Title: Putting Dirty Thoughts In My Head
Author: HigherMagic
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: None
Warnings: very slight D/s, Highschool AU, schmoop, sex.
Word Count:
Summary: A teenage human AU. Two months into their relationship, Castiel and Dean have the house to themselves and Castiel really wants to take the final step with Dean, and he knows Dean wants it too. So why is he so nervous?
Notes: Unbeta'd. All mistakes are my own.

Castiel has no idea why he's so nervous.

Dean's coming over tonight, and Castiel's dad is away at a work conference and his brothers are off doing whatever semi-illegal things his brothers do, and he'd gotten the impression that none of them intended to be home that night. So it would be him, and Dean, alone in the house. All night.

And Castiel really, really wants things to happen. To, ah, well…

It's not like Castiel's a virgin anymore – no, Dean pretty much had taken care of that. In fact, there were times when Castiel was pretty sure the only part of himself that hadn't been inside of Dean was his cock, and they'd done pretty much everything except the, ah, full Monty.

He and Dean have been dating for almost two months. Two fantastic, whirlwind months and Castiel has never been happier in his life – years of pining and sexual tension and unrequited attraction and finally he has an all-access pass to Dean, even more so than he had before as the boy's best friend.

All because he had tried to play straight.

Ah, the irony.

But now he finds himself, yet again, kind of floundering. Dean is…well, Castiel wouldn't call him experienced because though he had tried to ignore a lot of Dean's sex and dating life, he was still pretty damn sure the boy has never been with another guy. But fact of the matter is Dean has had a lot more sex than Castiel who, until two months ago, had never even kissed someone for real before.

So, yeah, he's a little nervous.

He knows he has no reason to be – Dean will be amazing, just like he always is, and Castiel will just try and keep up, like he always does. Though, saying that, he'd like to think he'd surprised himself by just how into this he really is – not just the relationship, but the whole way they balance each other out. Dean likes to be in control, but only up to a point – he likes initiating, teasing Castiel on and having him snap, and damned if Castiel is complaining about that.

The doorbell rings, snapping him out of his thoughts, and Castiel almost falls over himself trying to get to the door. His heart is pounding and he knows that's ridiculous – even if they do get to sex tonight, it's not like it's going to happen straight away. Dean always likes to watch bad movies and drink beer and just chill out, even with the new relationship between them. Castiel likes that – likes that Dean's still his friend and companion, as well as his boyfriend. That he can be both.

He's watched enough 'Scrubs' and 'Friends' to know that that can be hard for people.

Dean flashes him one of his charming smiles, a duffle bag slung over his shoulders, a pizza box in hand. "Hey, man," he says, hefting the box into Castiel's arms and shouldering his way inside. "Half meat lover's, half ham-n-pineapple, you freak."

Castiel smiles, an unexpected (well, with Dean it is always semi-expected) surge of affection running through him as he watches his boyfriend go into the house, dumping his duffle by the stairs and heading towards the kitchen, Castiel following behind. Figures his reactions to food would stem directly from Dean, but it was sweet, as Castiel knew how much Dean balked at the idea of warm fruit on a pizza but still got half of it for Castiel, knowing he wouldn't eat a whole one by himself…it's sweet.

"Thanks, Dean," he replies, setting the pizza down and getting out two paper plates. Dean smiles at him. "Got another movie lined up on the list?"

Dean had made a list of all the movies Castiel needed to see before they died. If he remembers correctly, the next one had been 'Die Hard' or 'Drive Angry' or something like that. Something that sounded very butch and light on plot.

"Fuck yeah, man!" Dean replies, going back to his duffle bag and fishing out his box set of Die Hard movies. "All four of them. Granted, none of the sequels are as good as the first one, but ah…" He trails off suddenly, biting his lower lip and fidgeting absently with the corner of the DVD box. "I figure if we get bored we can do something else."

