What one moment can do: chapter 2

Kiba's POV

When I came home, I started packing my things for the mission. Suddenly I heard the door of my room go open and saw Akamaru walking in. He immediately jumped on my bed and stared at me with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

" Hey boy, we have a mission! I'm getting ready to leave. I am happy that you are home, now I don't have to go out and look for you."

It was like Akamaru could hear in my tone that I wasn't happy about the mission. He jumped on me and started to lick my face. Normally I would try to push him off, but I just didn't feel like it this time. When he saw I didn't reacted he looked at me questionably.

"I'm sorry boy but I am not in the mood. I know I should be happy because we have a mission, especially because it is one with Hinata. But Naruto will also join us. Hinata will ignore me again. *Sigh!* I know it, she doesn't know she's doing it but it still sucks."

I knew Akamaru felt sorry for me because he laid his head on my chest.

"It's all right boy" I said in a reassuring tone.

"OK, we have to get ready for the mission and hey, we can't let Hinata wait."

I pushed Akamaru away and started packing again. When I was ready we made our way to the village gate.

When we arrived at the village gate Hinata and Naruto weren't there yet. So I went to the wall and sat down against it. I was looking at the sky but when I smelt lavender, I looked straight before me. I pushed myself up from the wall and Akamaru also stood up.

" Hey Hinata, ready for the mission? " I said while my fang blinked in the sun.

" Yes, I can't wait to get going"

I thought her smile couldn't get any bigger than it already was, but I didn't mind, she is cute when she smiles.

" It has been a long time since we had this kind of mission together or am I wrong?"

I didn't get an answer so I called her name. When she still didn't react I looked at the direction she was looking in and yes of course there was the yellow knucklehead.

" Of course she would not answer my question she is busy with watching her Naruto – kun." I whispered.

My eyes fell on the ground and my shoulders dropped, I couldn't watch her anymore. Then I felt something wet on my hands and looked at it. I saw Akamaru barking at me at moving his tail. I petted his head and said to him " As long as she is happy I am happy, don't worry. Ok boy?"

Naruto was finally at the gate and greeted the both of us. He turned to me, smiled and said.

" Hey Kiba, will you be a good boy on the mission and listen to your leader. "

I made a fist with my hands to hit him but I could restrain myself from doing so. I don't want Hinata to be mad at me. I then saw Akamaru slowly walking behind Naruto. I saw his teeth and I knew he was going to bite Naruto in the ass. I had to do something fast otherwise Hinata would be mad at me for not stopping Akamaru. Think Kiba! Think!

Ok what I am about to say is so old school but hey it will work on Naruto.

" Look Naruto they are giving ramen away for free"!

When Naruto was looking away, I quickly ran to him and pushed Akamaru out off the way before he would bite in his ass. I gave a slight knock on my dogs head. I kneeled down and whispered in his ears that if he does something like that again I will make sure he doesn't get any treats anymore.

" Where is the ramen Kiba, I don't see anything"

Men he really is stupid!

" Oh sorry must have been my imagination." I said while standing up again. I saw that Hinata was smiling. At least she is not as dumb as he is.

"Now are we going to leave or what, leader? Or are you not man enough to be the leader, I will gladly take it over from you." I said with a smirk on my face

"No, lets head out! And Kiba I'm the leader, so you must listen to me!"

I could hear the anger in Naruto's voice. He and Akamaru jumped in the treetops close to our village and when I was about to do the same Hinata grabbed my arm to keep me from jumping. I turned around to look at her and saw she was blushing and looking at the ground. I was about to ask what was wrong until I heard her speak.

" Kiba – kun I have a favor to ask of you "

"Yeah what is it Hinata? You know you can ask my anything." I said whit a seducing tone. Hinata became even more red then before when I said it in that kind of voice.

"Wow I didn't know you could become even more red." I said with a big smirk on my face.

"Kiba – kun don't tease me like that."

I wish it could always be like this, I like these moments with her. The moments she is blushing because of me and not because of that foxboy.

" I' am sorry Hinata but you just asked for it. Now what was it that you wanted to ask me?"

"Well it has been a long time since Naruto and I had a mission together and I wanted to ask of you that you won't protect me as much as you normally do on a mission."

"What? Why ?"

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard that. Does she want to get hurt or what? I just stood there waiting until she gave me a proper answer for her strange question.

" Because I have been training a lot with you I have improved. I just want to show to Naruto how strong I have become. And I can't show that to him if you keep protecting me. I hope this way he will finally see that I am not just a shy girl but that I am a great kinochi."

I was staring at her, I could not believe what she just said. She asked me to risk her getting hurt just because she wants to prove to that baka that she is strong. But what I thought was completely different from what I said to her.

"Of course Hinata, if that is what you want. You are strong so you don't need me anymore."

I wished I didn't had said those words. I will try to let her go but I don't know if I will remember this promise in the heat of battle. I will let her shine but when there is even the slightest hint of her getting hurt I will go and save her even if I promised not to.

"Thanks Kiba –kun, I knew I could count on you."

Hinata slowly walked to me and I looked curiously at her. I then felt her arms around me and she pulls me in a hug. She whispered thanks in my ear. When I felt her breath on my skin I felt a chill go up my spine as well as my cheeks warming up. She then let me go and started running to the three where Naruto and Akamaru were waiting for us.

I stood there stunned and surprised, I never saw her giving somebody a hug. I feel honored that I got one. I hope I get a hug more often. But then my happiness suddenly changed because I realized why she gave that hug. She did it because she was grateful she could finally show Naruto how strong she is.

Man, she must really love him if she even hugs me for that. I then looked back at Hinata and started following her to Naruto and Akamaru. While I followed her I was looking at her hair. That was something I always liked about her. Her hair is so different than others and I think it is something that makes her unique.

When we both reached Naruto and Akamaru, Naruto gave the sign to haste forward. I hate it that I have to listen to Naruto but I don't have another choice. I don't want The Hokage to crush my head instead of a table. Oh well I will just do my best and hope that the mission will be over quickly.

Authors note

Wow Hinata that gives a hug, I have never seen that before. But hey for everything there is a first time.

I know I said that this chapter would contain that something would happen to Hinata but because of my exams I don't have enough time to do it. But after my exams I will write it as quickly as I can.

Thank you for the reviews. Fanwoman I know I listed my story by Romance/humor. But maybe you are right, maybe it is better to change it if I think about it. But there are still moments which I think are funny so please keep reading.

Thank you for reading and please review.

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