Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairings: it's Hyotei Tennis Club! Multiple pairings. Attempted Oshitari/Shishido, successful Silver, ongoing Atobe/Oshitari, established Hiyoshi/Gakuto.

Rating: this might actually qualify as M (M as mild. Still nothing graphic)

Word Count: 3 391

Warnings: Katsu no wa Hyotei! Shoushou wa… Atobe. Again. And a pissed Choutarou, drunken Hiyoshi, horny Gakuto, and Kabaji full of prowess. Crazy much? Yup. Ah, and blackmail. Mentions of Tequila Sunrise and Margarita.

Disclaimer: Dear Konomi-sensei, please take your Atobe back already! He has flooded our consciousness and won't leave us alone!

A/N (x-juliett): This was originally supposed to be ToriShishi, but then Atobe somehow squirmed his way into it and the whole thing went downhill from there. So that's it! I'm not writing Atobe again next time! Or Shiraishi (no matter how much of a sexy bone he is), or the Oshitaris for that matter. It's Rikkai Dai all the way for me now!

High Society

(gin, bols peach, campari, grapefruit juice)


That bastard Oshitari blackmailed everyone again, Shishido fumed. It had to be blackmail, otherwise there was just no way anyone would agree to watch Titanic of all things on their tennis club's movie night.

"Shishido-san, what's wrong? You look… kind of scary." Chotarou fretted around him as Shishido tugged off his shoes at the entrance to Ohtori household.

"I'm fine, Chotarou. It's just that, Titanic? Really?"

"Sorry, Shishido-san… But Oshitari-senpai insisted and then he started to tear up as he described Jack freezing to death just as they were about to get rescued…" Chotarou trailed off, his eyes looking suspiciously wide and swimming.

Shishido sighed, defeated.

"Well, whatever. That sap has been acting quite out of it lately. If that's what it takes to get his ass back on track, I guess I can suffer through it."

"Shishido-san!" Chotarou was touched. His partner didn't look like it, but he cared about his teammates more than any of them would think. After all he was the one who called an ambulance when Oshitari fainted on the courts a while ago.

Somehow knowing this and knowing that he was the only one who knew, gave Chotarou this heart-squeezing feeling that made him want to give his doubles partner a hug. Or a kiss. Or push him down on the bed and… He cut off that train of thought before it wracked his brain.

Shishido frowned as he regarded his doubles partner. He was a bit red around the nose. Come to think of it, Chotarou had been acting weird as of late too. First Oshitari, now Chotarou… What was it with their team? Some kind of epidemic weirdness?

He thought about asking if everything was alright, but decided against it. For now. Maybe it was just that lame-ass movie? Chotarou wasn't fooling anyone with those watery eyes. Dammit, why was it that half of his close friends were saps? He sighed as they padded down the wide corridor.

"So who else is here?"

Before Chotarou could reply Atobe sauntered out of the living room, hands on his hips and glaring at them. His 'ore-sama' mode on in full force.

"Shishido! So nice of you to grace us with your presence."

Shishido glared right back.

"Hello to you too, Atobe. Sorry, I can't say the same."

He stomped past him into the room where everyone was gathered, Oshitari already next to the player, DVD box in hand.

"Great, so we are all set." Before he could as much as get the DVD out though, Atobe snapped his fingers.

"Not yet."

Everyone gave him questioning looks with various degrees of annoyance, which were entirely ignored.

"Before we start, ore-sama would like to introduce you to something I have discovered while visiting my close friend in Kansai region. Kabaji!"

"Usu!" The giant appeared as if on queue, carrying a tray with elegant glasses.

Oshitari paled visibly and sunk into a nearby armchair. Visiting a close friend? Yeah, right! More like using the said friend to torture his boyfriend.

Atobe failed to notice any of Oshitari's anxiety (or simply chose to ignore it), carried away by the moment of everyone's attention.

"Behold, High Society!" He waved in the direction of a dozen glasses overflowing with a slightly reddish liquid as if he was welcoming an emperor of Japan.

"Cocktails have been somewhat of my passion as of lately. Ore-sama mixed those myself."

