Hey there =D This is a two-chapter short story, a small insight into a possible night with Hiroki and Nowaki. Please read and review, telling me whether you want Nowaki to lie or tell the truth ; ) Hope you enjoy, please tell me what you think! There shall be lemon!

Hiroki looked over at Nowaki with heavily lidded eyes, the blae gloom of night limpid by the moon and sinking into their bedroom, darker by every second.

"You think I don't love you?"

Nowaki blinked and reached out to touch Hiroki's leg in denial and comfort.

"N-no, Hiro-san, I-"

"You what? Assumed because I don't want to have rampant, rabbit sex at any available opportunity that I'm not head over heels for you?"

"Well… couples I know seem to do it so much more-"

"Often? Seriously? You know people who do it when they wake up, then in the shower, then on the breakfast counter then at the door then possibly at lunch when visiting one another at work, then at home, then before going to sleep… sometimes, even during? You know people like this?"

Nowaki swallowed, wide eyed and scratched the back of his head. Trying very hard not to be hypocritically turned on by the flex of Nowaki's muscles, now cast in a shady pale glow, Hiroki raised his eyebrows, daring Nowaki to lie.

Nowaki had a tough decision to make.

Either, he could lie to his partner and say that yes, he did in fact know such unbelievably energetic and horny people. This fabrication would, no doubt, provoke Hiroki's competitive side and would therefore goad him into shagging Nowaki senseless just to prove how awesome he was (as though Nowaki needed any more proof).

Or, Nowaki could tell the truth and say that he'd only brought up the 'Hiro-do-you-actually-really-love-me', puppy-eyed fallback because he really, desperately needed more Hiro-san love… which would doubtless render him so very cutely speechless, giving Nowaki the chance the seduce him with one sweep of his finger across Hiroki's uniquely sensitive abdomen.

"Well?" Hiroki pressed. Nowaki looked over his slim, toned features, at his ruffled brown hair and glossy brown eyes. The white sheets were rumpled about his lap, leaving Nowaki a tantalising view of the contour of his hip… leading downward… and lower… and- "Nowaki! Answer me!"

Nowaki looked up, drumroll in his head. Truth, lie, truth, lie, truth, lie…

"Well…" Nowaki began.

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