A/N: I posted this as a reply to a post on tumblr and people seemed to like it so I figured I'd go ahead and post it on here as well!

"God, I am so glad school is over." Kurt collapsed face first onto Blaine's bed, his sigh of relief muffled by the pillows.

"We still have another year until we graduate, though," Blaine pointed out, taking a seat cross-legged on the floor. "It's not quite over yet."

"Don't remind me," Kurt groaned, "And you know what I meant."

"More school next year, more school next year, more school next year!" Blaine chanted happily, until he was interrupted by a fluffy pillow flying towards his face. His light, teasing smile suddenly became a wicked grin as he caught the cushion before it hit him.

Blaine was up and moving towards Kurt in seconds, swinging the pillow precariously. Kurt dodged it by rolling off the bed, grabbing a weapon of his own on the way down. Pillows sailed every which way and feathers swirled around them as they screeched and giggled like they'd just stepped out of some cliché sleepover movie. Blaine hurled his pillow at Kurt. It wasn't until it left his hands that he realized that left him defenseless. He dived behind the desk for protection, trying to catch his breath.

It took Blaine a few seconds to realize it was completely quiet. He peaked over the top of the desk to find his destroyed room empty. Confused, he cautiously stood.

"Kurt?" Nothing. Blaine walked to the middle of the room, looking around.

"Kur-?" A body collided with his back, and arms wrapped around his waist as he let out a bloodcurdling scream. Fingers began to tickle his sides, and he shrieked even louder.

"Boys!" Mrs. Anderson yelled up the stairs, "Keep it down, please, I'm on the phone!"

"Sorry!" Blaine called back, out of breath.

Kurt chuckled and pressed a kiss to the side of Blaine's neck.