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Chapter 3


A light shower had started over O'ahu. The once bright and cloudless skies had filled with light gray clouds that were now unleashing their bounty of replenishing rain over the island. The rain lightly drummed against the bedroom window, the only noise in an otherwise almost deathly silent bedroom. Two sets of clothing lay strewn haphazardly by the foot of the bed. A dark T-shirt and dark green cargo shorts mingled with a light gray button-up shirt and dark blue jeans. These articles of clothing had long been forgotten by their respective owners several hours earlier when they had first stumbled into the room. Before, the bedroom had been filled with the desperate noises of fiery passion, but now there was only the sound of light raindrops against the glass panes of the bedroom windows.

A soft sigh escaped past Danny's lips as he lay on his side with the white linen bedsheets draped low over his hip and gazed at the sleeping face of his partner, best friend, and as of today, unexpected lover. Though he was sleeping, Steve's countenance was anything but peaceful. Steve's face was pale, and there were dark circles under his eyes that looked more like bruises. He looked haggard and worn out, and the fact that he was sleeping did absolutely nothing to improve his unhealthy appearance.

Danny frowned in unhappiness as he continued to gaze at Steve. The detective from Jersey had a feeling that the only reason his partner was laying across from him asleep was because of the copious amounts of he had guzzled down and what had happened between then today had wiped out whatever reserves of energy Steve had been using to function with. Danny had a sinking suspicion that right now was probably the most sleep Steve had gotten in days. The very thought had Danny wondering yet again just what kind of Hell Steve had gone through over the last few days, that he was still going through now.

Danny let out another sigh as his eyes silently racked over Steve's sleeping form. Steve's lips were reddened and light bruised from all of the desperate kisses they had shared. More bruises littered the man's neck and shoulders, and Danny felt a twinge of guilt go through him because he had been the one to put them there over Steve's skin. Danny felt the heat of slight embarrassment at his own overzealous participation in what had transpired between them. Danny could feel the remnants of Steve's attention on his own skin and it had the corner of his lip quirking upwards for a moment before his face once again grew serious.

What the Hell had happened? When Danny had come to Steve's house wanting to talk to his friend and ease the agony he was in, he had never thought that this would be where they would end up, laying in Steve's bed spent, in so many ways that just one. Danny was surprised by how calm he was as he lay there next to Steve. Danny was sure that any other day, if it had been with some other guy, he would have gone off the rails and freaked out to epic proportions. But this was Steve he was with, and for some reason Danny just didn't feel ashamed or disgusted by this. Danny did feel very unsure as to what would happen now though. Boundaries had been broken, and he and Steve's relationship was no longer the same as it was before today.

Danny considered Steve to be his best friend, and now that the euphoria had faded, Danny felt anxiety starting to course through his veins as he wondered how Steve was going to react when he woke up. Seeing as to how Steve was a highly trained Navy SEAL, Danny wondered if he had reason to fear for his very life. Danny knew that he was probably blowing things out of proportion in his mind about how Steve was going to react when he woke up, but knowing Steve the scenario was a possibility.

Danny quickly shook his head of these depressing thought and instead gathered his nerve for what he intended to do next. Taking in a deep breath, Danny slowly raised his hand and reached out towards a sleeping Steve. Not wanting to experience the Navy SEAL's ninja like reflexes like he had that day they had first met, Danny kept his movement slow but steady. Danny unconsciously held his breathe and he lightly rested his hand over the side of Steve's neck.

Danny felt a small surge of relief when his touch did not serve to rouse Steve from his slumber. Feeling somewhat emboldened, Danny curved his hand slightly and minutely exerted a little more pressure against Steve's neck. Danny's expression turned into one of sadness at he lightly grazed the pad of his thumb across the soft skin just below the hinge of Steve's jaw. Danny let out a shaky breath as he felt the back of his eyes start to burn, the fresh, nightmarish memories of what Steve had revealed to him today assaulting him like a raging flood. Danny couldn't begin to understand just what kind of agony Steve was in, and the very thought what it would have been like if something like this had happened between him and Rachel when they'd found out they were having Grace made Danny's stomach roll.

