Long Beach

(tequila, tripple sec, rum, vodka, gin, sweet and sour mix, cranberry juice)

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Kite/Rin/Kai

Rating: T

Warnings: horny Rin, drunk Kai & pissed Eishirou – waiters beware!

Word Count: 1393

Disclaimer: Still don't own it. If we did, Eishirou would have better things to feed Rin-chan than Go-Ya. XD

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"Come on Kai, spit it out!"

Rin sprawled in his seat poking an unsteady finger into his teammate's chest.

They were sitting in a secluded bar, selected by Rin specifically for the purpose of his grand plan. Which is to say at the moment wasn't going too well, since even after getting Kai throughoutly drunk, Rin still didn't seem to get any of the answers he wanted. On the other hand though the five drinks Rin had downed himself might have had something to do with it.

"Eh?..." Kai blinked and pulled out a cocktail cherry he'd been sucking on for a while now. "But you said you didn't want it…"

"That's not it!" Shit, does he have to look at him with those huge puppy eyes? That's precisely why that guy is so completely taken in by him. "I meant Eishirou."


"What you do with that guy,.. I already know the gist of it, so just spit out the rest!"

Kai gave him a blank look and bit into the cherry.

"Spit out what exactly?" The tired wheels of his brain tried to move and work out what exactly his friend was getting at. Rin had been weird the whole evening, asking him questions about Eishirou that only Eishirou's lover (if their captain finally took that stick out of his ass and got one) could know. What the heck was that weirdo thinking? It wasn't like Kai would…. Oh?

Behind the fog that clouded his mind, things finally seemed to click.

Kai gave his teammate a curious look. Yes, it actually made sense that way. Rin's recent coldness, the way he kept his distance. And his pissy attitude… So it was like that, huh? This certainly made things much clearer. Although not one bit less complicated.

"Idiot," Kai grinned, "Eishirou and me aren't like that. Hmm,.. though I think I would actually like it," he suddenly admitted despite himself. Oh well. He could always blame it on the alcohol later.

Rin chocked on his sixth cocktail. Twice.

"You… you aren't?"


"B-but you'd like to…?"

"Yup!" Kai nodded drunkenly. It seemed that the alcohol was somehow making him lose all sense of self-preservation. "I mean, who wouldn't! You've seen him in the showers yourself, right?"

"Shu-shut up!" He had seen Eishirou naked before, alright. Just thinking about that body doing stuff to him was getting Rin hot all over. Oh, fuck! This was bad. If Kai was out to get Eishirou too… well, let's just say Rin didn't have any illusions about his chances. Anyone with the eyes could see how their captain looked as the Viking Horn player, while all Rin was getting from him were threats to feed him some Go-Ya.

Not that Rin was ready to admit defeat just yet.

"Let's just get this straight. There is no way he'd consider a brat like you. I'll be the one that Eishirou… that he will…"

Kai's expression suddenly paled. Rin was just getting his kicks out of the freaked kid when the voice behind him interrupted his fun.

"That I'll be what exactly, Hirakoba-kun?"

Rin didn't answer. He was too busy discovering the whole new level of choking.

Kai's eyes grew huge with shock at the look Eishirou gave them and the table full of empty glasses, as he came to stand right in front of them.

Kai found himself at a complete loss of words, the only thing he could squeeze out of himself, was one pathetic "E…Ei..shirou.." And to add up to it all, a hiccup. They were so screwed! He dearly wished the ground would just split in half and swallow his whole drunken self.

Here he was, drunk and slurring, unable to say one proper word and Mr. Wet-dream-hot-ass-crush was piercing him with hawk-like stare that would shame the captain of Seigaku.

"Would anyone care to explain what all this is supposed to mean?"

Kite scanned the scene before him, his scowl deepening by the second until he finally rested his eyes on a suddenly very quiet Rin. The weight of his gaze practically nailing the blond to the his seat.

Fuck! Why is it always him who is held responsible? There are two of them in this mess, aren't there?

"E-excuse me…" the waiter suddenly popped up to take away the many empty glasses, then saw Kite's glare and backed away.

"Eeeh,.. is there anything else I can get you?.."

With this distraction diverting Eishirou's anger Rin felt like he could breathe again and sighed. "You got any Go-Ya?"

"Um.. no?"

"That sucks." It would be better to end it himself than land in Kite's clutches, especially when he got like this.

The waiter flailed at Kite.

"A-anything for you, sir?"

'Sir' looked ready to spill blood. "Absolutely not. I don't –"

"He'll have a Long Beach." It was decided, suicide for Rin all the way!


Kai stopped caring about hiccupping in front of Eishirou before his seventh drink. Rin kept cautiously ordering one round after another since unexpectedly the cocktails seemed to somehow calm their captain down. After the fifth round he finally got out of his guilt corner on the other side of the table and now they were both clinging to Eishirou's hot body in a weird kind of truce, or was it competition? Kai didn't really know, but figured that it stopped to matter after the second half of the sixth glass of Long Beach.

"Eishirooooooou…" he slurred into his captain's ear in an attempted husky whisper that failed miserably in both sound and volume. Kai was too drunk to notice it though, his hand on Eishirou's thigh and inching higher. "You like meeeeee… riiight? You want me, I kno~ow!" He hiccupped into Kite's ear very 'seductively'.

Kite gave him the look, but Kai's vision was too blurred to recognize the dangerous glint behind the dark glare. In his clouded judgment, it was just sexy. And hot. And caused this pleasant "yes please" feeling to spread out low in his gut.

A glance in Rin's direction shown that his rival, or partner in crime, or whatever he was, felt just about the same way. Good for him. But it was Kai who would get Eishirou. He did feel sorry for Rin though, somewhere deep down in his alcohol screwed heart. Well, on the second thought…maybe they could share? Yeah, why not.

"Say, Eishirooou?" his hand on the other's thigh was finally getting somewhere interesting, "do you want us both?"


Kite considered it. The utter craziness of this whole predicament must have started rubbing off on him since he actually did honestly consider it.

That's right, it was just the way his two teammates rapidly went from giving him those 'dear in the headlights' looks to giving the random parts of his body a few passionate squeezes. Entirely their fault. Because there was just no way those whimsy sweet drinks could actually get him drunk and willing, right? He was Kite Eishirou after all. He didn't do drunk. Or willing.

Kite tried to shake Kai off his neck, where the redhead had been clinging to for dear life. "No thanks. How about I don't want either of you? Stupid kids."

From his side Rin gave his earlobe a not-so-gentle tug. That cocky brat, going for the kill as soon as he sees the weakness!

"You say that, Eishirou, but your body doesn't seem to agree with you too much."

"That's right, Eishiroooou… jus' lean back n' enjoy y'self."

A sloppy lick up his neck marked the end of Kite's patience.

He grabbed the seductive drunk and annoying pair and dragged them onto the street scaring half of the bar's staff in the process.

"P-please wait a moment!" The waiter was stammering and trying to use a coat-hanger as his shield, but still bravely handed Kite a slip of bill that was hanging down almost to his knees.


What the hell was this guy's problem, always popping up when it was the least convenient? Kite had better things to do than dealing with that creep, like holding Hirakoba back from humping his leg, for example.

"Uhm... n-never mind." The waiter shrieked under Eishirou's glare. "This… it's on the house." He slumped on the floor as soon the door closed behind the crazy trio. "Just please don't ever come here again!"


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