(tequila, triple sec, lime juice)

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairings: Atobe/Yuushi; Shiraishi/Kenya (yes, both in this order, but nothing graphic)

Rating: T

Word Count: 1635

Warnings: Kei-chan & Kura-rin posing as sadistic B. – do you need any other warnings?

Disclaimer: If PoT was ours this would be made into an anime, so PoT is clearly Konomi's, since all we get is a flash of Inui's ass. (We stopped minding after a while – you have to take what you can get, but we still don't understand why it can't be, say, Tezuka's ass…But then again Tezuka would never jump across a grill to kiss Atobe in front of nationally ranked tennis players, and even if he did, no one would yank on his pants to stop him, so we guess Konomi knows what he's doing. Sadly.)

A/N (x-juliett): We couldn't help ourselves. We really couldn't! Atobe just wouldn't leave us alone and once Shiraishi joined in as well we had no choice but to give up and write a sequel to Tequila Sunrise.Who thought those two would be such a great match? Oshitari cousins obviously didn't. Anyway, enjoy and please don't forget to comment. Comments give us strength to try more cocktails!


He did have a bad feeling about this, Yuushi reminded himself as he walked through the spinning doors of a bar in downtown Osaka. The text from Kenya was unusually short, something about meeting him as the usual place this Saturday. Which is to say the only place around here he'd been more than once to was this shady bar, which counter he had ended up using to drink tequila body shots off of Kenya's abbs the last time he'd come to Osaka.

He spotted Kenya right away. Or at least what could be seen of him. The guy was sitting at the very back where it was dark enough to make him and the two others at the table look like no more than mere blurred shadows.

So he dragged his buddies over here with him? That was just great! Did the whole Osaka need to know about this ill-fated place? If Atobe ever got a wind of it, Yuushi was a dead meat. That's it, cousins or not, he was making Kenya feel his wrath.

"What the hell, Kenya? Calling me out here of all places?" Yuushi forced the fake glasses further up his nose as he threw his jacket on the nearby seat. "Or should I take it that you want a repetition of the last time?"

"The last time? What about it? Do tell, Oshitari."

Kenya watched his cousin freeze up and pale is shock as he slowly turned to face the owner of the mocking voice. 'Sorry, Yuushi' he thought.

"A…" If it wasn't for the situation, it would have been quite a sight to see his otherwise poker-faced and perfectly collected cousin stutter, Kenya reflected, but somehow things stopped being a joke a while ago.

"A-Atobe…" Yuushi breathed out finally, "What the hell? Why are you here?"

The Hyotei captain brought his fingers to the bridge of his nose and Kenya shuddered involuntarily as it invoked a strong resemblance to his own captain's favorite gesture.

"Ore-sama decided to grace this town with his presence and get acquainted with the second half of his boyfriend's family. Do you have any kind of problem with it, Oshitari? Ahn?" He asked with a smirk that clearly indicated Atobe knew exactly just kind of problem Oshitari Yuushi might have had.

Kenya saw Yuushi's betrayed glance at him, but shrugged it off. "Don't look at me, I'm just an obedient uke here."

To be fair he would have warned Yuushi, he really would. If Shiraishi hadn't confiscated his phone after he forced him to write that text message, it was.

"This is a conspiracy," Yuushi slumped into his seat, boneless, "and a low one at that."

"Now now, don't say such awful things, Yuushi-kun," Shiraishi leaned forward materializing from the shadows like a weird bandaged ghost. Yuushi wasn't even particularly surprised to see him there.

"That's right Oshitari, ore-sama came all this way to see you, so stop making this miserable face. Have a cocktail, or something." Atobe briefly scanned the drink card, "Maybe a Margarita, it has a tequila base. Or would you like to go for a tequila shot right off the bat, ahn?"

Kenya flinched. Yuushi gulped.

"I'm not going to ask how you knew that…" Kenya mumbled. He had a hunch, alright, but decided that for the sake of his remaining sanity he'd rather not know.

He heard a snicker to his right followed by an "Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na". Kenya could swear Shiraishi gave Atobe this look of, of… of something very wicked. A bandaged hand went to caress a handsome (damn him!) face and Kenya's hair stood up.

"Aaah, ecstasy…" Shiraishi sneered.

The cousins shared a very long look.

"Run for it?" Yuushi asked and something in Kenya's brain just short circuited. He jumped to his feet knocking a table down in the process. Not that he cared. Kenya grabbed Yuushi's wrist and bolted out of the bar, a shout of "the speed star of Naniwa shall rise above you" echoing behind them.


Shiraishi watched a cloud of dust slowly settle back down on their surroundings where the Oshitari cousins had been sitting a moment ago, then heaved a dramatic sigh.

"And there they go."

"Hmpf! Running off is all those cowards are good for." Atobe produced a phone and slammed his fingers into the touch-screen display. "Kabaji? The mice are out of the trap. You know what to do."

The speaker creaked a passionate "Usu!" and Atobe hung up and ran a hand through his hair. "Nothing to worry about. I got it under control."

Shiraishi threw a leg over his knee.

"Our little mice won't get away, huh? Well, it's to be expected, I guess. Kenya-kun might be fast but he's not the most imaginative guy out there. I know exactly where they'll go."

