Bloody Mary

(vodka, tomato juice, red hot sauce, green hot sauce, worchester sauce, lemon juice, salt, pepper)

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Fuji/Mizuki

Rating: T

Warning: it's Fuji vs Mizuki getting it on behind the bar,.. do you even need a warning? Personally, we think that Fuji is enough of a warning…especially if one goes by the name of Hajime Mizuki

Word Count: 2,033

Disclaimer: Still not ours (except for a stupid bald guy). Poor guy. At the mercy of two rabid fujoshi… You gotta take victory where you can get it, right?


Fuji Syuusuke loved his part-time job. He loved the blurred shapes of people drowning in the shadows cast by the dim lights, clouds of cigarette smoke, the smell of alcohol and above all a bunch of single guys sitting at the counter, watching his every move over the drinks he mixed for them. Needless to say Fuji made very sure his bartender uniform fit him perfectly. Although his regular customers probably spent most of the time imagining him out of it anyway.

Fuji enjoyed the attention greatly, so when the doorbell jingled in a brief warning he faced the entrance with his brightest smile.

"Welcome! What can I get…" Fuji froze mid-sentence, his smile slowly turning into a glare that made a blushing guy at the counter choke on his beer. "Mizuki…"

None of the numerous scenarios that had been running through Mizuki's head ever since Yuuta told him about his rival working at this bar were even remotely as satisfactory as the sight of tensai's face contorted with passionate hatred. Where Fuji's smile froze Mizuki's grew wider.

"Why Fuji-kun, you remember my name." He sat down right front of Fuji's for once frowning face. "Fancy meeting you here. What a pleasant surprise!" Mizuki made sure Fuji took in his smirk that showed clearly this meeting was no accident.

Fuji inwardly cursed himself for being too easy. The shock of seeing Mizuki in his bar was so great that for a moment he forgot he was supposed to ignore him. Now that he thought about it though, it was surprising that this hadn't happened sooner. Yuuta knew about his job, so it was a given that snake would come to have fun at Fuji's expense as soon as he got a wind of this place.

Fuji forced his smile back on, urging his body o relax. If that was what Mizuki wanted, two could play this game. He turned his back to the bastard just as he opened his mouth to order and gave his best seductive look to the nearest customer.

"Let me take that for you." Fuji removed still partially filled glass from a suddenly very red baldy. "Is there something else I can get you?"

"I – I – I…" the guy wiped the sweat off his bald forehead. "Maybe a cocktail?" he squeezed out meekly, "I'd love to have Fujiko's, ehr…Pina Colada."

"I'll have a glass of red wine," Mizuki was loud enough for the back tables to hear, but Fuji didn't spare him so much as a glance.

Cocktail, huh? His hands were already working skillfully mixing ingredients together, a wicked smirk playing on his lips.

"Here," Fuji slammed a glass of red liquid where Mizuki's fingers rested just a moment ago.

"Th-that's not what I ordered…"

"This is called Bloody Mary," Fuji gave him a look that made the baldy next to him squeak. "Don't you worry, Mizuki-kun, this one is on the house."

The way his said the name Mizuki could very well imagine the drink being a Bloody Mizuki. Still, it surprised him somewhat. He wondered what kind of game Fuji was playing now. Surely this shabby place didn't have any poisons in store…

"Nfu…" he regained himself quickly, a smirk spread firmly on his lips. "How generous of you, Fuji-kun. Could it be that the years of my advances finally paid off?"

He lifted a straw to his lips deliberately slowly and sucked in a big gulp.

Wrong decision.

It burned his throat and made him choke. Mizuki broke down in a coughing fit, most ungraciously spitting the red fluid out of his mouth and nose. He gasped for air. What the hell was that? That sly bastard Fuji, just how much chili did he waste on that? And Mizuki even gave him the satisfaction of making a fool of himself.

Mizuki had a snappy remark ready, but suddenly realized that the red… whatever it was, was all over his favorite silk shirt. Not that he wasn't fond of violet/red combination, just not the one that came from spat tomato juice.

