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Can I Love You?

Chapter 8

"Can I love you, Dei?"

Those words floated through my head as I slept, echoing in my mind as I was held by my danna. I had wanted to answer him immediately, but I was just so tired... but maybe it's better this way? I can tell him when we wake up. I hope everything goes as planned...


"Dei.. Brat... Brat... WAKE UP."

"Holy shit, hmm! Why the hell did you have to yell, hmm?" I swear, I just suffered a freaking heart-attack! I was all calm and peaceful and asleep and happy... did I mention asleep?- before my danna had the wonderful idea to yell right next to my fucking ear! Bastard. But, I love him.

"Well, I tried waking you up without yelling, but it didn't work." Oh, how I want to knock that sexy fucking smirk right off of his damn face.

"For, what, all of three god-damn seconds, hmm?" Why can't he be like normal people? Then he'd back off and not be a cocky bastard when I glare at him! Wait... okay, let me rephrase that statement... I kind of like the double meaning to it... Damn it! I got distracted again, huh? I guess so... Danna's looking at me weird. "What, hmm? Never saw a person thinking before, hmm?" Wait... that's right! I need to answer his question.

"Well... you, I mean... Did you know how cute you look like that, off in your own little world?" And the damn smirk is back! Hold up. He just called me cute?

"I'm not a god-damn girl, hmm! I'm not fucking cute, got it, hmm!" My face got warmer as he just stood there, looking like he was trying not to laugh.

"Never said you were a girl, brat. And sure you aren't, Dei-baby." Sasori leaned in and pressed a soft kiss to my lips before what he even said registered in my head... and by the time it did, he had already backed a few feet away. Jerk.

"Yes, hmm." I grinned at his confusion, watching those half-lidded brown eyes narrow just slightly and his eyebrow come close together as he cocked his head to the side and just stared.

"...what?" I couldn't help myself anymore. I started laughing, and went up and hugged him close, brushing my lips across his jaw before whispering into his ear.

Sasori's POV {horrible, aren't I?}

What the hell is he talking about? 'Yes' to what?

"To your question earlier, hmm... Yes.. my Danna." Dei's breath on my ear sent shivers down my spine, and then his words sunk in.

I didn't say anything. No, that's not quite right. I couldn't say anything. At that point, I think my heartbeat and the thought of 'Holy fucking shit he said yes!' were blocking out everything else in my head.

beep. beep. BEEP! I smirked, watching confusion come to life on Dei's face.

"What the hell, hmm? Why's my phone... huh? Who the... Danna, hmm? When the fucking hell did you take my phone, hmm!" Oh, what a cute little pout... he looks kind of like a little kid, despite the fact that he's taller than me. Better not tell him that, though... I don't need a lover's scorn.

"I stole it from your pocket while you were sleeping. Go ahead, read it, Dei. It may be something interesting. You never know when it's from me..." I just let the sentence trail off, watching him flush pink as he thought of what I had sent him.

"Hey! 'Kuzu, where the fuck did you put my pants! And when the hell did you sew my head back on?" Oh, I'm going to kill him. I don't care if Kakuzu ends up lighting me on fire and sits there while my wooden parts burn, but I swear... that zealot ass is going to end up a few feet under. Bind him, gag him, cut him up into as many pieces as I can get away with, and bury his sorry ass for interrupting.

"Shut... the fuck... up, Hidan..." Great, and Kakuzu's fucking asleep! Trust me, if he wasn't, there would have been a threat instead of just a 'shut up.'

"Danna, hmm?" A hand waved in front of my face, drawing my attention back to the hot blonde in front of me. "You want me to read this or not, hmm?"

"Yeah... it's something you need to know." He tilted his head, as if he didn't quite believe me.

Thank you, Dei. I love you.

"But... I told you yes after you sent this, hmm... How'd you know what I was going to say, hmm?" One blue eye narrowed in confusion, another pout set on pink lips...

"Trade secret, Brat. But... let's just say I was hoping my guess was right."

Deidara's POV

You know... I always thought it was funny how in older times, if a man even kissed a girl, they had to marry... and if they had sex, well... yeah, it was expected of the man to be there for the girl and child- if there was one. Maybe I should play with Danna a bit? Yeah... that would be fun.