Though he didn't really regret what had happened between him and Steve, Danny did understand that it had not been the best course of action in helping Steve either.

Danny let out a light huff and quickly shook himself of his thoughts. The right way to act and help Steve could come later, when the man was actually awake. For now Danny thought it best to bask in the calm before the possible storm that might erupt when Steve did wake up and realize what had happened between them.

With this in mind, Danny let out a deep breath and let his eyes fall shut. Within moments he was drifting off and joining Steve in sleep with his hand still resting over the side of the other man's neck.

About and hour and a half later...

Hazel-green eyes slowly fluttered open and blinked as Steve McGarrett returned to consciousness with a low groan. As he blinked the bleariness from his eyes, Steve winced as a dull twinge of pain bounced through his skull. When his vision cleared, the first thing the came into view was the bedroom ceiling painted a light orange hue from the even sun slowly descending toward the horizon, signalling the incoming end of the day. The light rain had rapidly cleared up, leaving only clear skies in its wake.

Steve blinked his eyes with deliberate slowness as he regained his bearings. He was in his bedroom, laying on his back on his bed, and it was evening. At first the day was a bit of a blur, but then the memories of what had happened soon came flooding back.

He had been completely and totally miserable for days, and after his swim today he had gone off the rails and started polishing off his father's old bottle of whiskey. Steve would have gladly just spend the whole day drinking the whiskey, but then Danny had showed up and...

Steve's eyes grew wide, almost to the size of dinner plates as the memories of what had happened between them soon flooded his mind. Steve was about to lose it, like go off the wall crazy lose it, but then he felt this warmth against his collarbone. Confused, Steve craned his neck so that he could look down as much as he could at his own chest. Steve felt his heart slam to a dead stop inside his chest when it dawned on him that there was a hand resting over his collarbone. Naturally, this hand was attached to something or rather someone. Steve's hazel-green eyes slowly traveled from what he could see of the hand, to the tan, defined arm it was attached to, and finally come to rest on the person the entire appendage belonged to.

Steve let out a shaky breath as he stared at the sleeping face of his partner and best friend. It was confirmation beyond a doubt that what had happened today had not been some alcohol induced hallucination. This was real, he and Danny were actually laying in his bed together stark naked and sporting the aches and pains that came with the near violent intimacy they had partaken in together.

" Oh my God." Thought Steve as he gazed at the sleeping face of his partner and best friend.

Though he was laying perfectly still outwardly, inwardly Steve McGarrett was honest to God freaking out in a very un-SEAL-like manner. Naturally who would not feel this way given the situation? However, unlike most others, Steve did not go flying out of bed screaming bloody murder at the top of his lungs. Instead Steve forced himself to gradually calm down somewhat while he continued to gaze at Danny.

Danny looked almost serene, if a little worn out himself. Steve's eyes traveled from Danny's face to his neck, where they stopped at a rather prominent dark purple bruise over the place where Danny's pulse was. It was one of many in fact. Steve felt his lips twitch for a moment despite himself as he realized that he had left all of these bruises, frigging hickeys, all over his partner's neck.

The humor was short-lived though as Steve continued his visual assessment of his partner's sleeping form. Danny's neck was to the only part of him that bore the marks of what had transpired between them. The blond's chest was littered with more suction bruises and what Steve realized were a few bite marks here and there as well. Steve blinked owlishly as he felt like his entire body was under this phantom, crushing weight. Breathing was fast becoming very difficult to do. Steve's instincts were screaming at him to yell, kick, or just do something, anything, but it was like Steve's mind and body were no longer connected. For Steve it was like he body had suddenly turned to lead.

Several agonizingly slow moments passed with Steve caught in this silent sort of limbo. Then using sheer will alone, Steve seemed to finally break through the paralysis. With as much gentleness and care as he could manage, Steve slowly reached up and wrapped his fingers around the wrist of the hand Danny had resting over his collarbone. Steve gently lifted the appendage away, immediately feeling the loss of its warmth from his skin. Steve gently maneuvered himself so that he could gently set Danny's hand down of the mattress and smoothly get up form the bed himself.

