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Can I Love You?

Chapter 1

Just so you know, as big as Sunagakure is, my hometown is small. If you're in high school, like me, you know everyone, mainly because they have been in the same schools as you since you were three. So, I want to just make this very clear that when the teacher stopped preaching about frogs' anatomy in the middle of my Biology class to say, "Class, this is Iwa Deidara, a new student. Please make Iwa-kun feel at home," everyone turned from whatever they had been doing.

"Yes, Sensei!" was the unruly reply that rang out as all eyes- including mine- strayed to the door as it was pushed open... and the sexiest blonde I ever saw walked in. Long blonde bangs covered one of her blue eyes and half of the rest was pulled into a pony tail. She was tall, but dear Kami, she was hot. Her arms and stomach seemed really well-toned, even if her chest was a bit flat. Regardless of that, my mind started slipping into the gutter as she crossed the room to where Sensei had sat himself down, punctuating each step with a slight swing of her hips. Then, of course, my blonde goddess spoke.

"Uh, Sensei? Where do I sit, hmm?" Deidara's voice was a bit low for a girl, but it just made my mind go further into its home in the gutter, and as I let the fantasy take over, I faintly realized that my pants had gotten a good deal tighter.

"Oh... Sa..Sasori! Mmm... no, don't.. ahh..!" Deidara's voice seemed unreal as she moaned out to me. "Um... Sasori? Can I... Can I... um..." I looked down at her naked form beneath me, noticing how she kept glancing down at my hard cock.

"What? Do you want it? Go ahead, Dei..." Even my own voice sounded foreign. But it was worth it, watching a blush form on her cheeks as she nodded slightly and placed her lips on my erection. Her tongue darted out, licking the head, then she took it in her mouth. At first, it wasn't much, but it soon was all in her mouth as she was bobbing her head up and down. I bit back a groan of pleasure, relishing in the moment. Deidara started humming, sending even more waves of pleasure through me.

She began swallowing, and I finally reached my limit. I came into that beautiful mouth of hers. "Mmm... Sasori-Danna... you taste good."

I finally pulled away from the fantasy, the imprint of her smirk still in my eyes, realizing that 1) my pants were very uncomfortable, and 2) Deidara had been talking. I picked my head up off of my desk , straining to hear what she was saying. "... and I feel that true art, hmm," that brought a smile to my face. So, she appreciates eternal art, too, "-is a beautiful, fleeting bang! Art is an expolsion, hmm!" Oh hell no. She did not just say art is a fucking explosion. "Oh, and one more thing... for all you guys drooling in the back, I'm a boy, hmm." Hell to the fucking no. I... I just had a fantasy about getting a blowjob from a guy? Oh shit... "And girls, I'm gay, so... yeah, hmm. You don't have a chance with me." I swear, if Deidara was a girl (like I previously thought), that condescending tone would have been such a turn-on. As it was, my lower region wasn't even all that uncomfortable. However, my shitty luck made itself known, once again, by that fucking idiotic zealot, Hidan.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait. What? You're a fucking guy? You've gotta be fucking shitting me! What the fucking hell, man! I swear, you're going to die a horrible fucking death full of fucking suffering at the hands of Jashin for leading us on. Just you wait, Blondie, it's fucking coming. I fucking swear it!" His outburst, though inappropriate, went without punishment. Almost.

"Hidan?" Holy shit! Kakuzu actually stopped counting his money for once! As remarkable as that moment was, though, it became a nightmare as Deidara sat down next to me.

"What the fuck do you want, Kakuzu?" Wow, only one cuss word. He really is polite to Kakuzu.

"Shut up."

"What? Why! What the hell put a stick up your ass, you Jashin-damned heathen!"

Deidara opened his mouth, probably to ask about who the hell Jashin was, and my reflexes took over. One of my hands covered his mouth and the other pulled him back enough so I could whisper into his ear, "You really don't want to ask that. He won't shut up about his damn cult religion if you do. Got it?"

