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Around the Block

He watches her walk past his apartment complex for the third time that night. Usually, he lets her walk until she calls up for him to open the front door. She always comes up when she wants to; there was never any point in rushing her. Tonight is different. Tonight he wants to sleep uninterrupted. The sooner he can get her inside and settle her mind the quicker he can sleep. Of course, she will end up on his couch once again, but she refuses to take the bed. One night she slept on the floor when he took the couch.

He takes the elevator down to the entrance way of his building. He exists and stands in the shadows underneath the canopy. He purposefully hides his face from the sidewalk choosing to stare in the same direction she is. She won't notice him as quickly if she is not looking at him for more than half a block. He knows because she hasn't changed her rapid pace, or switched directions once. He feels a bit like a stalker, but he can't help it. He looks for her every night since the first time she did it.

He sighs and settles in to wait. Couples pass talking and laughing with each other. A mother comforting her cranky baby follows later. Young and old pass him by while he waits to see the figure he recognizes. He hears a pair of loudly clicking heels approach. He tries to make himself invisible. The last thing he needs is her seeing him chatting with a call girl. The heels click by and he finally sees the coat he has been looking for.

"Ziva!" he calls. She turns to face him her right hand on her hip. Thankfully, she didn't actually pull the gun out of its holster or he might have had some ugly damage control to fix. He settles for chuckling inwardly at the realization that he expected that reaction even though she knows exactly where she is. He puts a serious expression back on his face before stepping out of the shadows with his hands raised.

"It's just me, Ziva," he assures. She lowers her arm, turns around, and continues walking. His jaw drops. It takes him a few seconds too long to regain his composure. By the time he considers calling her name again she has rounded the corner. He decides to wait another 20 minutes to see if she'll come back around. This time he places himself on the opposite side of the entrance so he can see her coming. A mere 15 minutes later she passes by again.

"Ziva!" he yells. She doesn't spare him a second glance or slow down. He grumbles under his breath. If she really wants to walk around the block all night he's not going to stop her. He heads for the front door of his building only to stop with his hand on the handle. He sighs and steps back into his original shadow. He'll give her one more try before he goes inside. After that, he's not letting her in no matter how many times she calls.

"Go to sleep, Tony," she says the next time she passes. He's ready this time though and matches her stride step for step. She has set a grueling pace for walking a city block, but it doesn't stop him. He's only planning on doing one; two at most.

"While you do circles around my block all night?" he asks. He can't keep the sarcasm out of his voice. She knows he won't sleep knowing that she is walking. He might not have been raised to be a gentleman, but he learned. She didn't appreciate all the time. No woman would. Of course that didn't stop him.

"I'm not coming up tonight," she says matter-of-factly. Her eyes have yet to stray from their position forward. He hasn't seen her face properly yet either. It was shrouded in shadow by the streetlight the first time. They continue their journey in silence until they reach the front of his building once again. She comes to an abrupt stop, and he continues past her.

"Go upstairs, Tony," she says through clenched teeth. He hands ball into fists. He takes it all in, but against his better judgment ignores it. He shouldn't want to light the fire, but he is anxious for the explosion. Tonight is as good a night as any.

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