One bright sunny morning Joon got up early to paint and Sam left to go to the grocery store because they were running out of tapioca pudding. A few hours passed and Joon was so into her painting she didn't even see Sam come in.

"Joon I'm home" he called as he sat the grocery bags on the counter. Sam looked around but still no Joon.

"Joon?" he called as he wondered the house.

Then Sam walked into the painting room and saw Joon painting away. Sam smiled and stood behind her but he said nothing because he remembered Benny telling him once never to disturb her while she was painting. Then Joon put her paint brush behind her ear and closed one eye to get a better look at her painting.

"Finished" she smiled proudly.

Sam moved a bit closer to get a better look.

"D-don't touch it….it's still wet" Joon whispered.

Sam nodded and continued to examine it then Sam smiled at her.

"It's beautiful" he said as he gave her a kiss on the cheek. Joon giggled and looked down at her feet.

"So how about some breakfast?" she asked.

"Breakfast? But Joon it's lunch time now" Sam said confused.

Joon laughed and playfully pushed his shoulder.

"Sam your starting to sound like Benjamin it's never to late for breakfast!" she laughed as she walked into the kitchen.

"R-right" Sam nodded as he followed her inside.

Sam sat at the counter as Joon put cereal and milk in the blender and pressed the button. After it was blended Joon poured a cup for Sam and her and they drank it in silence. When Joon lowered her glass Sam started to laugh.

"What is it? What's so funny?" Joon frowned.

Sam said nothing and walked up to her trying to hold back his laughter and grabbed a cloth.

"Milk…mustache" Sam smiled as he wiped the cloth above her upper lip. Then Sam froze and set down the cloth. He started at her lips for a moment and caressed her cheek.

Joon smiled and continued to drink her breakfast and Sam nervously ran his hand threw his hair then he grabbed his hat and started throwing it and twirling it in his hands.

"Hey Joon?" he whispered as he stood and sat down his hat.

"Yes" she said as she put down her glass and removed her paint brush from her ear and placed it in her biboveral pocket.

"I..I love you" he smiled.

"Me too" she smiled as she pushed one strand of her short golden hair behind her ear.

Then out of no where Sam dropped down on both knees and looked up at her with his big brown eyes.

"Will you marry me Joon?"

Joon giggled and looked at her feet again.

"Y-yes" she nodded.

Sam stood and smiled then he held up one finger for her to wait a moment and he went behind the counter where he was once sitting and put a Jack in the Box on the table and pushed it over to her.

"Crank the handle" he said as he made the movement with his hand.

Joon laughed and turned the handle and Sam watched her intently as the music echoed threw their house then it stopped and Jack popped out of the box and they both jumped. Then Joon saw something shinny on Jack's hand it was a diamond ring and the biggest smiled spread across her face. Sam smiled at her and took the ring and slipped it on her paint covered finger.