Gakuto wrinkled his nose a little, eyeing a small army of cocktail cherries that popped out on the drink's surface every now and then from the safety of Hiyoshi's lap.

"They aren't… poisonous, are they?"

"Don't be ridiculous, of course not! Here, Oshitari, you have the first one."

So he is guinea pig now?

"No thanks. You made them, you drink them yourself."

Atobe's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Are you defying ore-sama? Or is it that you only drink tequila shots now? Ahn, Oshitari?"

Before Yuushi could cough up something in his defense Shishido grabbed one of the glasses and downed it in a gulp.

Atobe's smirk glowed with pride.

Chotaro's jaw dropped.

"Ah, that was refreshing. Just what you need before watching this lame sappy crap." Shishido wiped his lips with the sleeve of his shirt and reached for another glass. "So? Are you gonna get a move on any time soon?"


Half an hour and five cocktails into the movie Shishido decided it wasn't all that bad. Which was strange. On any other occasion he would be spitting fire already, but instead he felt rather relaxed.

Even though Yuushi had been clinging to him for the last twenty minutes, sobbing into his favorite shirt. Damn sap! Shishido didn't even have the heart to tell him to shut up. Instead he kept patting a broad shoulder. It wasn't long before he discovered that leaning on it felt surprisingly nice. Shit, it looked like the weirdness was getting to him too. Must be contagious.

From the other side of the long couch Atobe kept sending him dirty glances over Oshitari's head, but Shishido had years of practice ignoring them. He didn't know half of the time why he received them anyway. What worried him more was the fact that he was strangely… calm. And contented. Shishido shook his head and detached himself from Oshitari. He needed to take a piss.

He dragged himself out of the dark living room wondering why the world was spinning.


Chotarou had actually been looking forward to the movie quite a lot. Secretly, of course. But if asked, he wouldn't be able to tell when exactly the poor ship met with that ill-fated iceberg. What he could tell instead was how many times Shishido's hand had patted Oshitari's shoulder. Twenty five.

No, wait, it just turned twenty six.

Chotarou bit his lip and tried to make his fingers unclench the glass they were holding, less it snapped into tiny little shards.

Damn Oshitari-senpai, touching his Shishido-san so easily! It was supposed to be Chotarou, who would be allowed to do that. To touch Shishido-san casually like that, to lean into him, to have Shishido touch him back – it's been Chotarou's shameful dream ever since they began playing doubles together. Though he was smart enough to know that his old-fashioned partner would never stand for any of that from another man, so he forced himself to keep quiet. So what was this display now? And with Oshitari of all people.

Chotarou gulped down some of the bitter liquid and bit his lip again.

Titanic cracked in half.

Gakuto gave up on watching altogether in favor of sucking on Hiyoshi's collarbone.

Shishido's hand slid down from Oshitar's shoulder to his thigh, effectively causing the skin of Chotarou's lip to break.

He was ready to get up and drag Shishido off of Oshitari forcefully, manners or not. But just then Shishido did so himself.

"Be right back," he threw to no one in particular as he stood up and left in the direction of the bathroom.

Chotarou was just about to heave a sigh of relief when Oshitari got up too and headed in the same direction, turning Chotarou's sigh into a coughing fit.


Ah, yes… With an empty bladder the room wasn't spinning so much anymore, Now he was just a bit light-headed.

Shishido exited the bathroom only to come in sight with Oshitari leaning on the opposite wall, sapphire eyes watching him intently.

"Oh, did you have to wait? Sorry. Wouldn't want you to miss your favorite – " That was as far as he got when he was yanked forward into a suffocating kiss.

He was too shocked to even struggle as his back met the wall rather painfully.


Oshitari enjoyed the softness of Shishido's mouth, minus the hint of that hideous cocktail in it. But that was beside the point. What he enjoyed the most, was the feeling of dominance. Yes, that was it! A willing body withering under his touches, lips parting wider allowing him full access. Damn that control freak Atobe, he missed it so much!

Shishido finally seemed to gather his wits enough to push Oshitari back. Not too far back though.

