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DC sat at the end of the bar in the middle of a very stuffy and official Christmas party put on by her boss. To say the very least, the American capital was out of her element. Besides her always unruly brunette hair, she didn't even feel like herself. She was zipped into a form fitting red dress and her feet were stuffed into a pair of matching heels. She was trying to be polite to everyone she was introduced to, but being forced to attend a boring party was the last thing she wanted to be doing on Christmas Eve.

With an over dramatic sigh, DC set her forehead down on the bar in front of her. A string quartet played quietly somewhere behind the crowd of slowly dancing older government officials and their wives. "Of all the great swing bands.. How did whoever planned this party even manage to find a string quartet. It's the 1930's not the 1730's.." She thought with another exasperated sigh.

As she finally found the strength to look up, she took another drink of the juice in her glass. She was fighting with all she had not to get herself a nice scotch or something else equally strong. But, she didn't need to risk getting tipsy and looking bad in front of anyone important. No, that was definitely the last thing she needed. Especially when the elegantly decorated hall, which was in the middle of a ridiculously expensive and fancy hotel and had been booked just for the occasion, was packed to the rafters with stuff-shirt old men. Each of which controlled one or another aspect of her job. Looking bad in front of any of them was definitely not a good idea.

"Please god, just kill me now before I have to talk to any more of these geezers.." She thought to herself as a low groan escaped her mouth.

"You drinkin' cranberry juice?" A voice behind her made her sit up straighter.

DC put on her best scowl and turned around to face the source of the voice, ready to tell off whatever old drunk man that had decided to approach her this time that the seat beside her was occupied and she didn't want anything else to drink. However, the young man that plopped down beside her made her practically choke on her words. Whatever anger she had built up to be directed at whoever she had assumed was going to hit on her evaporated as the young man gave her a bright smile.

"Uh, yeah it is." She managed.

His smile only got wider. "Yeah me too!" He raised his own glass, which caused the red liquid inside to reflect off his glasses in a strange glow. "Don't need to risk saying anything stupid in front of anyone important, well I mean stupider than usual." He corrected himself quickly. With an awkward motion, he straightened out his tie and jacket then settled into the chair and turned his blue gaze back to her. "The boss said I had to be here. What about you?"

DC smiled. Though the young man was talking almost faster then she could listen, his face was a welcome refresher in the room full of old men. "Yeah. I usually don't get invited to any fancy to do's, so I thought it might be nice to get all dressed up and come out, but man was I ever wrong.." She sighed. "There is nothing fun about any of this."

"You can say that again!" The blonde looked like he was going to laugh, but choked it back and covered it with his cup of juice as an older couple walked by and eyed him critically. As the pair disappeared into the crowd, he cleared his throat and held out a hand. "My name's Ameri- Er.. What I meant to say is that my name's Alfred. Alfred F. Jones. What's your's?"

DC raised her eyebrow, but took his outstretched hand and smiled back. "Nice to meet you Alfred, I'm Ramona Brown." She almost didn't use her human name. It was the first time in years and years since she had had to use it. "Just Mona's fine though."

"Well then Mona, you're looking a little low on cranberry juice. Can I get you another? By the looks of things, we're gonna be here a while."

"Of course you can."

And so, the pair settled into their barstools in order to wait out the night together. It was strange DC thought; that the way the conversation unfolded to easily it was almost as though she had known the blonde for years and years. She quickly brushed off the feeling and allowed herself to relax for the first time the entire evening. She struggled to suppress her usually enthusiastic personality, because she knew if she was caught being loud she would definitely get chewed out for it. And so, the pair sat together talking barely loud enough for even the nearest party guests to hear them over the string quartet that still played in the corner. The dance floor provided all the entertainment they could ever hope for, as they found plenty of old couples to make fun of. The dancers were busy making up steps to tangos and waltzes and being generally terrible dancers, which made both Alfred and DC very happy observers.

After what seemed like a few hours dragged by, Alfred let out a loud sigh. "I am starving and these hors d'Ĺ“uvres are not doing anything for me. Want to go find some burgers or something?"

"I thought you would never ask. Please get us the hell outta here." She hopped to her feet and straightened out her dress before he took her hand.

"Quick scan for the boss.." He pulled her closer to his chest as his bright blue eyes scanned the crowd. "Aaaaaaand.. We're good. Let's make our escape quick before someone stops me and starts askin' questions."

DC laughed quietly as he dragged her through the crowd. "Careful or you'll give these people a reason to make us stay." She said quietly.

"Psh. No way. As the hero in this situation, I vow to recue from this party and take you somewhere we can stuff our faces. Kay?"

She laughed again. "Oh I'm so glad you're here for me oh knight in shining armor, whatever would I have done without you." She narrowed her gaze slightly, with a grin in his direction.