Castiel swallows, feeling himself flush hot when Dean's green, green eyes flash up to meet his. "Sounds like a plan," he says, mildly surprised and proud when his voice doesn't waver, and Dean smiles, coming over, setting the DVDs down, and grabbing one of the plates from Castiel's hand.

"Awesome," he says, grinning wide, and leans down to press a soft kiss against Castiel's mouth. It's slow and chaste and altogether perfect, just feeling the warm mesh of Dean's lips against his own before the younger teen pulls away and grabs himself a slice of meat-heavy pizza. "Let's get started."

Castiel smiles and nods, following Dean after getting his own pizza slice, and takes the DVD box from the other boy, setting it up as Dean gets comfortable on the couch. Once the movie starts he sits back down, pulling his pizza into his lap. He almost expects Dean to do something like lay his head on his shoulder or something, even though he knows that is something Dean would never do. But the younger teen's thigh is pressed right up against his own and the warmth feels really nice, complimenting the satisfying weight of food in his stomach.

Dean hardly eats anything – a fact Castiel doesn't even really pay attention to until half-way through the movie when he gets up to get drinks and asks if Dean wants more pizza, only to find the slice still on his plate to be half-eaten. Dean flushes when Castiel raises an eyebrow at him.

"I, ah, ate earlier," is all he says, biting his lip and playing with the stretch of his jeans over a knee, and Castiel knows that, even if that were true, it's never stopped Dean before – the boy's got a hollow leg, Castiel is sure of it.

"Do you not like it?" he asks, once he's retrieved two beers, popped one open and handed it to Dean, who takes a long swallow from it, licking his lips.

"It's good, I just…" Dean flushes again, biting his lower lip and it's getting really distracting, really difficult to pay attention to what Dean is actually saying. "I, ah, read it's better when you're not…full."

"Oh," Castiel says. "Oh." The full implication of what Dean is saying slams into him, then, and for a moment he just freezes – sure, it was one thing to think about it, to hope for it, but to realize that Dean had been…researching? As well? That warm feeling was growing again, as well as a hot shaft of arousal shooting down Castiel's spine.

Dean, at least, has the courtesy to flush, rubbing the back of his head and not quite meeting Castiel's eyes. "Yeah. Well, I mean, I've never done it before and…" He pauses, swallowing. "I wanted it to be good for you so -."


The younger teen stops, swallowing, eyes flashing up to Castiel's face, and he doesn't even think. He leans over Dean, shoving their plates and beer bottles to one side, and cups Dean's face in his hands, kissing his boyfriend like that first time, the first real time – hot, slow, biting at Dean's lip until the younger teen shivers and opens up for him, Dean's body arching into his, slouching low on the couch and it just seems natural for Castiel to move closer, swing a leg over Dean's thighs so he's sitting on his lover, pinning Dean down like he had that first time, what feels like forever ago and yesterday all at once.

Dean gasps, his hands flying to Castiel's sides and gripping tight as he leans up, straining to reach more of Castiel's mouth as they kiss, Castiel's tongue sliding in and licking along the roof of Dean's mouth like he knows Dean likes. Makes the boy shiver under him every damn time.

"Cas," Dean whispers, sounding wrecked and needy already, and Castiel shushes him, drawing back and looking into Dean's eyes, flashing teeth in his smile. He looks so beautiful – cheeks flushed, pupils blown from arousal already, lips moist and reddening from Castiel's kiss and his own bites. Delicious.

The older teen shushes Dean again, leaning in once more for a more gentle brush of lips, chaste and dry. "It's alright, baby, I'll take care of you," he whispers, feeling himself grow more confident, now, knowing Dean wants this just as much as he does, seeing Dean strung out and needing already – lets him shake off his nerves and step into the more dominant role Dean needs him to be, the role he wants to be in the face of Dean's submission and desire. "We can finish the movie later."