"Danna, hmm? Can I ask you something, hmm?" I buried my head in his shoulder, enjoying the warmth from Danna's neck.

"In a moment, Dei." His arms tightened around me, like he was afraid I'd vanish otherwise. "I love you, Dei... so much... this is all so new to me, and, well... I'm happy that it was you to be the first person to ever get me to love them instead of someone else." Sasori-danna's words were whispers, soft and- probably despite his hardest efforts- insecure. I smiled at the thought. Sasori, the one that I'm sure could kill people without a second thought about what he was doing, was nervous about this... about us.

"'Kuzu, you money-whore, wake the fuck up! You lazy heathen bastard of a miser! How many fucking times did we do it last night? You never sleep this damn much! Ever!" Hidan... I want to ki- is Danna growling at him? Oh, Hida-kun's gonna get his ass beat! Wait... should I be this happy about that? Oh well. No matter. My Danna's growls are still sexy, after all.

"I'll just be a bit, Deidara, okay? I have to go take care of some... trash. Yeah, trash..." Sasori let go of me slowly then stalked over to where Kakuzu-san and Hidan were. there was a muted thump, and maybe a few choice words, followed shortly after by a door slamming shut. I was standing ther trying not to giggle like an idiot because I saw the knife Danna was holding before he left to take out the trash.

"Hey, Kakuzu-san, hmm... you might want to go save Hidan, hmm... I think Sasori- no- danna's finally had it and is trying to kill, or at least bury, him, hmm..." And, as stupid and life-threatening as it was, I poked Kakuzu. Literally poked him. In the face. A lot. And was trying my damnest not to start laughing.

"...He's doing what, now?" Okay, time to back the fuck up... and save my danna from possible being turned into a marionette. I bolted for the door, trying to see that vibrant flash of red.

Sasori's POV

Why the fucking hell does this bastard have to get off on pain! Do you know how hard that makes it to chop a person up? The answer is very. Very. Fucking. Hard. As in, damn-near impossible.

"I hate you so fucking much, Hidan... I wish I could kill you." I turned away from the religious nut covered in blood to go sit down somewhere and calm down.

"Aw, I fucking love you, too, Puppet-fucker. See? Ain't that so damn fucking sweet of me? Now, stop pouting like a bitch before your girlfriend- whoops, I meant Blondie- gets out here. Dumb-ass." Really? Did I do something to piss you off, Kami?

"D... Danna, hmm? Ha... You look like such a little kid, hmm!" Okay, that's it. I may be short, but I'm not a fucking kid.

"I. Do. Not. Brat. Got it? Good." I kept my voice low, not growling though, because, well... I didn't need Dei too horny right now.

"Whatever you say, Sa-so-ri, hmm. Hey, I still have a question... Oh, wait, hmm!" What the hell did he mean wait? Hold on.. Why is he turning around? "KAKUZU-SAN, IT'S OKAY, HMM! HIDAN'S STILL FINE AND ABOVE GROUND, HMM!" At the risk of being temporarily deaf, I have the answer to my question. Speaking of which...

"What were you going to ask me, Dei-baby?" I smiled- yes, smiled, not smirked- at the bkush rising on his cheeks.

"Well... You know, hmm... you've heard that in old times if a guy and girl kissed or had sex they got married, right, Danna, hmm?" I nodded slowly, trying to figure out where the hell my little- okay, not little, but you get my point- blonde was gtting at.

"Well, since we... you know... had sex, hmm... I was wondering..."

"Oh for the love of all things merciful, Deidara just fucking tell me!"

"When the hell are you going to propose, mister, hmm? I most certainly am not free, Danna, hmm." I swear, my jaw hit the ground, and then proceeded to go through the ground.

Did he really just say he expects me to propose! Well... I guess I could, but... Holy shit. He asked me to propose!

And that's when I'm grateful for thte excellent improvisational skills of my family.

Deidara's POV

Oh dear Kami... Sasori-danna's face is priceless! Wait... what's he digging in his pocket for? Ugh, Danna, open your damn hand! I wanna see! Great, now he's kneeling. Wait. He's kneeling? Oh shit. Please, please, please please, please, PLEASE tell me he's not-

"Iwa Deidara... Can I marry you?" In his hand was a silver class ring, with a bright red gem in the middle. The engraving around it was simple, the word 'Art' and a scorpion.

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