Sam and Freddie walked over to check on Spencer. When Sam and Freddie opened the door they were surprised to find that Spencer was running from the kitchen table that had a sculpture on the table of what looked like cement in the shape of a Mount Rushmore cover in glitter. Only instead of the presidents it was of the iCarly cast (Gibby too), another sculpture of neon light signs that say Open spelling Closed by the window, and giant belt buckle made of smaller belt buckles sitting on the living room coffee table. Spencer was moving a million miles an hour running from one to the next.

He seemed to be covered in pink goo with it from head to toe. A pot on the stove was belching flames, not out of control which was a suspiring to them. As he ran to his belt buckle sculpture for the 3rd time since the pair were standing there he finally noticed them. "Hey guys how is everything, where's Carly, Check out my new sculptures, watch out for the clam chowder it lies…" Spencer just kept talking as he ran around the room no longer paying attention to the pair.

Sam and Freddie looked at each other and nodded with an unspoken understanding of what to do between them. Freddie ran over to the kitchen stove while Sam went over by the couch waiting for Spencer to pass by. Freddie found the fire blanket; he turned off all the burners and dropped it over the pot smothering the flames under it. Sam waited for Spencer to come back around by the couch. When he did she grabbed him by the arm and tripped him onto the couch. Spencer got right back up and kept going.

Sam looked around finding a roll of duct tape on the floor and when Spencer came back around Sam repeated what she did only this time she used the tape to tie his legs and hands. Spencer just started shouting random things long and loud. "Do something!" Freddie shouted over Spencer. Sam ran to the kitchen and grabbed a dish towel and ran back. She shoved it in his mouth and then put a piece of tap over his mouth holding it in place. "Now what do we do?" Freddie asked.

"How should I know?" Sam shouted back. Freddie and Sam started arguing back and forth all the while holding Spencer down. Sam was getting frustrated and so she decided to solve the problem with violence. "Hold him." She commanded Freddie. She ran back to the kitchen and grabbed an orange, took aim, and fast balled it right into Spencer's head. He went down on the couch. "Boom-Ba!" Sam cheered raising her hands to the ceiling. Spencer looked to be calmed down he was sitting up. "Ow ow ow ow!" Spencer groaned through the towl and tape.

"You done acting all crazy there Spencer?" Sam asked pulling the gag off.

"Ouch! Why did you pelt me with citrusy fruit?" Spencer complained. "Get me out of this please." As they helped Spencer get out of the tape Carly ran in the door. The moment she was in side she ran to the first person she saw which was Spencer. She cried hard into his stomach not caring about the pink goo and started to shake as she held on to him. It was really shocking for them all to see. She was obviously really shook up about something.

"Shhhhhh Shhhhhhh! What happened kid-O?" Spencer tried to fine out what was going on. Carly just kept crying. "Carls what's the matter? Did someone hurt you? Who was it they will be eating from a tube in there neck if..." Sam was getting worked up. Freddie put his hands on Sam's shoulders to calm her down. Carly stopped crying let go of Spencer and she hugs herself. It takes a few moments for her to calm down but eventually she calms down enough to tell them what happened. "I was walking home from the Vet office were I dropped off that hurt Pigeon. On my way back after, I texted you guys, this guy comes from behind me and grabbed my arm. He would not let go, his eyes were all cloudy, and it looked like he was trying to bite me. I kicked him as hard as I could and then ran all the way here." Carly sat on the couch and Sam came over to her and hugged her.

"I'll call the police and tell them someone attacked you. Do you think that you can describe him to the police so they can find him?" Spencer walked over to the phone and started to dial 9-1-1. "Um Sam you have blood all over your back!" Freddie said with some fear in his voice. Sam looked behind her and pulled her shirt out to see and sure enough there was blood all the back of Sam's shirt. She and Carly searched for were the source of blood was coming from. Carly was checking all over till Sam grabbed Carly's wrist pulling it out. Carly screamed when she saw her left arm. A bite mark was on her forearm bleeding badly.

Spencer dropped the phone at the scream. Freddie ran to the kitten and grabbed a clean dish towel. He tossed it to Sam who quickly wrapped it around Carly's arm. Freddie then went to get the First-Aid kit. He quickly and ran over to inspect Carly's arm "Shhh Shhhh! It's ok Carly calm down I'll get this taken care of. Spencer tried to sooth and calm her down. He looked at the wound then ran back to the phone and picked it up. "Sorry about that. Yeah and you can add assault to the guy that did this I'm looking at my sisters arm with a bite on it that he gave her. Uh-huh, yeah, ok, Seattle Union Hospital, ok thanks." Spencer hung up the phone.