"Yeah." Dean swallows, nodding frantically and pressing his lips together, and leans up for another kiss, which Castiel grants him, slanting their lips together once more before he pushes off of Dean's legs, tugging on his lover's hand to pull Dean to his feet too.

How they manage to get to Castiel's room without killing themselves or each other is still a bit of a mystery to Castiel, what with his seeming inability to go more than two steps without shoving Dean against a wall for another kiss, or the way the younger boy clings to him like he's afraid of letting go, just pausing to get his duffle bag so he doesn't have to come back down to get his stuff.

The slams shut behind them in Castiel's room and then the older teen has Dean against it, knotting his fingers in Dean's hair tightly, pressing as much of his body as he can get against Dean's and pinning him to the door. Dean makes a small, soft sound of want, shoulders dipping, a leg threading between Castiel's thigh to give him something to grind against, and the pure hot friction of Dean between his legs is enough to make Castiel moan against Dean's mouth.

"The bed," he manages to grit out, shoving at Dean's shirt until he can feel the smooth skin beneath, his fingers fumbling at Dean's belt and jeans. "Need to get on the bed."

"Yeah…" But Dean makes no effort to move either – his hands are just as desperate and needy, tugging on Castiel's clothes until they have to part, just to get their shirts off, the clothes landing haphazardly all over the room. "Fuck, Cas, want -."

Dean cuts off when a low moan when Castiel drags his lips away, eyes flashing black with desire as he mouths at the shaft of Dean's collarbone, sucking a dark purple mark low enough that Dean's shirts will cover it for the most part, but it will be a reminder to Dean – a mark for him to bear. And not the last one Castiel intends to leave. Long, strong fingers thread through the hair on the back of his head as Castiel sinks, slowly, to his knees in front of Dean, the younger teen's eyes widening when he sees what Castiel intends to do.

"Cas," he whispers, tugging on the teen's thick black hair, making Castiel's eyelids flutter slightly. "You don't – shit -." Castiel's fingers pull at Dean's undone jeans, yanking down both his jeans and underwear and exposing the reddened, flushed length of his cock, which is already leaking precome steadily and tastes sharp at the first touch of Castiel's tongue. "You don't have to do that."

"I want to," is Castiel's reply, before he circles the base of Dean's cock with his fingers, sucking the head into his mouth like he remembers Dean does for him. His reward for that is a breathy little whine, Dean's hand tightening in his hair while the other presses into a fist and bangs back against his door. Looking up, Dean's head is thrown back, eyes squeezed tightly shut, chest and neck starting to shine from the first beads of sweat.

The flush has started to spread from his face, down his neck and chest – the red looks so pretty contrasting with the purple mark left by Castiel's mouth and the normal pale of his skin. Castiel shifts position, settling more comfortably on his knees, and tilts his head just slightly, letting more of Dean's cock sink into his mouth. It doesn't feel like he's taking very much in – certainly not down to the base like Dean can do for him – but judging from the soft, breathy whines and the way Dean's fingers are so tight in his hair, he figures Dean doesn't mind too much. His free hand reaches forward, finding Dean's clenched fist against his door and he splays his palm over Dean's hand, soothing the fist away.

He starts to suck, pressing his tongue to the sensitive underside of the head like Dean does for him and it feels so fucking good when Dean does that – the younger boy moans loudly, then, gasping, his chest heaving as he tries to breathe through the sensation of Castiel's mouth. Feels so warm and hot and Dean's gotten blowjobs from girls before but they just don't have the inherent instinct like men must. Or maybe it was just him and the fact that it's Castiel on his knees right now is ramping up his need by about a factor of a thousand.

"Cas, I -." He chokes off when Castiel swallows around him, pulling off with a wet sucking sound, and Dean forces his eyes to open, to lift his head and look down at the kneeling teenager. Castiel is looking at him with this single-minded focus Dean knows he has, like he's cataloguing each and every one of Dean's reactions for later, and Dean bites his lip, the sharp point of pain centering him long enough to warn -. "Not gonna last, man, I can't…"

Castiel looks at him for a second longer, fingers at the base of Dean's cock tightening just a little, stroking upward, and then, without taking his eyes from Dean, he goes back to sucking at the sensitive head of Dean's cock, stroking what part he doesn't fit in his mouth.