"Oh, no, now you've done it, Fuji-kun," Mizuki seriously considered just scratching Fuji's face be it perfect though it was, but changed his mind in a moment of inspiration. "Now look at this, how clumsy of me! Fuji-kun, do you mind?" He moved instantaneously snatching a napkin from Fuji's breast pocket, his hand still covered in the ill-fated cocktail.

Fuji saw the 'bloody' fingerprints on his favorite uniform, saw the smirking Mizuki now running the napkin up and down his body in a way that implied anything but cleaning, saw the bald guy and most of his other 'regulars' wiping away their drool as they watched that snake's show. Then he saw red.

"Mizuki," Fuji squeezed the lime into a glass of Mojito dearly wishing it was Mizuki's neck, "how about you go away to clean yourself now? We don't allow any dirt in this bar."

That was it. If that snake didn't get out in the next twenty seconds Fuji was drowning him in the rest of his Bloody Mary.
"What a pity," Mizuki got up and for a moment Fuji hoped it was over. "No helping it, I guess. Poor Yuuta-kun," Mizuki watched Fuji's eyes snap open with a fake pout. "He just went to sleep, it will be such a shame to have to wake him up once I get home. You know, he had a very hard day…" he made sure to put special emphasis on the 'very' and the 'hard' and watched Fuji's eyes widen precisely 1.5 inches much to his satisfaction. It was a perfect time to play his trump card. "Oh well, I guess I will just have to make Yuuta-kun's efforts worthwhile then."

Mizuki turned to leave and wasn't at all surprised to feel an iron grip on his wrist.

Fuji yanked Mizuki back into his seat. "Stay where you are," he growled, his usually mild voice dangerously low. Dammit, he just hated it how Mizuki could push his buttons so easily.

"You'll still be just dirt no matter how much you are cleaned, anyway," he whispered and turned away in what he hoped would be an obvious display of disgust… The sudden whistling behind his back stopped him dead in his tracks. Apparently Mizuki wasn't done yet.

Fuji watched in utter mortification as Mizuki tugged off his dirty shirt under the loud cheering, revealing his well-shaped (damn him!) naked chest with a few fading hickeys.

"Can't upset barten-san, now can I?" Mizuki practically glowed with unholy glee, savoring every bit of his triumph. "Fujiko-chan is almost a brother-in-law to me after all."


Fuji didn't remember how he dragged Mizuki out of the bar. It was only when he slammed the half naked man against the backdoor that he came to his senses.

Mizuki smirked at him through the hiss of pain.

"Why so flustered, Fuji-kun? Or could it be you just like it rough? The brothers really are similar…" He watched Fuji almost burn with anger, his taint quickly changing from the usual pale to a shade much similar to… what was it again, Bloody Kate?

Mizuki smirked. "There is no need to get embarrassed, Fuji-kun. It's all right…" a slender finger caressed the anger-heated cheek. "I understand…" he whispered huskily as the finger slid down to stroke the full lips. Almost there… his plan was finally, finally gaining success! Now if only he could convert Fuji's anger into desire instead of the killing intent, it would be finally a game set match, Mizuki's victory.

Fuji slapped the hand stroking his face away.

"You don't understand a bloody thing!.." he bit out before sinking his teeth into the dark fading mark on Mizuki's collarbone, all of his bottled up anger and hatred driving his every move. Maybe he let Mizuki win this petty little game of his, but that bastard wasn't getting away unscarred. Fuji would see to it very personally.


"Nfu, Fuji-kun, who would've thought you were hiding so much passion behind that cold attitude of yours." Of course he'd thought so from the very start, but right now that was beside the point.

"You said something?"

"Nothing at all."

Mizuki scrambled to his feet, clutching at the doorknob for support. He hurt all over and his mind was still in a daze. This was as mind-blowing as he had expected… and just as painful. With no small effort he finally managed to pull up his pants, ignoring a sticky trickle that ran down his leg.

Fuji was silent. He fished his back pocket and retrieved the cell phone, hitting 'one' on the speed dial for Yuuta's number. He needed to clear his mind from the thoughts of Mizuki moaning under him, less they contaminated his brain.

Short beeping sounds on the other side made Fuji click his tongue.

