Hello everyone… I've got a new story for you…

Summary: Future-Fic/AU. Naomi and Emily have a series of online dates… we'll see where it goes from there?

Shout out to Miss Peg and her story 'Blindsighted', I was inspired to write my own take on online dating, her story is great if you want to check it out! (Mine will focus more on the online aspect then meeting in person… it will eventually happen… but not for awhile…)

Anyway, here goes…

(PS. I'm trying my hardest to make this realistic, doing research on dating websites and their surveys/layout and stuff… right now I'm just using eHarmony as a reference…)

Just a note, the format of this chapter is kind of different, because it's supposed to represent online, so anything in bold, is a filled out answer. (Also, remember, this is all based on their personal opinions of themselves, for example, we all know Naomi is very sexy, but she may not feel that way about herself…)

This is kind of an experiment… I'm not sure if it'll be interesting to read…

Chapter One: Registration - Naomi

Section 1: General Information

1. I am a 'woman' seeking 'women.'

Oh god, that sounds so fucking weird... I'm not fucking 'seeking' women, it's not like they are hidden from me; in fact, they are all over the place… too fucking many too pick from… Not to mention I'm seeking a 'woman' not 'women'. What a critical error for a dating site… I'm not looking for a polygamist relationship. And definitely not a lesbian polygamist relationship… do they even have that shit? Next question…

2. Country: 'United Kingdom'

How amusing, they even have the options of picking out a third-world country. Honestly, I don't see someone in 'Tokelau' using a dating website… even if they could get their hands on a fucking laptop I honestly don't see the realistic possibility of them finding internet access nearby…

3. Birthdate (mm/dd/yy): 11/29/ 1993

How important is your match's age to you, on a scale of 1-7? (1-Not at all, 4- Somewhat, 7-Very important) 6

Normally, I'm not so picky about the technicalities but I'm sure there is an incredible spectrum on this website, and honestly, I don't want to be matched up with some eighty something year old woman having a midlife crisis, or a fifteen year old teenage girl looking for her first kiss… (Not that I think you can be that age to use this website… that can't be legal…) So anyone in their twenties should be good for me, considering I'm twenty-three.

4. What is your current marital status? Never married.

It's a little too soon to be talking about marriage, no? I've only had short-term boyfriends in the past, never finding a spark or motivation for long-term commitment. I haven't even had a girlfriend before. In fact, I'm not even sure I'm gay or bi. I've just struck out with all the boys and I promised a friend I'd try this, (if not in person, at least online), ('this' being, dating girls…), before giving up on romance altogether.

5. Choose the category that best describes your highest level of education. Doctorate.

I'm a lawyer, so I have my Doctorate of Jurisprudence. Took me three years to get it, but it's been accomplished, nevertheless. Occasionally I had thoughts about political science, but I found myself more interested in the 'eventful' stuff. So now I work in the areas of Criminal Justice and Tort Law… Civil Disputes are also interesting…

How important is your match's level of education to you, on a scale of 1-7? (1-Not at all, 4- Somewhat, 7-Very important) 6

My match definitely needs to have graduated college and pursued a career. In my opinion, if you don't pursue something for yourself than you wasteful of time, and I have no interest in someone who is bored wit their lives and clinging to me because they have nothing better to do. I'd like someone who can challenge me, however I wrote a six and not a seven, because I'm not one to like losing an argument, especially because my career is reliant on the fact of winning, so they don't have to be even smarter than me.

6. What is your personal income? 75,000 to 155,000 U.K Pounds

I may not have to, but I live modestly. It's more about the job than the money…I should hope that my match feels the same way. However, I'm told that I'll probably end up spoiling my match despite my normal attitude.

How important is your matches income on a scale of 1-7? (1-Not at all, 4- Somewhat, 7-Very important) 1

It's not about the income, it's about the job. So if you work for a non-profit organization, and you don't have an income, that's fine with me. As long as your rational about it though, I mean, you have to be rational. Don't do something you can't afford to do.

7. How tall are you? 5 ft. 6 in.

No lies. I don't want a match taller than me… but not too short. I think men are generally more attractive as tall and very muscle-y, yet, in a girl I think I'm looking for something that just fits. Someone I can wrap up in my arms, but is still strong enough to hold their own.

8. Please answer the following questions about yourself on a scale of 1-7? (1-Not at all, 4- Somewhat, 7-Very well)

I hate these questions, all about the physical stuff. I don't really like to look in the mirror.

Stylish - 6 I have to dress in nice suits, it's part of my job. If you look shit, then you don't get respect.

Attractive – 4 I don't think I'm ugly… I don't consider myself a 'hottie' either.

Athletic – 2 Oh god no, I hate running, probably because of my smoking habits that I haven't been able to kick…

Overweight- 1 I'm not overweight. Sure I could loose a few… but that's just a bit of comfort cushion. I'm tall enough that it all evens out and gives the illusion I'm narrow.

Plain- 6 This is all about the physical stuff, so I'd have to say I'm plain. I'm more about getting my personality across than my appearance. I'd rather not distract the judge with some radiant haircut than get my important case across.

Healthy- 5 I suppose this goes along with the athleticism. Me, I'm one of those people fighting to raise awareness that it's more about portion size than what you eat. So it's okay to have that bit of sugar, just don't eat the entire box of cookies….