"W-What the hell?" he panted out. "You finally lost it, Oshitari? I knew movies like that could screw up your brain."

"Heh, you don't sound too convincing with that hand on my ass, you know." Oshitari gave him a winning smirk.

"That's…" Shishido startled and quickly retrieved his hand. "Had to hold on to something. My head's spinning like crazy again…"

Oshitari saw an opening.

"No surprise there. Who told you to drink that crap? Come on, we need to have you lie down." He threw in casually, dragging Shishido off in the direction of the bedroom.

Hook, line and sinker! This was too easy. And Atobe can bite his nails late all he wants. His fault for trying to put an uke collar on Oshitari.


"O… Oshitari! Where'd you think you're touching?" Shishido was staring into a spinning ceiling with Oshitari looming somewhere in the background, undoing his… pants?

"Hmmm?.. Oh, that. It's fine. We'll just loosen it a bit. Don't worry about it."

To be honest, Shishido failed to make a connection between his pants being tugged off of his legs and it being 'fine', but then again, cocktails seemed to more effect on his brain functions than Shishido had originally expected and the feeling of something wet gliding up his thigh was rather nice. It was too bad Chotarou was so innocent and obviously straight. Otherwise Shishido would have jumped his bones a long time ago.

Oshitari did away with the pants, pausing to admire Shishido's legs, but not for too long. He had to get a move on before Atobe became suspicious and stalked off to look for him. Or, what would be infinitely worse, sent Kabaji.

Yuushi settled in between Shishido's thighs unbuckling his own belt. It wasn't that he actually wanted to cheat – Atobe's insatiable libido was already plenty enough – but gods knew he needed this. Badly. He needed to top. Before he started to forget what it was like. And it wasn't like this was a bad deal for Shishido either, seeing as that puppy Chotarou never got around to actually doing anything.

The buckle came undone and so did the zipper. Oshitari lifted Shishido up into his arms at the same time sucking on his fingers. He would prefer actual lube, but this wasn't the time to be picky.

Shishido murmured something or other leaning on Oshitari's shoulder and looking quite out of it.

"Hmmm…" Oshitari used his position to place soft kisses along the side of his neck. "What was that?"

"I said… Chotarou's face looks kinda red. Think he might have a fever…"

Oshitari froze.

Then he dropped Shishido. Actually dropped him back on the bed as he tried to scramble to his feet and zip his pants back up at the same time. Which honestly wasn't working very well, what's with those slime coated fingers.

"Shit!.. Ohtori! I… I can explain."

Whether an explanation 'sorry, I just had to top' would actually appease Ohtori, was another question altogether. Probably not, though, if the look on his face was anything to go by.

"No need," Chotarou growled. His voice dangerously dark, as the expression on his face. He walked over to the bed swiftly removing his jacket.

For one crazy moment Oshitari thought he would take Shishido there and then. But then Chotarou threw the jacket over the half-naked body and lifted his dazed partner up.

"We are leaving, Shishido-san. Oshitari-senpai… you really are low."


"If I'm that low, I just need to get to the top. Top. Top! I need to top someone…! Shit!"

Oshitari slumped back onto the bed, as the door closed behind Ohtori.

That was too close for comfort. Chotarou tended to act like a puppy with the bone when he was around Shishido so it was easy enough to forget just how scary he could be when pissed.

Well, at least it wasn't Atobe who caught them. Oshitari would take just about anything, violent death included, over that.

He growled at the mare thought of a vengeful Atobe. Loud enough to miss the sound of the opening door.

"Ho?.." Atobe leaned on the doorframe, hands crossed on his chest. "This is interesting. Looks like you were going to enjoy yourself, Yuushi. Ore-sama feels left out now."

He smirked at Oshitari's wide eyes pale look. This was priceless. Shiraishi was right – it was more fun if they struggled.

"Atobe, I…" can explain? He already tried that with Ohtori and look how well that turned out. But what to do now? Here he was, tensai of Hyotei Gakuen, the most prestigious middle school in Kantou, caught cheating on the king of the said school and he couldn't even come up with a half decent excuse worthy of his title. His captain (he still refused to call him 'seme') raised one perfect eyebrow. "Ahn?"

