Info and Part 1

Name: Countess Adriana Iris Silvia d' Paris

Age: 20

Height: 5'9"

Hair: Waste length, black, bangs to cheek bones.

Eyes: Gray blue

Skin: Fair and pale

Personality: Tough, tomboyish, sarcastic, confident, bitter, merciless, doesn't take crap from anyone but is still vulnerable; she just tries to hide it, actually cares about people.

Background: Daughter to the County Paris. Spent her childhood around the Capulets. Has a history with Francisco but that will come later. House of Capulet fell when she was 6. Entire family was killed but she was saved by Tybalt and his savior. Has been living with Tybalt ever since.

And now we begin…

I was up well before sunrise.

I cooked some food for myself and Tybalt.

The smell woke him up and he groggily entered the kitchen.

"Good Morrow, slug-a-bed."


He looked out the window at the sky that threatened rain later in the day.

"Today's the day."

'I know.'

He didn't know about my little plan that I was going to put into affect that night.

I waited in the shadows of the auditorium until the Capulet group left.

Then, I snuck out and slipped through the secret passage.

I found my way into the Capulet groups haven.

I entered the dinning area and pulled out a chair, sitting down and propping my feet up onto the table.

'And now, I wait.'

It was well past midnight before the group returned.

"Get Lady Juliet up to bed, Cordilia."

"Yes Conrad. Give me a hand, Antonio."

In the darkness, I saw a tall female figure and a small boyish figure carry another female figure up some stairs. 3 male figures entered the dinning area. Suddenly, the biggest one made the others stop.

All 3 froze.

I heard a sword being drawn.

I shook my head at them.

"Don't even think about it, Curio. You've never been able to beat me."

Silence cut through the room.

I struck a match and lit a candle in front of me, revealing my face to the old man, the cyclospe and the man I've been at odds with since the age of 6.

The old man and one-eye looked at me, distrusting. The old man drew his sword to join Curio.

"Name yourself, imposter!"

I smirked.

"Well, your old age must be catching up with you, Conrad. I'd think it be pretty hard to forget me."

The look on their faces didn't change, telling me that all the hints I was dropping weren't helping any.

Then, I heard a low chuckle.

I looked to the blond man's smirking face.


I popped my eyebrows at him, surprised.

"Men are men; the best sometimes forget. And yet, you, not anywhere near the best, remember."

"A man never forgets his 1st conquest."

I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Give thy thoughts no tongue."

Conrad decided to step in before we killed each other.

"Grow up, both of you."

He turned to me.

"Not that I'm unhappy to see you're alive, Adriana, but you've caught us at a bad time. Lady Juliet has had long night and needs her rest."

I smirked, knowing what he was hiding.

"So, little princess fainted from the news. Why am I not shocked?"

Curio got angry and said, "You will not speak ill of Lady Juliet."

I started laughing and said, "I am agog, I am aghast! Is Curio in love at last?"

Conrad slammed his fist on the table and said, "Enough! Keep your voice down; you'll wake the lady. And, no more of these games. Adriana, you're obvilously here for a reason; but what I'm wondering is why your father didn't come to represent your family."

"Father is dead and has been so for 14 years. Everyone except for me and a very good friend died on the same night that the House of Capulet, supposedly, fell."

They were silent for a moment. Then Conrad said, "I'm very sorry, my dear. They were killed by the orders of Montaque?"

I nodded.

Francsico scoffed and asked, "Why would the Prince kill the Capulets and the Parises? The two families had many disagreements."

I looked at him, cynically, and said, "The disagreements between the two families didn't go beyond the Palace Court Room; as far as the public was concerned, the Parises were just as determined to keep the Capulets on the throne as much as you all are determined to get them back on the throne. Montaque couldn't risk any loose ends so he made sure that they didn't exist. Thus, my family was killed and our titles were ripped away."

Conrad stopped me and said, "I still don't see how that explains why you're here."

I smirked and the old man and said, "Well, it's quiet simple; I'm here to make bargain."

"A bargain?"

"Of course. You see, we both need and/or want many things. You want Little Princess back on the throne. I want my birth right back. The fact is, we can help one another reach our goals."

Francisco chuckled and said, "The day that we trust the Parises with a promise is the day the all that is holy goes to waste."

I answered with my own chuckled and said, "Your goal is to over throw the Prince and revive a massacred family. You're living in a world of people who live in fear or desperation. People will do anything just to live another day, let alone to, possibly, get higher up on the social ladder. Turning in any information about roques, such as you all, would warrant and incredible prize."

I stood from my stool and looked each of them straight in the eye and said, "The point I'm trying to make is that you can't afford to not trust me nor can you afford passing up what I have to offer."

Conrad narrowed his eyes and asked, "And what do you have to offer?"

I smirked, knowing that peaking his interest was a sure fire way of getting what I wanted. "Information. As you all must know by now, my family had many criminal dealings and plenty of experience in the criminal under world. The result is that we have spies. Many spies. Spies within the walls of the castle at this very moment. They know the Princes movements. They know his battle plans. This information could be the key to his down fall. Not to mention all the supplies I can purchase from the black market."

"And just what do you want for this information and supplies? Money?"

"Pointless. What I want is just a simple promise."

"What kind of promise?"

"You see, we share a somewhat similar goal, me and the Little Princess; we want our birth rights back. She wants her throne and I want my title. Unfortunately, for me, getting what I want is not as easy as killing the person currently with my title; the only way that I can ever be restored the name of County Paris is if I'm appointed to that title by the leader of Neo Verona. Now, the Prince isn't going to give it to me; after all, he wants me dead just as much as he wants Little Princess dead. However, if I were to help and the Little Princess back to the throne, she would have the power of the Prince and would be in my debt. In other words, I'll help the Little Princess to the throne if she promises that I can have my birth right back when she's in charge."

Silence cut through the air.

Then, Francisco, decided to be bold and said, "If you think we are going to let the black, untrustworthy blood of the Parises back in that seat-"

"Oh, did I mention that I, also, promise to keep the relationship between the House of Capulet and the House of Paris 'ere peaceful from this day forth."

I tilted my head to smirk at Francisco's upside down figure. "I'm, even, willing to sign it in my 'black blood' if it pleases you."

Even though he was upside down, I could tell, he was scowling and it warmed my heart.

I tilted my head back up and looked at Conrad, waiting for his answer.

Conrad sighed and said, "I admit, Adriana, your offer is incredibly attractive."


"… But, I'm afraid, I cannot speak for the lady Juliet; only she can agree to return you to your birth right, as you have said. If want an answer, you're going to have to ask her. Come back in a few days and you will get your answer."

It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but what could I do?

I sighed and stood up. "I've waited 14-years. I suppose I can wait until a few more days… but see to it that we don't tarry. Neither the lady nor I can afford to."

I tucked my hair back into my cloak and pulled my hood over my head and walked out of the hideout without saying goodbye.

I started to walk back to my hideout.


Conrad watched Adriana go off and watched for a moment longer after she left.

"Follow her."

Without a moment of haste, Curio and Francisco followed suit without a word.