"Guys we need to get to the hospital fast!" Freddie came back with the First-Aid kit. He helped temporarily bandage Carly's arm. "What was that about Seattle Union Hospital Spencer?" Freddie asked. "Were going to take Carly there the operator told me that she will send an officer there to question Carly and she should have her wound looked at and get her blood tested. Don't worry I'm sure it's nothing lets go." He ushered them to the door and down to his car. In side his head Spencer was going nuts. He was trying not to thinking of all the diseases she could have gotten.

Right now though he needed to be strong and not freak out the kids even more. He drove fast but carefully to the hospital. He never would have thought that his little sister would be attacked by some psycho. The way the 9-1-1 operator said test could not be good either. What if she did have something incurable, Carly's life would be ruined. He did not want to think about it so he kept driving. In the back seat Sam sat next to Carly who was holding her arm and staring out the window at nothing. Tears were silently dripping down her face.

Carly's face suddenly paled. "I'm not feeling too good." Carly complained. Freddie looked to the back seat and immediately noticed her color and the way she sounded. She then leaned forward and puked all over the floor. Sam franticly pulled Carly's hair back so she did not get any in it. This was bad Carly could have any number of things that could make her sick like that. Carly broke out in a cold sweat. "Hang in there kid-O were almost there!"

They pulled into the emergency parking lot and quickly walked into the reception area. Carly was moving very sluggish and kept wrenching having nothing left to expel. The kids went and sat down while Spencer talked to the emergency room reception nurse. When she heard that Carly was bitten and her symptoms her eyes widened. She typed fast then gave Spencer some paper work to fill out, then a bracelet to put it on Carly, and then got up and talked to another nurse. The other nurse's eyes also widened then she ran off.

Spencer put the patient bracelet on Carly's uninjured wrist. No sooner than he did that the door opened and they called Carly's name. They all got up to go but the nurse said only family for now. They ushered Carly to a bed and that's when all Hell broke loose. A doctor, two nurses, and two orderly came over and strapped Carly to the bed and then started to wheel her off. Spencer freaked. "What are you doing? Where are you taking her?" Spencer was trying to fight his way to his sister. The two big orderlies ran up and grabbed him and wrested him to the ground.

The officer that was supposed to meet Spencer and Carly was out in the waiting area with Sam and Freddie asking them some basic questions. They did not have much information that he did not already know from dispatch. The two orderlies brought Spencer back out to the waiting area. There was a commotion as they pushed him onto one of the seat a little ways away from the group. "A doctor will let you know the condition of your sister as soon as he runs his tests." One of the orderlies told Spencer none too gently. The two teens walked over to the Spencer with the officer. "You ok Sir? And why are you covered in pink goo?" The officer asked.

"Never mind the pink goo! No I am not ok my little sister was attacked while walking home from the Vet's office. And now the Hospital took her to get tests and they won't tell me were they took her or are doing." Spencer sounded defeated. "I understand Sir. I was talking to her friends here can you tell me what you know please." The officer pulled out a note pad and a pen again and started to write down what he had been told.

"Her attacker was male. She told me he grabbed her and pulled her towards him and bit her left wrist on the inside. When she got home she was shaken up and crying saying a man tried to bite her but she did not know about actually being bitten. When she hugged Sam (he motioned with his hand Sam and Freddie standing nearby to her), Freddie noticed there was blood on Sam's shirt." Sam stood up showed the officer her back. There was a streak of blood near the small of her back. Spencer recounted the rest of what he knew. Told the officer where the Vet office was and anything else they could add.

"Thank you for the information Sir. I'll call dispatch to send a patrol car to the area and see about any strange activity. I will stay here and wait to see if your sister can give a description of the perpetrator as soon the doctors give the all clear." The officer stepped away to radio police dispatch. Spencer turned to Sam and Freddie. "I'm going to go see if I can talk to a doctor about Carly." Spencer got up and walked up to the reception nurse again. Freddie turned to Sam. "I wonder why they did that to Carly and won't tell us anything." Freddie looked so worried.

Sam was worried also but she thought of something a little more proactive then sitting on her butt. "Think you can help in distracting the staff while I sneak a visitors badge and see where they took Carly?" Sam had that glint in her eye that she was aiming to misbehave. "Yeah I'll help. What should I do?" Freddie got up. "See that nurse's coffee on the counter? Go and make Spencer knock it over." Freddie gave Sam a quick kiss on the check and went up to where Spencer was talking to the receptionist.