Oshitari sighed in defeat. Resistance was futile after all.

"Alright, what's my punishment gonna be?"

And here he hoped he could finally get to be at the top once again. Pun intended.

Atobe just smirked wickedly and raised his hand, Oshitari watching him passively, already surrendered to his fate. The fate that would probably involve Kabaji's binding prowess. The giant had gotten really good at tying things up.

And indeed, Atobe snapped his fingers, "Kabaji!"

An "Usu!" came immediately and Oshitari didn't even bother questioning where exactly he appeared from, materializing seemingly out of nowhere.

Atobe pointed his index finger into Oshitari's face. "Tie him up, Kabaji."


Before Kabaji could get the rope out, Oshitari stretched his joined wrists in front of him. He knew this was coming. It always has.

"Go on, I won't struggle." He had already given Atobe enough pleasure as it was.

A feral smirk spread across Atobe's features.

"So obedient, Yuu-chan."

Oshitari paled. That bastard, when did he…?

Atobe's hand came to caress his face.

"Good boy. I was going to torture you for what you did, but I am changing my plans. For now I'll just… kindly tease you."

Yeah, and what else was new?


Shishido was vaguely aware of being carried. There was Chotarou's calming scent all around and that gave him a feeling of safety. Apparently a false one. Since he was suddenly dropped, with a generous amount of cold water being poured down on him the next thing he knew.

"Gah!" Shishido yelped, shaking the drops out like a dog. The disgusting feeling of cold wetness all over is head and shoulders. "What the hell, Chotarou?"

"That's my line, Shishido-san!" Chotarou threw away an empty glass. It snapped against the wall and broke in a shower of glass. Shishido flinched. "Looks like you finally snapped out of it. Have you even got any idea what you were doing, Shishido-san?"

"Don't yell, Chotarou. My ears are ringing like crazy. I kinda remember… yeah. I was out of it, so Oshitari helped me to lie down. What are you getting mad for…?"

Chotarou clenched his fists.

"You. You were almost raped by Oshitari-senpai!"

Shishido blinked. Then again. Then he went terribly pale.

"Huh?... I was… Huh?"

"That's right! You were about to let some other guy do it to you."

Abruptly Chotarou walked over to the bed and pushed Shishido back until he hit the mattress, Chotarou towering over him.

"I thought you considered that kind of thing revolting, Shishido-san, so I never tried anything, but if that's how it is, I won't let you off the hook anymore."

Shishido found himself going from pale to bright red in a matter of seconds, as the implications of what Chotarou was saying dawned on him.

"Oi,… oi, Chotarou!"

Shishido stared at his kouhai, his innocent, cute, puppy-eyed, sappy kouhai, with wide, huge, round eyes, unable to believe what he was hearing. It couldn't be… He had to be misunderstanding. Surely there was no way… it was all just in his head… he had been feeling weird the whole evening already. Atobe had poisoned the damn drinks after all.

"Yes, Shishido-san?"

Oh, gods, was it just him, or was Chotarou really giving him such a… such a… such a merciless, hard look of a, Shishido gulped, one hundred percent seme?

"But you were supposed to be straight!" he blurted out without thinking.

Chotarou frowned. "Says the one who looks straighter than Hiyoshi."

They blinked at each other.

"You thought that…"

"…while I…"

For a while they just stared at each other. Then,

"Hiyoshi is gay."

"I know."

Silence again. Finally Chotarou coughed.

"So,… you want to take our... synchronicity.. into the next level, Shishido-san?"


"Well, since we happened to be thinking that same thing about each other…"

Shishido gave him a blank look and Chotarou lifted his hand to caress his cheek. "And since it seems we want to do the same thing to each other…"

Their eyes locked and Shishido gulped. Then strong arms wrapped around him and he was pulled into a passionate kiss.

Oh yes… just… yes… Yes!


Jirou woke up with a jaw breaking yawn and stretched slowly, sitting up. Just what the heck happened? He remembered they were going to watch some really boring movie and then Atobe kept patting his head as he sprawled himself in his lap.

