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What's up dudes? I know your not reading this because your looking for a surfing lesson. Although its said I'm the best in all of Hawaii when comes to surfing though. Some would say though my two best friends Quil and Embry are a close second. I'm Jacob Black. I'm Quiletue Native American and I'm not your ordinary surfer. In addition to being a professional surfer as well as an instructor I have another job few dudes know of. Don't tell anyone this but I'm a werewolf as are my friends. I know what your thinking, but there are vampires in Hawaii and I like a bloodsucker free zone on my island.

It was a beautiful afternoon in May. I had just finished surfing a big wave and stepped out of the water unto the beach to the most beautiful sight. My beautiful Bella Swan. My imprint and soul mate. Imprinting is what werewolves do when we find the one where meant to be with. Bella ran over to me and hugged my wet muscular body.

"Jake you look so hot after you;ve been in the water. But your always hot.'' My Bella told me. For now though she's my girlfriend. When she says I;m hot well I am literally. Werewolves run a toasty 108.9. I never overheat and never get cold. I thought to myself as she hugged me.

"Jake can you let go?'' Bella requested. I sometimes forget how strong I am.

"Sorry babe. You are so drop dead gorgeous.'' I told her.

"And so are you my super hot sexy surfer boyfriend.'' Bella said. "I love how buff you are." Bella added as she started massaging my washboard 8 pack abs which felt really good.

"Honey you know I love you but the surf was perfect today and I'm beat.'' I told her lying. I wasn't actually beat as werewolves have tremendous stamina. I just wanted to sit down in the sun.

"Don't give me the you're beat crap. I know what you are Mr. Black.'' Bella warned.

Before I could reply I was cut off by the deep voice of my best friend and second cousin Quil Ateara. Quil has short curly black hair and is very muscular more so than me. His skin color is very dark almost russet. I'm more medium tan.

"Aloha dudes, Seth has sent me to collect you Bella. He needs ya at the raddest surf shop on the North Shore.'' Quil said trying to be funny. He thinks everything is a joke.

"I'm coming Quil. Come help out Jake.'' Bella ordered me.

"You and Seth run the shop. I don't know about helping you threatened me before and is your shop not mine'' I told her in a joking stoner voice.

"Oh burn dude!'' Said my cousin.

"Quil can it!'' I shot back.

"Come again? What did you say to me?'' Quil said in joking angry voice.

"You heard me.''

"Black, dude what I am going to do with you?'' Quil warned in a mocking manner. I ignored him and instead stared at Bella.

"Jake will you please help me? You're the expert.'' Bella pleaded. She's so cute when she does that.

"That's da word I was looking for. Come on. You too Ateara.'' I ordered as we walked to the Ookami Surfin shop right on the beach in Hale'iwa on Oahu's North Shore.

"Bells I think I should drive you home tonight with the recent muggings and that stabbing in the next town.'' I requested. Bella usually takes TheBus to the North Shore from Honolulu. TheBus is Oahu's public transport service. That is its actual name dudes. I think it's kinda sweet. It tells you exactly what it is.

"TheBus is quite safe. You don't need to worry.'' Bella assured me.

"I like worrying about you. I also just really want to drive you home.'' I repeated sounding like Clark Kent.

"Sure Jake. You can drive me home.'' Replied my Bella.


I bet your wondering why Bella lives in Honolulu and takes public transit to see me. Well she's no ordinary girl and the fact that she's dating me is wicked sweet. For a dude like me normally a girl like her would be out of my league. I would tell you what makes her awesome but you'd think I was tripping if I told you.

We entered the shop, which is made up to look like a Polynesian hut in the South Pacific which I've been. It's a wicked cool place. Vanuatu, Fiji and Tahiti are my favorite places. I'm planning on taking Bella there when I have my next competition there.

"What's up bro's?'' Said my little buddy Seth Clearwater who is rather short but is buff for his age. He phased young at only 15. Like my friends and me he's a werewolf as well. Seth was wearing red basketball shorts with a black stripe down each side and shiny blue satin boxers with sailboats. I don't know if I told you but being a werewolf I'm immortal. I can't age until I stop phasing for a very long time. Those we fall in love with can't age either. It sure would suck to watch them grow old while we didn't.

"I'm all right brah.'' I said back to Seth.

"Jake do you ever wear a shirt?'' Seth asked me.

"No not often. I like showing off my muscle. Your not wearing one either dude.'' I reminded my buddy. Seth was about to reply when an ugly dude burst in with a stick of some kind. I immediately pulled Bella behind me to protect her.

"Give me all the money in the register.'' The man demanded.

"In your dreams asshole.'' Quil said to him.

"Yeah if you need money get a job you bum'' I butted in.

"I'm not letting a stupid teenage punk tell me what to do! Give me the money or I'll beat you with this stick.'' The man said as he raised it.

"Oh I wouldn't do that if I were you.'' I warned sounding like Lord Blackwood from Sherlock Holmes as the man hit me with the stick. It broke upon impact. I didn't feel a thing. Being a werewolf I'm very durable and if I do get injured I heal very rapidly. The healing thing is an awesome for a surfer to have. The man tried to grab my girl and I punched him out as I heard Seth dialing on the phone. The cops came in and busted the ugly asshole. We all had to fill out a police report detailing what happened.

I stayed with Bella the rest of the day. With wicked speed the day went by and it was time to drive Bella home. Seth and her locked up the shop and got in my silver Maserati GranTurismo. Being a pro surfer I'm a wealthy dude. Quil took his silver Chevy Camaro home. He lives down the street from me. Seth got in the car with me so I could drive him home as well. Seth and I both put shirts on. I put on a grey muscle shirt. I'm a buff handsome surfer and I like showing my rock hard muscles.

On the way back to Honolulu we stopped at a diner for food. Being a werewolf I have a massive appetite and a super fast metabolism. I could eat a week's worth of food in one sitting. After eating we continued cruising en route to my girl's house.

After awhile of driving of Interstate H1 we reached Honolulu. Soon enough we pulled up to gate and the guard greeted us. Through the gate a massive two story house with super tall palm trees could be seen.

"Hello how can I help you sir?'' The female guard said.

"Just driving this lovely girl home.'' I informed.

"Oh Miss Swan I didn't see you there.'' The guard said as she noticed Bella was in the car.

"The Governor said Jacob was driving you home tonight. Nice car you've got Jacob.'' She continued admiring my baby.

"Thank you officer.''

"Have a good evening Officer Meyer.'' Bella said kindly as the gate opened and I drove in. That's right dudes my girl is Governor Renee Swan's daughter!