionally glancing at Atobe who sat in the bus seat next to him, eyes closed. Screwing his dear cousin and half of Shittenhoji over was all nice and well, but if Atobe ever get a wind of what actually happened in Osaka, that control freak of a boyfriend would never let Yuushi live it down. Never.


Atobe evened out his breathing and relaxed his eyes so he wouldn't blink. His fast asleep disguise without a doubt perfect.

Now wasn't this an interesting turn of events! That sly fox Shiraishi, getting himself a priceless show, some free cash and a seme-gone-uke lover all in one go. Impressive!

Now it was Atobe's turn to display his awesome prowess to the world. And Yuushi was just a perfect victim for that.

Atobe spent the rest of the bus trip trying his best to suppress a fit psychotic laughter.

X*-xoxoxo-*-xoxoxo-*-xoxoxo- *X

Atobe insisted his ore-sama-ness be in it, so we let him. And we would never allow the Shitenhouji tennis club miss the show.

Yuushi here next to me expresses his hopes that it was to the satisfaction of you all and Kenya is still trying to cope with his new life as an uke, so he didn't stop by to the uploading of this chapter. Maybe next time.

Till then, your crazed fujoushi pair.