"Hello, Yuuta-kun? Did I wake you? Oh, you were waiting for me, how sweet of you!"

Mizuki gave him his best smile his own cell phone in hand, as Fuji's head snapped back at the sound of his voice.

"Yes,.. yes, I'm coming over there right now…"

"Oh no, you don't!"

"See you in a bit… Don't do anything naughty until I get there, Yuuta-kun." Mizuki managed to hang up just in time before Fuji's hand ripped his phone out together with his ear.


There was a knock on the front door. Then another one. And again, and again, until Yuuta didn't yank the door open.

"What?" He trailed off at the sight of the two rather disheveled men in ragged clothes bickering on his doorstep.

"…touch my Yuuta again and I will rip that di– Oh, Yuuta! Long time no see!"

"Hold your horses!" Yuuta blocked the arms that were about to squeeze him with a well-trained move. "What the hell, baka-aniki! Do you even know what time it is?"

"Nfu, looks like dear oni-chan isn't welcome. How sad! Now then Yuuta-kun, where is my welcome kiss?"

Yuuta wasn't at all appeased. "You too Mizuki-san, are you back to picking up guys on the streets? We'll talk later about those bite marks on your body.

Mizuki gasped. Fuji smirked.

"Ouch, didn't he just call you a whore?"

"Oh zip it! I didn't hear you complaining when you were leaving those marks, perfect aniki-san."

"Y-you really are low."

"Look who's talking."

"How about that striptease you had going on in my bar, why don't you tell Yuuta about that?"

"T-That was after you…"

Yuuta stared at them blankly for a while, then shook his head and slammed the door shut.

"…and after you almost choke me to death on that Bloody Jane of yours…"

"It's 'Mary'."

"Who cares! I was...Y-Yuuta-kun? Yuuta-kun what are you doing? Open up!"

"No can do. Take that cat fight somewhere else. I'm going to bed. Got an early training tomorrow morning."

"Yuuta, this isn't funny. Now be a good boy and let your aniki in."

"You won't leave your boyfriend freeze out here to death, now would you Yuuta-kun?"

Yuuta rolled his eyes as he walked away from the muffled voices behind the door. How in hell he got himself tangled up with those two nutcases, he had no idea. Well, at least they started talking to each other now. Who knew that dropping a hint about brother's work would lead to such a rapid progress. He should've done it a long time ago. Still, he'd have to punish Mizuki for not keeping his cock in his pants, but it wasn't like this was a first time.

Yuuta got under the warm blankets and was soon lulled into a peaceful sleep by the squabbling voices outside.

When the lights went out and the small apartment grew dark Mizuki finally paused to catch his breath. It felt like he hadn't talked so much in ages.

He looked around shivering slightly. Despite it being summer, it was getting rather chilly to stay outside in what remained of his clothes. The last bus left ages ago and Mizuki had no money left for a hotel. He gave an equally hard-breathing Fuji a speculative look.

"So,...your place then?"

"Fuck you."

"Nfu, anytime, Fuji-kun, anytime. Just how about we do it at your apartment?"

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X-Juliett: So, Mizuki-kun, what do you think about your night out?

Mizuki: *twirling a lock of hair around his finger* Yes, it was just as my data predicted it, Fuji-kun is rather passionate once you fire him up.

X-Juliett: What do you say to that Fuj… *trails off under a sharp glare*

Fuji: I keep hearing a fly buzzing around here. You don't suppose you could get me... a knife?

X-Juliett: K-Knife? What,..for a fly..?

Mizuki: Nfu, Fuji-kun, you do like drawing blood, don't you? Just to think of all those scratches you left on my hips..

X-Juliett: T-that's it, Mizuki-kun! If you agitate him any further… F-Fuji-kun..! Please put down those scissors..!

Manaika: *sigh* Gotta go find Yuuta before those two idiots kill my seme. *goes to do just that after clicking on the icon "Add chapter", ignoring the painful cries*


In an answer to the question that popped up after the last chapter, Juli-chan let me know, that indeed, Atobe succeeded. Because it's Atobe. And Atobe here says, you should be awed at the sight of his prowess.