"Fuck." Dean pants, closing his eyes again, clenching his jaw, and he tugs desperately at Castiel's hair, trying to get him to pull off because he's pretty sure Castiel doesn't want him coming in his mouth – it's a shock if you're not expecting it, he knows. "Cas, gonna. Stop, please -."

Castiel hums softly, the vibration sending pleasure fissuring through Dean's nerves, and the younger teen is gone. He cries out loudly as he orgasms, unable to hold himself back, his hand tightening too much in Castiel's hair, he knows, but he can't force himself to let go. He feels like he's flying and vaguely he's aware of Castiel stroking him through it, tight and semi-dry and when he manages to finally open his eyes, he sees Castiel still staring up at him, and he's angled Dean so most of his release is covering Castiel's hand and forearm, a little sprayed onto his chest. Dean licks his lips, hips bucking forward slightly as one last spike of pleasure shoots through him, and then Castiel stands.

"So beautiful," he murmurs, raising his fingers to Dean's mouth and the younger boy obediently sucks his fingers into his mouth, licking every drop of his semen from Castiel's skin, across his palm and down his arm too, cradling Castiel's wrist in his hands.

"Wanted to come with you inside me," Dean whispers, leaning in and pressing his face to Castiel's neck, kissing his jaw lightly and he feels more than hears Castiel laugh.

"That's what round two's are for," the older teen whispers, voice low and full of promises, and the idea of more to come is almost enough for Dean to get hard again – arousal shoots, hard and painful, through his oversensitive body and he lets out a soft sound, whining against Castiel's throat. The older teen laughs again, threading his fingers through Dean's hair. "Come on, baby, let's get you settled."

Dean goes willingly to Castiel's bed after the older teen peels his jeans, socks and shoes off, baring him completely to Castiel's touch, falling back on the bed and pulling the smaller teenager against him, his thighs coming up to bracket Castiel's hips and help him stay balanced. Castiel knows he's not going to crush Dean with his weight, so he lets himself rest against Dean's chest, pressing their mouths together once more in a hot, slow slide of tongues and lips.

Dean's breath comes out shaky when Castiel pulls away, brushing some of Dean's sweat-damp hair from his face to look down at him, resting their foreheads together, and Dean's arms come up to encircle Castiel's waist, their weight pleasant and grounding on the small of his back, and for a moment Castiel can forget his own pressing arousal – good things come to those who wait, after all – and instead focus on Dean – the rhythm of his breathing and the drum of his heartbeat, still slightly fast from his orgasm, his lips parted and reddened from Castiel's mouth.

Then, Dean sighs, a slow smile spreading out until he's flashing teeth, eyes going half-lidded as he stared up at Castiel. "So…" And it's so delightfully adorable and awkward that Castiel has to laugh, pressing another light kiss to Dean's mouth and shifting his weight, so more of his weight is on his knees and he isn't pinning Dean down so much.

"So," he parrots, matching Dean's smile. "What have you been reading about this?"

The younger teen flushes, biting his lip, eyes darting away from Castiel's shyly. "Well, I mean, I'm glad I did. Didn't know half the shit that the internet told me." He chuckles again, folding one arm over and behind his head, pillowing his head on his hand as his eyes move back to Castiel's face. "Glad I did it, in any event."

Castiel smiles. "If it's any consolation, I did some research too," he says, blushing slightly at the smirk Dean gives him, one of the younger teen's eyebrows raising, a gleam in his eyes.

"Oh, yeah?" Dean asks, pressing his lips together, his hips rolling up against Castiel's and the older teen shudders at the feeling of Dean's warm, bare body pressing up against his erection – he fucks down before he can stop himself, hissing at the friction. "What…shit, Cas, what kind of research?"

