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What one moment can do

The kunai missed Hinata by mere inches. I was already hurrying over to her so I could help her stand when she suddenly jumped on to her feet. She had heard the loud voice calling our names. We both looked back and I saw the big mouthed idiot. I looked next to me and saw that Hinata's face changed from creamy white to dark red. Mine? Well let's say I tried to look happy. I forced a smile upon my face and hoped nobody saw my disappointment but I doubt that somebody would notice. Especially Hinata because when Naruto is around she does not even look at me. Just thinking of that makes me sat.

And thinking about Naruto, the guy can never just shut up. I mean he's always so loud. I can hear better than any other shinobi outside my clan but with him it just isn't necessary. And hey even if I couldn't hear a thing I would still be able to tell it is Naruto. I just have to look at Hinata's face cause she blushes like hell every time she sees Naruto finally reached us, he caught his breath before saying hello to me and the still blushing Hinata.

"Yo Naruto" I said while showing one of my fangs

"Hello Naruto - kun " Hinata greeted shyly and looked to the ground. If it was Shino who was looking at the ground I would say he was counting the bugs he saw but with Hinata, that would not be the reason. She is just too scared to look at Naruto. Luckily I like looking at Hinata, otherwise it would be a big problem if we keep having this much missions together.

"What's going on? " I asked.

"Well Kiba we three have a mission together!"

When I looked at Naruto's face I could tell he hadn't had a mission in a very long time.

"You two have to come with me to granny Tsunade !"

I was about to say something when I heard the tiny voice I love so much. "Oh a mission together with Naruto - kun." Her voice was so close to a whisper that Naruto couldn't comprehend it.

"Eh Hinata did you say something?" he asked loudly.

"No.. no" she said quietly again.

I'm already glad that she doesn't use her old habit with her fingers anymore, now I only have to help her with the blushing.

" Ok let's go to the hokage's office. Hey Naruto what do you think of a little race? The last one there treats on ramen when we're back from the mission ok?"

When those words were just gone from my lips I could only see the back from Naruto and it was getting smaller and smaller and smaller. I could tell that I had a big grin on my face and not a second later I send chakra to my feet and started running to the Hokage's office. I was not going to lose the that foxboy!

When I saw that Naruto was almost at the Hokage's office I quickened my pace. When I was right behind him, he made sure I couldn't pass.

"Kiba I'd like a double portion of ramen!" Naruto said with a grin.

Like hell I would let him win so simple! I let more chakra coming to my feet and started running on the wall. As I went higher I started running faster and saw Naruto's idiotic look when I passed him. With a quick flip over I landed right before him and ran the last sprint to the office.

Like I expected I was the first one to reach the office. I was so happy but not because I had won. Ok maybe a little because of that but hey I don't often have the opportunity to kick his ass. The most important reason however was that Hinata would see me and not him.

But when I was cheering at myself I felt the shivers and turned to the direction of the hallway. I then spotted Hinata but she wasn't doing what I expected her to do. She was standing next to Naruto instead of walking towards me. And when she said the words "Kiba had already trained so he was more prepared then you, I know you will win next time." , those words hurt me to the very core of my heart and I knew I would never be anything more than her teammate. I didn't hear a word of the rest of the conversation, it was like I couldn't comprehend anything. The only thing registered in my mind was that they both walked past me to knock on Tsunade's door, not even throwing a glance at me. I tough I would have been happy to go on a mission with Hinata but now I feel like going home and stare at my ceiling for a long time.

When I looked back at Naruto and Hinata, I saw that they were waiting for me at the door of the Hokage's office. But actually I didn't feel much like going on a mission after the incident a couple of minutes ago.

Naruto knocked on the door when I was standing next to them. We entered the office when Lady Tsunade called us in.

"Tell me Granny Tsunade, what is our mission, I can't wait to leave!" Naruto said enthusiastically.

"Kiba, Hinata, Naruto the three of you will go to the land of the clouds where you will have to find a missing nin named Ikata and you have to bring him to me unharmed."

When The Hokage said the last words, it was in a very demanding tone and still I dared to ask if it was that important to make sure we didn't harm the ninja.

"But how are we supposed to take him prisoner if we can't fight or harm him?"

When I had said that she hit her fist on the table and we heard a loud, big crack.

"Kiba when I say he has to be unharmed I mean it! You heard me?"

"Yes Hokage sama "

I could feel the sweat dripping off my face. I'll remember not to oppose her next time. I don't want to end like that table.

"Now are there any more questions?"

Hinata and I were still shocked that she had broken her own table so we just shook no because we couldn't find our voice on time.

" OK then! Naruto…" She said while letting her head rest on her hands.

"Yes" answered Naruto in his usually amused tone.

"You will become the team leader this time so I will give you the mission scroll. This is your first mission as team leader so I don't accept a failure. You three can go home now to pack your stuff and you will be heading out in two hours."

Oh no! Why does Naruto had to be the mission leader? I can handle listening to Shikamaru and Shino but not to him! He never thinks before taking action. Man my mood just went from bad to worse. I starting to hate that mission. I strolled out of the office and saw that Naruto was already running to his house. I was just about to leave when Hinata started to speak to me.

" It has been a long time since we had this kind of mission. I'm really happy about it, especially now Naruto will join us."

She whispered the last part so that I couldn't hear it. But with my perfect hearing I heard the last part perfectly.

" Yeah it has been a long time since you has a mission with Naruto. " I said will trying to put a smile on my face.

Hinata became red really fast " I didn't think you would have heard that."

" Hinata, you know I hear better than every other shinobi so way are you still surprised about that fact? " I said with a sigh.

"Sorry Kiba – kun, I always forget it when we are just talking and not ..."

I didn't even let her finish her sentence and ran to my house, while running I screamed goodbye to her.

This time it was Hinata that was stunned when Kiba just left without listening to her, he always listens to her. She started to think about what just happened …

"Was it just me or did his voice sounded sad in a way" I said to no one in practically.

He never leaves without listening to me. Maybe something is wrong, I will ask him about it later. I walked away from the hokage's office to go home and pack my things. The entire way to my home I had a big smile on my face. " I can't wait to have a mission together with Naruto – kun ! "

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