They sat in silence for a while, enjoying the implications of those words. At length Shiraishi stood up stretching slightly much like a cat.

"Should we head out? The main stage should be set right about now."

Atobe only smirked wider. "What's the hurry, Shiraishi? Let them wallow in despair some more. Ore-sama feels like having a Margarita."


Kenya tried, he really did. He tried every possible trick in the book. Spontaneous turns, hidden alleyways, racing, hiding behind dumpsters, yet still somehow not even half an hour later he found himself bound to Shiraishi's bed, whose parents were away for the weekend and his little sister 'conveniently out of the way' (what that meant, Kenya didn't even dare to imagine). His cousin shared the same fate. Actually he felt somehow sorry for Yuushi. Two teammates ganging up on you is no fun. And damn, Kabaji-kun was strong! That guy would give Gin a run for his money.

He glanced at Yuushi. They were alone in the room, their respective boyfriends having briefly retreated to 'discuss the strategy', another thing Kenya did not, under any circumstances, want to think of.

"Yuushi, I just wanted to say… 'S been nice knowing you. I know we've fought not once, but I really liked you. Figured I'd tell you. You know, just in case…" He frowned. "And now I'm turning into a sap. Fuck you Yuushi! This is entirely your fault anyway."

"I fail to see how I'm the one responsible for any of this." Yuushi shot him an accusing glare, although with little force behind it. All in all, half-naked and handcuffed to the bed pole, he looked quite resigned to his fate. "Oh, and while we're on the subject, I think this," he shook his bound hands, "means Atobe actually will. Fuck me, that is."

Kenya shivered at their prospects which seemed more and more grim by the minute.

"Shiraishi won't let me off the hook either, you'll see."

"Who'd want to see that!"

"Oh my, bickering already?" The door was flung open letting Shiraishi and Atobe through, both of them looking georgeous and dangerous, and considerably smug. "Whatever happened to the brotherly love? All the 'I've always liked you, just so you know' and whatnot?"

"Fuck! So you're eavesdropping now?" Kenya thrashed against his bonds but only managed to tangle up in them even more. "And we're cousins!"

"That's rather irrelevant to your position, Kenya," Atobe waved him off and proceeded to slip out of his pricy shirt. "Let ore-sama warn you in advance, resistance is futile." He climbed on the bed running a playful finger over Yuushi's chest, the look on his face nothing short of predatory.

"That's right, Kenya," Shiraishi slowly tugged the bandages off with his teeth, making a show of his every move, "although it's always more fun when you struggle."

Both Oshitari cousins looked utterly mortified.

"Since when did these two become such B.F.F.s?"

"Never mind that, more importantly since when did they become such sadists?"

A fit of sardonic laughter made their eyes snap back at their confiners, only to see the two smirking down on them, their sadistic expressions disturbingly synchronized.

"I don't think you need to know an answer to that, you two ukes."

The Oshitaris shared another wide eyed look.

They were so fucked... Quite literally.


"… and then if I jump at an eighty four degree angle, it will… hey, Yuushi, are you even listening to me?"

He wasn't. His mind was in a peaceful place far away, where no Atobes could disturb him. Or catch him. Or tie him up to the bed and…

"H-Hey, Yuushi, you look kinda pale. You sure you okay? Hello, Earth to Yuushi!"

"You, Atobe," Shishido dropped the ball he'd been ready to serve and turned to scan Atobe, eyes narrowed. "You had something to do with this, didn't you?"

"What has ore-sama ever done to deserve such accusations, Shishido?"

"Don't play dumb! You've been grinning like a shark since morning. Even a blind would notice. So come on, spit it out!"

To everyone's surprise Atobe threw back his head and exploded in a fit of bewildered laughter. "Aaaaah, ecstasy!"


Kintaro slammed another ball past an unmoving Kenya and huffed, dejected.

"What the heck, Kenya is soooo slow today!"

Kenya managed to blink a few times, his eyes underlined by dark circles. Even that movement required an inhuman effort.

"The speed star of Naniwa won't rise above you…"

"Kin-chan, give him a break already. Can't you see, Kenya's not feeling good today? What's wrong senpai, you okay?"

"Just kill me please. Put me out of my misery."

"Eeeeh? Hey, Shiraishi buchou, Kenya is begging to be killed. What did you do to him this time?"

"Fufufu… Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na!"


(Around the same time in Tokyo, Hyotei Gakuen and Osaka, Shitenhoji)

"Oshitari? Hey, get it together!"

"Oshitari-senpai, hang in there!"
"O... Oh hell! Oshitari just fainted. Quickly, someone call an ambulaaaaaance!"


A/N (manaika): Atobe insisted again. As did Shiraishi. The other regulars decided it was better to stay out this time and just see the result. Wise decision. But, after this shot, for now we decided to kick Atobe's butt. He had enough of our attention already. But don't worry…since he's our favorite character we will take him back once he's stopped licking the wounds of his abused pride and talk to us again.

This time it's Shiraishi who expresses his hopes you all liked it and tells me he wishes for nice reviews soon. Yuushi decided he had enough of us and Kenya didn't show again, this time because of the shock being demoted to a permanent uke. To Shiraishi of all people (though, I don't know what his damn problem is).


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