Now the room was swallowed by the almost complete darkness, the head-lines on the TV screen slowly gliding up to an ear-shuttering wailing song being the only source of dim light.

Jirou blinked sleepily when he suddenly spotted Gakuto crouching on the floor.

"Huh, Gaku-chan?... Where did everyone go?"

Gakuto leaped to his feet, startling both Jirou and himself.

"Jirou! What the hell? Don't scare me like that!"

A groan came from behind him and Jirou leaned forward to catch a glimpse of fast asleep Hiyoshi. His lanky body was spread out on the floor, the shirt mostly undone revealing the expanse of toned chest, sleek with what could only be Gakuto's slime. And quite a lot of it.

"Oh." Jirou grinned meaningfully at the redhead. "So much for Gekokujou, huh? Good job, Gaku-chan."

Gakuto mumbled something or other when a sudden scream shut him up.

"W…What the fuck?" The redhead took an uncertain step back, closer to still sleeping Hiyoshi. But Jirou suddenly perked up.

"Oh, I know where Atobe is. And Oshitari too, I bet. Gotta go now."

And with that he was gone. His white teeth, visible through the wide grin, glinting in the dark, as he skipped towards the stairs.


Omake 1 – The Oshitaris

Kenya picked up his phone immediately, even if it rang at goddamn 2:30 a.m. as if he was just waiting for a call.



His cousin's voice didn't sound even close to sleepy, or as if he was just woken up. Rather he sounded exhausted like after one (or more) long, sleepless nights.

Yuushi could relate.

"So," he didn't bother explaining himself. Kenya knew what this was about anyway. "Did you… you know… got to top since then?"

His cousin's voice was strained as he answered. "Not a chance. Not even Zaizen!" Kenya almost wept. "You?"

"Not even Shishido."

They both sighed simultaneously. For a while there was only silence, until Kenya spoke again.

"Say, Yuushi…" he hesitated slightly, but finally decided to ask. "If I let you do me, will you let me do you?"

There was silence once again, this time a contemplating kind. Then,

"How come we never thought about it before? Say when and I'll be there!"


Omake 2 – The seme duo

Shiraishi lifted his head from the pillow drowsily as his phone began making noise. There was only one person who would dare to call him at such an ungodly hour, so his answer as he picked up was, "Ahn?"

"Ore-sama no bigi ni yoi na." Was all the answer he got, but it was enough for Shiraishi to catch on, even in spite of his sleep-fogged state of mind.

"Ah, so the situation proceeds into the next stage, I presume?"

There was a snicker on the other side of the line. "Just as expected."

"Aaah, ecstasy…" he yawned. "Oh, but you do realize that the only thing left for them to do is to do each other?"

"It's so like you to think in advance, Shiraishi. Very well then, ore-sama shall take necessary actions."

"I'm counting on you, Kei-chan."

"Leave it in ore-sama's capable hands, Kura-rin."


A/N (manaika): We are not exacty sure when this became an arc, but we suspect it was when Atobe decided first to butt his ass in (which was way back at the beginning). I knew we should have never let him worm his way into the omake. Now look at this. He should be the one to be tied up, gagged and left to his misery, or else his ore-sama-ness won't stop annoying the hell out of people and constantly be on their minds. And in combo with Shiraishi he's even worse. Tezuka! Sanada! Sakaki-kantoku-san! Please! Do something already! Get your uke under control! Oshitari obviously lost the control awhile ago and you two are the only ones left who can do it!

Ah, one more thing. Juli-chan pointed out to me that the point where Yuushi pales as Atobe calls him "Yuu-chan" might not come across and asked me to explain. It's because Atobe was not, under any given situation supposed to know about that nickname (which is a canon nickname, as I found out thanks to PairPuri volume 3). But the walking prowess of Atobe Keigo found out in spite of the inhuman effort Yuushi put into hiding it. Blackmail all over, ahn?

And one last thing: I'm leaving the town for two weeks, so we won't be able to work on these shots and we're not sure if we finish the next shot before I leave. That means the next update will come probably only in the second half of july. Just so you guys know.