Blue eyes flash, and Castiel leans up, settling back on his heels as he stares down at Dean, greedy eyes taking in the long, smooth stretch of Dean's chest, his dark nipples, marked and flushed chest, and his cock, half-hard again already against his thigh. "I could tell you," he says softly, running one hand up his lover's thigh, listening to Dean's hitch of breath when he gets close to where Dean so desperately wants to be touched. "Or…I could just…demonstrate."

In answer, Dean makes a sound that sounds a lot like a whimper, sending heat straight down to Castiel's cock, and he can't wait anymore. He wants to be all over Dean, his fingers and mouth everywhere he can touch and he wants to be buried deep inside his so-willing boyfriend. He smiles, looking down at Dean with heat in his eyes.

"Roll over," he growls out, his tone leaving no room for argument, and Dean shivers, bites his lip, and obeys. He spreads his knees out on the bed, as far as he can get them, and fists his hands in the loose sheets right under Castiel's pillows. "Up," Castiel whispers, cupping the spurs of Dean's hips and gently coaxing his lover onto his knees. "There we go."

"What are you -?" Castiel cuts him off with a soft shushing sound, one pale hand splaying out over the arch of Dean's spine and pressing down, so the younger teen's face is pressed against the pillows, his ass held up in the air. Castiel leans down, bending over Dean, his fingers digging into the meat of Dean's thighs, thumbs separating his cheeks, and Dean shudders with a loud moan when he feels the first long, deliberate lick of Castiel's tongue over his bared hole. "Shit," he gasps, clenching up on instinct, his shoulders tensing, fingers curling in the pillow covers. "Cas."

"You like that?" Castiel whispers, smiling despite himself, glad that Dean can't see his face, can't see how much taking Dean in like this, watching him get all strung out and needy really affects Castiel. It's not the first time they've tried rimming but this is the first time that it's going to go somewhere, and it's like a virgin sensation all over again.

Dean's already rocking his hips back, trying to get the sensation deeper, inside, a low, desperate whine falling from his mouth. "Cas," he whispers again, shoving his hands above his head to brace against the headboard so he has a point of leverage. "Please, come on, man, don't tease me like this."

Castiel hums, licking over Dean's hole again, before sucking a finger into his mouth, getting it thoroughly wet to thrust into Dean's body. They've had fingers inside of Dean, too, and it won't be the first time Castiel wonders how anything bigger could fit into Dean's tight, greedy little hole. He bites out a soft order for Dean to get the lube, which sits like a dirty little hint in the top drawer of his bedside table, and Dean scrambles, reaching blindly until he closes his hand around the little bottle and shoves it back, between his legs, for Castiel to grab.

The older boy hums gently again, kissing the small of Dean's back in a soft 'thanks' as he grabs the bottle of lube, squirting the thick gel onto his fingers and rubbing them together to warm it up. Dean is panting, back arched beautifully into the press of Castiel's hands and mouth – he's so willing, so wanting, it's all Castiel can do not to palm at his own aching arousal to give himself some relief – he wants to last for Dean, wants to make it good for Dean and, damn it all, he will.

"Might sting a bit," he whispers in apology, breathing out heavily and pressing his forehead against Dean's sweaty back.

"S'okay, Cas," Dean gasps out, clenching his eyes tightly shut at the first press of one of Castiel's lube-slick fingers. "Want it. Know you'll make me feel good."

Castiel closes his eyes, pressing a wet, open-mouthed kiss to the dip of Dean's spine. "I will," he promises, smoothing his free hand over Dean's flank in an attempt to keep him still. Dean's inner muscles seem to pull his finger in, sucking him deep into Dean's greedy body, and he twists the finger, shivering at the heat around it and already able to imagine how it will feel around his cock. He tries to press down, tap against that little bud that he knows will have Dean screaming in pleasure, but he can't quite reach deep enough yet.