His eyes went wide as he nodded, and I swear I saw a blush spread on his face. Why would he... Oh yeah. I let go of him and turned back toward the teacher, placing my ever-present look of boredom back on my face.

Deidara's POV

Holy shit. That redhead was hot! I was so happy that Sensei gave me the seat next to him, but for the life of me I couldn't remember his name!

"Um... What's your name, hmm?" I looked at him, taking in his reaction as I asked the question.

"Akasuna Sasori." His voice was hot, too. But I really did not need to think about that, given that he had just warned me about that silver-haired kid's 'religion'.

"Um... Sasori-kun? Do you like art, too? I... I saw you smile earlier..." Kami! Why was I so damn nervous?

"Yes... I love art. However, you and I have two very different views on the matter. Is that all?" Different views? Did he not think of art as a brief flash of beauty?

"N-no... That's all..." Just then, I heard that silver-haired kid -Hidan- talking again.

"Kakuzu, what the fuck is your problem? Why can't I ask the damn new kid why the fuck he looks like a girl? I mean, even Sasori was turned on! If this kid's a fuckin' guy, why in Jahin-damned hell does he look like a sexy fuckin' chick?" Whoa... Wait, what? Sasori-kun... liked me? But, he thought I was a girl... so I guess that means he didn't really like me, just who he thought I was... Damn it! Why does nothin ever seem to work for me?

Sasori's POV

Damn it all to hell! I'm going to fucking kill that cult-worshiping asshole! Fucking zealot needs to learn when to keep his damn mouth shut and not be a fucking nosy prick!

"Hidan, shut the fuck up, hmm. Sasori-kun doesn't like me like that. Even I can tell that. Besides, like I said earlier, I'm a boy... He wouldn't like me, hmm." Holy shit. Did Dei just put the fucking zealot in his place? Wait, who ever said I wouldn't like him like that? Damn it, no! I'm straight! And... did I just call him Dei? Fuck.

"Deidara, it's fine. Hidan here is just... irritable due to troubles at home. Please forgive him." The whole time I was talking I was staring daggers into the cult-worshiping immortal's back. He turned eventually, only to look away again quickly and scoot his desk further from mine.

"But, Sasori-kun... what Hidan said wasn't nice, hmm. It was none of his business, and I can't help the fact that I look like a girl, hmm. I take after my... mom..." Oh, man, please don't cry. Deidara, don't you fucking cry. Shit. I could see the tears forming. Ignoring the fact that it would be awkward, I pulled the blonde into a hug.

"It's okay, Dei... Just breathe. It'll all be okay. I'll talk to Hidan later... I'll have Pein keep him locked out of his... special room for a while to teach him a lesson. Just please, Dei, don't cry, okay? You're to pretty to cry..." I wasn't even thinking. I brushed away the few tears he had running down his face, and took in how soft his skin was. Hmm... I wonder what it would be like to kiss- NO! Stop it, Sasori! I'm straight, damn it, straight!

"R-really, hmm? Th-thank you, S-sasori-kun... You're too nice, hmm..." He sat back up and turned away, mumbling something to himself, but I swear, I heard him say, "Too nice to even be real, hmm. There's no way he'd like me the way I like him, hmm... just like always... I fall for the straight guy." Did I hear that right? He likes me? What the hell would I do?

I know I sat there just staring at him for a while, watching the slightest moves he made, taking in every thing about him, even the way those gloved hands of his nervously tugged at the ends of his hair like it was a habit. The longer I sat there, the more I thought about the fact that I had never really had a girlfriend before, let alone found a girl that wasn't annoying, so how would I know if I was straight or not? Girls were just complex and confusing. Nothing about them really caught my attention, anyway... Was I really gay? Hell, the only way to find out was to try it, and the only person that had ever grabbed my attention was sitting right next to me. Deidara.

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