Sexy- 1 Just no. I hardly see myself as sexy. No scratch the 'hardly'. I just don't see it at all.

How satisfied are you with your physical appearance? 6 I'm content. I don't see any need for change. I could always loose a pound or two, but I feel no desire towards drastic changes.

How important is it that your partner be physically attractive? 6 The physicality isn't as important as their personality. It could really go either way, because both the extremely over and under attractive people are insecure. And I really have no interest in someone who feels insecure about themselves. Confidence is physically attractive to me. Some would argue that it's not physical, but to me it is.

Section 2: Personal Characteristics

This thing is fucking thorough…

1. Which of the following religions do you affiliate yourself with? Neither religious, nor spiritual.

Aside from commonly using 'Jesus' as an expression, I do not participate in those types of faith. I don't believe in fate… I believe in science. (But not scientology, mind you and all the celebrities advertising that one…)

2. Please indicate what religion(s) your matches should be affiliated with. No preference.

That's not one-hundred percent true. I don't want to be matched up with someone who is interested in blowing up anyone who disagrees with their belief. I think that as long as my match doesn't have any practices that would be unconventional for me or that I'm forced to partake in, then I don't really care. I have a respect for people who are strong in their faith; however I wouldn't want the person to be offended if I took an occasional laugh at their religion's expense. I have a sarcastic side that occasionally gets the better of me. We'd have to agree to disagree. If that actually could work in a relationship. I'm no expert…

How important is your matches religion or spirituality to you on a scale of 1-7? (1-Not at all, 4- Somewhat, 7-Very important) 2

Section 3: About You

Please indicate how well each of the following statements describe you. There are no "right" or "wrong" answers, so select the answer that most closely describes you on a scale of 1-7? (1-Not at all, 4- Somewhat, 7-Very much)

1. I do things according to plan. 7

If it's the right plan. If it's a shit plan, of an intern, per say, then I'd reform the plan, and then follow it.

2. I take time out for others. 1

This is all based on present time, so, right now, no. I don't have anyone else to take time out for, so there is no need. Well actually, that's wrong. I've taken the day off to sort out this information. So I guess I can say that the first time I've taken time out for someone else is now, in hopes that it will be worth it.

3. I feel unable to deal with things. 1

Um. I'm quite fine actually.

4. I love to help others. 7

As a teenager, I always spent my time during the summer, or after school when I wasn't doing coursework, at volunteer organizations making an effort to help the public in various ways. From protests for unfair tuition costs to going to homeless shelters to help serve food, I've always felt like it makes me a better person.

5. I seek adventure. 6

I like a challenge if that's what adventure means. I've also grown an interest in traveling. However, I only like an adventure if it isn't too far out of my comfort zones.

6. I often leave a mess in my room. 1

No messes. If my match is a mess-maker, it's a deal breaker. Goes hand in hand with the planning bit. Everything has a place and a time, that's how it should be.

7. I often carry the conversation to a higher level. 7

This is a really poorly phrased statement. It could mean a billion different things. I don't raise my voice unless I've been very angered or frustrated. I don't make 'low-stabs' at people… And I don't really fancy small-talk. So I gave it a 7, because I consider having a conversation about making a difference, which I often do, a higher level of conversation.

8. I get stressed out easily. 3

I have a high-stress job, so I'm forced to deal with it everything in a non-stress manor. The only time I get stressed out easily is if I'm pushed out of my comfort zone.

9. I often make others feel good. 7

I win my cases as a lawyer, which tends to make my clients feel good. Makes me feel good. Maybe I'm not feeling as good as I'd like which is why I'm making one last attempt at finding a match.

10. I'm good at analyzing problems. 6

I still think this dating site is poorly written. I mean the way that's written I really only can say, it depends. I'm not very good at analyzing problems in relationships which is why I haven't had any long term ones. I usually break them off because I just no they aren't any good anymore. In the courtroom, my job is to find the flaws in the other persons claim, so in that aspect, I'm a 7, better than good at analyzing problems.

11. I usually stand up for myself. 6

My job is to stand up for other people. But I usually only take cases that are relevant to my personal standards and beliefs, and if there is an ultimate purpose. So I guess that involves standing up for myself. It depends how personal the attack is, and what kind of mood I'm in. No, it depends how strong the attack is. You've got to know when to back down.

Section 4: Descriptions

1. Describe yourself in four adjectives. Articulate, Compassionate, Ambitious, Witty

2. Describe what you'd like most in your match in four adjectives. Affectionate, Clever, Strong, Loyal

3. What kind of relationship are you looking for? Long-term.

Section 5: Terms and Conditions.

Great, so now I just have to agree to this and wait for them to match me up. Better be worth it… Fucking hell… that took hours out of my day…

A/N: That was a bit of an abrupt ending, but I actually was filling out a dating website as I wrote this, and I literally had spent three hours on it so far, and now I'm honestly fucking tired of it, so I stopped and finished it off. Next chapter, I could either do Emily's PoV on all the questions, which could be fun, or I could do their first online meeting…. Depends on your feedback and what not. I hope that wasn't boring…

I did my best to portray Naomi's views on every question and get across what she would be thinking. So far, she seems very career driven. That sounds like the Naomi, I know… But now she's looking for something more I guess.

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