Sam was a little surprised by Freddie but quickly followed a few feet behind. Freddie walked up behind Spencer waiting for the perfect moment. He was not getting any information and getting frustrated. He was bumped from behind and sent the coffee all over the nurse. "Spencer, Mama I am so sorry about that." Freddie apologized. Sam snuck behind the counter and pulled one of the yellow visitors badge off the desk. She gave Freddie a thumb's up and then snuck off.

She snuck to the next area were there was a gridded white board with names of patients and there room or location. Carly was not on the main white board. Instead she was at the top of the list of a small board near the floor. Quarantine Sam's stomach did a flip. Carly was in some serious chiz to be in Quarantine. It took Sam a moment to compose herself. She needed to find the Quarantine area with Calry. She checked an emergency exit map and found the general area so she walked with as much confidence as someone who should be there could. As she rounded the corner she saw two armed National Guard soldiers standing by were Carly was being held.

She ducked behind the corner when her phone vibrated indicating a text message.

To Sam: Spencer and I almost got thrown out. He also called his father. Have you found where Carly is yet?

To Freddie: I think so she is in Quarantine and there are two soldiers guarding it.

To Sam: What! Carly is in Quarantine! How are you going to get to her?

To Freddie: I have an idea.


To Freddie: Ok fine I won't. You're such a girl Fredwart. I have another idea then. Now mama needs to work.

Sam put her phone on vibrate and walked up to the soldiers. They blocked the door. "This area is under quarantine no visitors allowed." Sam looked the soldier that talked up and down. "What's your name soldier?" Sam asked. He looked at his partner then back at Sam. "Private Priceton. Now please head back to your family or guardian." The soldier answered. "Well Private Priceton my father is Colonel Steven Shay of the U.S. Air Force and my sister is in there. And since my father is currently station out in the Pacific, currently on his way here with emergency leave I am here to see if she is ok.

Both soldiers looked at each other again. They have heard the name of her "father" but were unsure what to do. "We still can't let you in Miss Shay." Priceton answered. "Privet I will get my father to get your commanding officer to give you both the most menial and trivial tasks there are every day for the rest of your service time unless you let me in." Sam got really dark as threatened them. Priceton looked to his fellow officer his face white.

He responded with a shrug. They both put there hand on there ears, receiving a radio transmission. "Yes sir where on our way." Both soldiers just left. "That was convenient." Sam thought. She went up to the door and turned the handle. "Locked, well that won't stop mama." She reached into her hair and pulled out her bobby pins. She was just about to start working on the lock when. "Think we have enough time to let me time you?" Freddie said from beside her. Sam nearly jumped out of her skin. She instantly turned to the source and proceeded to start punching.

"Ow!, Ow!, Ow!, Ow!, Sam please Owww! Freddie put his hands up to try and ward off as many punches as he could but fell on his butt. Sam stopped when she saw him fall. "Geez nub what were you thinking sneaking up on me like that. You're lucky I did not rip your arm off." Sam slid her hand through her hair blowing out a sigh. Sam helped him off the ground. "How did you get a visitors badge anyway?" Sam asked as he brushed himself off.

"When I found out Carly was in Quarantine I told Spencer and he flipped out. The nurse was about to call the police. Then there was some kind of disturbance at the front of the hospital and all these cops and soldiers ran out to stop it." Freddie explained. Sam started to work on the lock. "How is Spencer?" Sam asked as she worked on the lock. Freddie was keeping an out down the halls. "I think they threatened to sedate him if he did not calm down. He is still in the waiting room. I told him I would find you and see what's going on with Carly." Freddie explained.

Sam was having a hard time with the lock. This was as hard as the lock that Miss Benson put on there apartment. Still though Sam has picked that lock before, she just never let Freddie know. "Almost got it." Sam said just as the lock clicked open. She pushed the door open leading to a scrubbing room with rubber suites hanging up. "Someone is coming! Quick get in!" Freddie yelled pushing Sam in. He quickly shut the door. He looked around and walked to the rubber suits.

Sam walked over to the sink and then to the window that was looking into what she assumed was one of the quarantine rooms. When she saw what was inside she froze unable to make a sound. "So should we scrub up or do you think we should just go in, get Carly, and get out?" Freddie asked. Sam was not paying attention she was staring into a window. "Sam, Sam, Sam! Hey you ok?" Freddie questioned. He turned around and walked over to Sam. "What's so interesting?" Freddie asked concerned. "Carly." Was the simple response from Sam.

Freddie looked through the window as well. Carly was on a bed, in a hospital gown, her hands and legs were bound to the bed, wearing a bite guard, and she was struggling against the bindings. Her wrists and legs were red and raw. She looked to be screaming and yelling in pain but the room was sound proof. Then she just as quick as Sam pointed what was happening to her Carly went limp.