Jacob pov

Jacob's POV:

Bella, upon hearing the words, Let's go team, from Sam, hopped into my Masarati along with Seth and Scott. I of course put a shirt on as did my friends. There's no way we'd show up to a crime scene without a shirt on. I put the key in the ignition and the car roared to life. I loved the sound that engine made.

"So Bella and Scott, did you guys expect your first crime scene to come so soon after joining our team?'' Seth asked.

"I kind of expected it. My mother is the Governor, after all.''

Bella said something completely unrelated to what we were talking about and Scott seemed to pick up on it. He turned to her in disgust.

She shrugged her shoulders in response. "What does Mom being Governor have to with going on a case?'' She should be doing more than that.

"Yeah. You know I like you, Bella, but you say the strangest things sometimes,'' Seth replied.

"I don't know. I guess...'' Bella started to say. She got lost in thought and a few seconds later started to say something else.

"Jake, who is this Emmett guy exactly? I don't know too much about him.''

I wasn't sure how to explain it, as it was very cliché.

"Well, he's a—" I started to say as I thought of a better way to explain it. I was going to say vampire, but with Scott in the car, I obviously couldn't. Vampire super villains do exist, dudes. Trust me it makes things very interesting.

"Have you ever seen Hawaii Five-O?'' I asked Bella and her brother. Bella began to speak, but Scott spoke up at the same time as she did.

"Yeah, both Bella and I watch the show. Why?"

"What does that have to with anything?'' asked my Bella.

"Well Emmett Dale McCarty is our Wo Fat. He's quite good looking and very muscular. He's what you could call our nemesis. Half of the crime that occurs on this island is a result of him," I explained in the simplest terms possible. I deliberately left out the part about Emmett being a vampire.

"You have a nemesis?'' Bella replied, seeming somewhat surprised.

I indulged her, sounding slightly full of myself. "Well, every hero has to have a nemesis doesn't he? There wouldn't be a whole lot of excitement if there were none.''

"Jake, this isn't a movie or TV series,'' Seth cut in just as we arrived on scene. Leah and Jared arrived in Jared's black Camaro. (For some reason it just seemed like a car a werewolf would drive.)

We got out of the car and an officer stopped us. I showed my badge as did Seth. Scott and Bella got through them because they had me to vouch for them. The shop was a high-end jewelry store called Baubles and Bling. A window had been broken and its glass strewn all over the floor. The door was ripped off its hinges. I noticed that Carlisle Cullen was behind the counter examining the body of the store owner. Seeing me, he got to his feet and came over to greet us.

"Commander Uley, Officer Black, I've already made an examination of the body. You can see there appears to be blunt force trauma and clear signs of a struggle.'' The body was very beat up and bloody. I'll spare you the gross out details. Trust me, you don't want to know. It looked like a vampire killing to me.

"What about time of death?'' asked Sam bluntly.

Carlisle responded, "I would say around three in the morning.''

He was completely covered from head to toe. Vampires sparkle in sunlight, so he had to be very careful not to expose himself. In Hawaii that's not an easy feat, but it is doable.

Bella came over to look at the body.

"Bella, stay back. You don't want to see this,'' I ordered my darling. Naturally, she didn't listen and came over anyway. Within seconds of looking at the body—she fainted. She tends to do that at the sight of blood. I expected she would.

We all came rushing over to her, even Dr. Cullen.

"Bella dear, you okay?'' asked Carlisle in a concerned tone.

"Yes, I'm fine. Sorry about that."

"I did warn you,'' I said, sounding like I was singing. "Come, up you go,'' I said, helping her up.

"So who's the guy?'' asked Bella.

"George Romas. I pulled the ID off the body," Carlisle responded.

"Why? Did you know him?'' Sam asked, being inquisitive.

"Yeah, he's the owner of this store. I bought a ring here once. Who could have done something like this?" asked Bella. She seemed upset.

"A leech, from the looks of it," said my cousin. Even though that's the slur we have for vampires, I couldn't use that word in front of the other cops that were here, or Scott. Carlisle didn't mind as he was very understanding.

"Any fingerprints?'' asked Paul, doing a creepy-crawlie gesture.

"No unfortunately, you guys aren't that lucky this time,'' Carlisle interjected. That sucked that we didn't have fingerprints, but with technology we had back at the lair, we could look at almost anything—financial records to security camera footage. Besides, having fingerprints would make things too easy. I already had questions. What was this guy doing at his shop at three in the morning? I had a sneaking feeling this was part of something much bigger.

"It does appear to have many similarities to the Serial Biter. I suspect it is her work, but that's not my job to figure out,'' Carlisle informed us. Right—he was being our job.

Jared came over with Leah, carrying his tablet. I could tell he had something for us.

"Check this out, guys. It seems that the store that was blown up was involved in shady dealings. The HPD had been investigating it for awhile. Records show a transaction with this man known only as Laurent. It looks like someone was trying to cover their tracks," Jared explained.

Leah then cut in. "There's more though. Laurent has been spotted with Emmett before. It's very possible they are working together. Bella, Mike, and Scott happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."