"Cas." Dean sounds frustrated, strung out – he's clenching around Castiel's finger, body rocking to desperately try and pull him in, and Castiel knows, understands, because he's just as fucking desperate for it too.

"Yeah, baby, I know," he whispers, tugging out his first finger and coming back with a second, pressing it inside along with the first and stretching Dean more. It hurts – he can tell in the set of Dean's shoulders that it hurts, but then he finally manages to find that nub, his longer finger able to twist down and press against it perfectly, and Dean cries out, body going momentarily lax and shivery with pleasure.

He's getting impatient now and though he knows Dean's not quite ready, he can't stop himself twisting in a third finger, stretching them apart. Dean whines softly, pressing his sweaty forehead against Castiel's pillows to try and stifle the sound, and Castiel moans, shaking his head and kissing Dean's spine again.

"I know, Dean, I'm sorry," he whispers, voice rushed and ragged and Dean just makes another soft sound. "Do you want me to stop?"

"You fucking stop and I'll kill you," Dean snaps back, voice a low growl and it's enough to make Castiel smile. "I…Cas, no more, please. Want you inside of me. Need it."

"Okay, okay…" Swallowing, Castiel pulls his fingers out – this is it. Finally. God, it feels like he's been waiting his whole Goddamn life for this moment. "Um, I read it's better on hands and knees, or with the receiver on top, or -."

Dean rears up, then, turning around, and Castiel has to sit back to avoid getting caught in the tangle of Dean's legs as he moves, sheets twisting around his feet and pinning him down. The younger teen looks wild – he's sweaty and flushed, pupils blown, mouth redder than Castiel has ever seen it, his nipples peaked and hard and his cock an almost angry red color. Before Castiel can ask what Dean is doing, there is a hand at the back of his neck, pulling him in for a sloppy, harsh kiss, wet and needy and perfect, and Dean tugs Castiel forward, falls onto his back, so Castiel is slotted between Dean's thighs again, the younger teen almost wrapping his legs completely around Castiel to keep him down.

"Just like this," Dean whispers, looking up through half-lidded eyes to Castiel's face. "Wanna be able to see you."

The older teen smiles, brushing Dean's sweaty and mussed hair back from his face again. "Okay," he murmurs quietly, moving his hands to fumble at what stubborn remains of his clothes are still clinging to his body, and then once they are off the naked slide of skin against skin feels so fucking fantastic, he shudders. He feels so close, knows this won't last long at all, for either of them.

But then, that's what round three's are for.

Castiel takes a deep breath, hooking his hands underneath Dean's thighs to lift him slightly, get the best angle he can so he doesn't hurt Dean. "Please, for God's sake, if it hurts too much, just tell me," he demands, the order in his voice coming out a little weak because of how breathless he sounds, but Dean still nods eagerly, eyes bright and fixed on Castiel's face.

"Please, Cas," is all he says, threading his fingers through Castiel's hair and tugging in encouragement.

The older teen nods, pressing his lips together, and grips himself tight around the base of his cock, rocking forward to push against the slick, stretched opening. He feels himself slide in just a half-inch, enough that Dean sucks in a breath and tenses up, his legs wrapping tight around Castiel's waist, and he lets go, fisting one hand in the sheets by Dean's head, the other in Dean's hair, and pulls him up for a kiss, pushing slowly all the way inside.

"Fuck," Dean gasps, the word stretched out, long and low like a moan, but Castiel doesn't hear any pain in it so he keeps going, keeps pressing through the tight, hot, slick muscle until he can't sink any further in – until Dean is locked tight around him from all sides, desperate and clinging.

"Shit," he gasps, clenching his eyes tightly shut and fighting against the sensation, trying not to make this end too soon. It feels so good – too fucking good, and right in every way, and his entire being seems to be trembling and Dean is shaking just as hard and it's all just so new that, for a moment, Castiel wants to laugh.