Steve was infinitely glad that Danny had remained asleep throughout this whole, delicate operation. Steve stood by the side of the bed and looked down at his bed's still sleeping occupant. A plethora of emotions to numerous to name flooded Steve as he gazed at Danny. Then Steve noticed that the bedsheets had ridden down dangerously low from Danny's waist. Without thinking, Steve reached down and gripped the hem of the sheets with his fingers and pulled them up in one smooth motion, covering Danny up.

Steve drew back quickly though after he'd done this. The was act too new, too intimate for Steve to deal with objectively. With a final, lingering look at his sleeping partner, Steve turned and walked out of the room as quickly as he could without making too much noise. He felt only the slightest twinge of embarrassment over the fact that he was nude as the day he was born while he did this. Steve headed straight for the bathroom down the hall, a shower was most definitely in order. Steve was so focused on making a hasty exit, that he failed to see the half-open blue eyes that watched him as he walked, until he had stepped through the door to the bathroom and shut it behind him.

Once he was inside the bathroom, Steve stood before the mirror that hung over the sink. As he gazed at his own reflection, Steve discovered that Danny could give just as good as he got if the bruises and bite marks that littered Steve's own neck and chest were anything to go on. As he stood there, more memories flooded Steve's mind. He remembered the way it had felt with Danny, the pure ecstasy of it. Steve remembered everything from Danny's teeth against his skin, how Danny's lips had felt against his own, to how the slighter man's hands had been molten hot over his skin. Steve could have lost himself in the memories, but he abruptly snapped back to the present as he felt his stomach do a violent roll.

Steve knew that this was not out of disgust over the fact that he had somehow ended up sleeping with his very male best friend, in all honesty Steve didn't really have a clear sense of what to feel about that really. No, the reason Steve's stomach was now violent churning and wrenching was all the whiskey he had consumed prior to Danny's arrival. Steve had barely eaten anything today to begin with, and a more or less empty stomach and the consumption of so much strong liquor was proving to be a combination that Steve's stomach was violently opposed to.

With a small groan Steve all but lunged for the toilet, falling to his knees and bowing over the toilet bowl just as his stomach violently released its contents.

Steve regurgitated up the rancid mix of whiskey and bile until there was nothing left to come out. Steve dry heaved a couple of timed before he let out another groan and blindly reached out to flush the toilet and get rid of its nasty contents. Steve let out another soft groan and just stayed where he knelt. Steve was so out of it that he nearly jumped out of his skin when he felt a warm, familiar hand gently rest over his hunched shoulder. Steve looked up and found himself staring at the concerned face of his Williams stood over his kneeling partner with one of Steve's bedsheets wrapped firmly around his waist. Had Steve's head not been killing him at the moment, he would've found Danny's modesty almost laugh-out-loud worthy.

" Are you alright Steve?" Danny asked as he silently assessed his partner.

Steve blinked owlishly at Danny before he took a deep breath and spoke.

" Don't you think that's kinda a loaded question Danno?"

" I know that, believe me I know, but I'm asking you anyway." Danny said with a light shrug and a small, warm smile directed Steve's way.

Steve felt the corner of his own mouth quirk up in a half-smile despite himself as he pushed himself up onto his feet, swaying only for a split second. Steve and Danny stood facing each other with neither man saying a word for the longest time before Danny finally spoke.

" Will it weird you out if we shower together?" He asked, with the barest hint of a challenge in his tone. It was Steve's silent way of masking how nervous and unsure he actually was feeling at the moment.

Steve blinked for a moment at the question, feeling stunned for only a moment before Danny's tone registered to him. Astonishment quickly fled, replaced with a sort of stubborn determination mixed with a slight eagerness that was completely new to Steve.

" Danny, after everything that's happened between us today, a shower not only doesn't weird me out, it actually sounds almost heavenly." Steve smirked.

" So why don't you lose the skirt?" Steve challenged back.

Danny sputtered in surprise at Steve unexpected cheekiness, but it ended with a breathless laugh before he rose to the challenge Steve had set forth and lost the 'skirt' as Steve called it.

About half an hour later...

Steve and Danny, both freshly showered and dressed, came down the main staircase of Steve's house. Both men had tried to out up the bravado of being non-chalant about the whole shower thing. It wasn't like either of them had never showered in the presence of other males in their whole lives before. But then again, neither of them had gone so far as to sleep with any of those males before the shower either. As far as experiences went, Steve had to admit that it had not been the most awkward incident he had ever had to live through, nor had it been the most unpleasant thing either.

In all honesty, the best way to describe how Steve was feeling was confused, completely and totally confused. Danny himself was fairing no better that Steve was about the whole thing. He knew that he was probably going to go and have a massive freak-out later, perhaps in the privacy of his tiny apartment, but at the moment Danny focused was honed in on getting some food into his partner who had just about vomited his insides up not even an hour earlier.

When the pair reached the first floor of Steve's home, Danny reached out and gently grasped one of Steve's wrists, bringing the Navy SEAL to a halt. Steve slowly turned and silently eyes his partner, a question conveyed in his gaze.

" You go outside and get some fresh air. I'll make of something to eat." Danny said quietly as he met Steve's gaze head on.

Steve looked like he was about to voice a protest, but aborted the act. Instead, Steve wordlessly nodded before he gently pulled his hand out of Danny's grip and started walking down the hallway that led to the back door. Danny watched Steve until the man disappeared through the back door. Dany felt a small thrill when he noticed that Steve had left the back door open, maybe a symbolic gesture or just Steve being too drained to care, Danny didn't know but he was gonna take anything Steve was willing to give. Danny lightly trotted towards the kitchen with the intent of raiding Steve's fridge and pantry to whip up a serviceable dinner for them both.

Outside, Steve made his way over to the small patio set that stood by the large grill. Steve all but collapsed into one of the chairs and breathed deep. The warm, salt-laced air gave Steve some mild comfort but he was still feeling chaos inside. This was perhaps one of the few times in his life that Steve was honest to God nervous and unsure as to how he should proceed. He had slept with his best friend, his male best friend, and if he were completely honest with himself, it hadn't been a bad experience. It had been a welcome reprieve from the despair and the emptiness he had been feeling all weekend after what he had revealed to Grace about his past. Being with Danny had made something that had been dead inside him suddenly come back to life. But now that the euphoria and the haze of alcohol had faded, reality was sinking in.

What would happen now, there was no going back to the way things were before today, when they had just been best friends. Now they had slept together, they could never go back to being just friends because what had happened today was not something that could ever be erased or easily forgotten.

Steve was so lost in his thoughts, that he didn't notice Danny coming out of the house carrying a tray. Danny caught sight of Steve sitting at the table looking lost in every sense of the word. Feeling a small twinge at the sight, Danny slowly made his way over to Steve, coming to stop a few feet away before he made his presence known.

" Steve?" Danny called softly.

Steve startled lightly before he looked up to see Danny standing a few feet before him with a tray in his hand. On the tray were two plates with what Steve guessed were some simple tunafish sandwiches and two glasses of the cranberry juice he had bought a few days ago.

Steve and Danny eyed each other for several long moments before Steve made a valiant attempt at a smile. It fell sort of flat but Danny returned it as best he could before he stepped forward.

" Hope you don't mind tuna, it was the first thing that caught my eye." Danny explained as he set the tray down and picked up one of the plates, setting it down in front of Steve.

" I don't mind at all Danny." Steve said quickly without really meeting Danny's gaze. " Thank you."

" Don't mention it." Danny said and he set a glass of juice down next to the plate.

" I take it I can't switch out the juice for a beer." Steve stated.

" You my friend, have had enough alcohol today, hell you've had enough for a good long while in my opinion." Danny quipped as he took a seat across from Steve and took the remaining sandwich and juice for himself.

Steve's lips quirked up, and to Danny it was like Steve was his old self again, if only for a moment. The almost smile left Steve's face far too quickly for Danny's liking. The two set about eating their sandwiches in silence after that, with only the sounds of the calm ocean just a few feet away.

Although there may as well have been a giant, pink polka-dotted elephant sitting right there at the table with them.

It was like the calm before the proverbial storm that was not to far off in the distance and slowly edging closer to the shore.