"Move, Cas," Dean finally whispers, placing a light kiss to Castiel's jaw, stroking his fingers through Castiel's sweat-damp hair until the shaking stops, smiling wide against his boyfriend's mouth. "Come on."

Tentatively, Castiel pulls his hips back, until the tight, hot clench of Dean's channel feels like it's about to disappear completely from him, before he thrusts back in, gasping again at the sensation, as Dean tightens impossibly around him – feels like he's suffocating and he can't breathe, and Dean's pulling him into another kiss and soon it's so easy to get lost in that stuttering rhythm, unwilling to leave Dean's body long enough to get a good motion going, but Dean doesn't seem to mind – the younger teenager clings to him, moaning softly every time the head of Castiel's cock jabs against his prostate, and finally he forfeits a hand from Castiel's hair to reach down and fist his own cock, jerking himself quickly and Castiel would growl at him and reprimand him but honestly he's dangerously close to going over the edge and so if it helps Dean finish faster, he can do whatever the hell he wants.

"I fucking love you," Castiel gasps out, biting at Dean's mouth between his words, hand tugging harshly. "I know it's a really awkward time to say it, but I do."

Dean laughs, eyes bright and joyous, and claims Castiel's mouth again, mutters 'I love you' against the older teen's lips, and Castiel is gone. It's too much – that warmth spreading out hard enough to make him choke and arousal shooting through him like a bullet and, yeah, he has nothing left. He grinds to a halt inside of Dean, as deep as he can go, and moans loudly around his release, biting down at Dean's neck and sucking hard to try and stifle the sound.

Dean shudders beneath him, legs and ass clenching suffocatingly tight, as his fist tightens around his cock and he joins Castiel in orgasm, arm clutching weakly at the older teen's shoulders. Castiel's eyes clench tightly shut and he wrenches his head away from Dean's neck, just breathing heavily against his lover's skin, fingers moving to clutch weakly at Dean's sides, trying to keep himself upright when every part of him just wants to collapse, boneless and sated.

Finally Dean's body unlocks, and the younger teen unwraps his legs from around Castiel's body and settles down on the bed. The change in position forces Castiel to pull out with another shiver, and he lays down next to Dean, threading a hand through Dean's hair and pulling him into a chaste, lazy kiss, just breathing slow and deep as they come down from their high.

"That was…" Dean swallows, grinning and saying breathlessly; "Awesome. Fucking awesome."

Castiel flushes a little, grinning also. "Phenomenal," he agrees, nuzzling close to Dean again and wrapping an arm around the younger teen's waist, pulling them closer together. "We are doing that again as soon as possible."

"I'm glad you feel that way."

Castiel blinks, because that tone of voice says something more than Dean's letting on. "Yeah?" he asks.

Dean grins, that gleam in his eye again. "Yep," he says, sounding proud of himself. "I made a list. Of things to try."

Blue eyes widen. "Another list?"

"A very long, extensive, fun list," Dean confirms, practically glowing with satisfaction, and Castiel can't really find it in himself to mind that much – after all, he is still a guy, with a very healthy sex drive inspired by the best Muse he could ever think of to inspire a sex drive.

"Do you have it with you?" he asks with a sly smile, and Dean nods shyly, biting his lip. "Excellent. As soon as you recover, we shall have a look at it."

This time, when Dean smiles, it's with something softer in his eyes – gratitude, maybe, that Castiel isn't treating him like some non-stop Energizer bunny or something, or for another reason Castiel cannot deduce. "You said you loved me," he whispers after a moment, still smiling.

Castiel blushes. "Yeah. Well, it's true."

"Good," Dean replies, cupping Castiel's face and pressing their lips together once more, before they settle down on the bed, wrapped around each other. "I love you too."

"Yeah," Castiel says, sighing softly and letting himself relax into Dean's body heat. "I know."