"Hey this is not a laughing matter. How else would you escape this lame ass party?" He pointed out as they came to a stop beside the double doored exit to the ballroom.

She thought for a moment, before she let out a breath and mock curtsied. "You're right Alfred. I'm so sorry. Now get me out of here will you Mr. Hero?"

"Don't need to tell me twice." He opened the door barely wide enough for them both to slip through before they made their escape out into the hall, past the coat check where Alfred pulled a spy move in order to grab his bomber jacket and slip it over his suit before they finally made it to the front door of the Hotel and out into the chilled December air. "Finally! Now I know I saw a diner around here somewhere!"

DC shivered and rubbed her arms as the blonde scanned the street. She looked up at the tall buildings. Soft light from the strings of white Christmas lights tangled around the branches above their heads made the frigid air around them glow. She let out a breath that came out in a little white cloud then disappeared into the shimmering air.

"There!" He exclaimed, grabbing her arm and pulling her along behind him. "Knew I saw one, right on the corner. A hero never forgets."

"Thought that was elephants?" DC struggled to keep up with him in her heels.

"Is it?"

She shook her head and shivered as they continued down the street.

"You cold?" He turned his bright blue eyes and frowned. "Here!" He stopped walking and pulled his bomber jacket off then tossed it at her. "I know we're almost there, but here ya go."
She hesitated before slipping on the already warm leather coat. "You sure you're not cold?"

"Yeah take it." He grinned, and then took hold of her arm again. "Now let's move before I starve to death! That's what you should be worried about, not the cold." He laughed.

The pair made their way into the diner and took a seat by a window, so they could watch for anyone who might come looking for them. Alfred was working on devouring his weight in cheeseburgers and milkshakes. DC watched in amazement as she munched on an order of french-fries and her own single burger. She stole a glance out the window, and returned her attention to the man across from her.

"Do.. You want one?" He asked suddenly.

She realized she must have been staring and she cleared her throat awkwardly. "Oh no, I'm fine with just one." She paused as he took a sip of one of the three milkshakes sitting on the table in front of him. "Sorry I was staring, I was just thinking. You're eating like you've never had a burger before."

He raised an eyebrow. "Ya know, come to think of it, I only eat burgers."

DC laughed and let her gaze fall down to her plate where she focused on her french-fries. "You are something else Alfred. And like, it's the weirdest thing.. But I feel like I've met you before. Like I've known you for years and years and years.." She looked back up at him. He was giving her a funny look. "Was that weird to say?"

"No, no not weird.. Just, you got that too?" His asked hesitantly in a low voice.

They sat in strange silence for a moment. "Well, let's figure this out then. Where were you born?" DC asked as she sat back against the seat of the booth.

He cleared his throat. "Well, I was born in Jamestown, but I've lived all over."

"Hm, and I was born here in Washington, so that can't be it.." The American capital tried to pick her questions carefully. Humans weren't really supposed to know who the she was, though many government workers did anyway. She knew her boss would be less then pleased if some guy she met at a party were to find out. "Do you work for the government?"

He hesitated again. "Uh, yeah sometimes.. I mean.. Well like it depends on if they need me or not.."

"Are you like a spy?" She asked excitedly.

"Something like that." He grinned and took the last big bit of his last burger.

"Well I work at the White House too, so I bet that's where we know each other." DC decided before she stole a wary glance out the window again. "We should, probably start heading back. If my boss notices I'm gone I'll be in trouble for sure." She stood with a loud sigh. "This party is so terrible."

Alfred gulped down the last milkshake and then stood up quickly in time to help her back into his jacket. "After you."

She looped her arm through his and they made their way back outside, in no real hurry at all to return to the hotel ballroom. Her mind wandered as she thought where she could have possibly met her blonde companion before. She was usually fairly good at remembering names and faces. As a government liaison and secretary to almost everyone it was practically her entire job to remember names and dates and faces and appointments. Not to mention there was no way this young man could be a spy for the government, not without her knowing anyway. She let out a frustrated sigh and resigned herself to never figuring it out.

"Let me get the door." Alfred, who seemed delightfully oblivious to her current inner struggle to remember his face, grabbed the handle before she could reach for it. "Back to suffering through this party-"

"Where have you been? You've been missing for over an hour!" A fuming man turned away from the coat check and glared at the pair as they walked through the door. "Do you have any idea what you of all people disappearing has done to the atmosphere of this party?"

DC let out a breath. She knew, as the capital of the United States of America she should have at least given a little notice before leaving. She opened her mouth to explain herself to her boss.

"Just some harmless fun boss, come on. You can't expect me to sit through every one of these boring parties. Plus whose idea was it not to put out some real food." Alfred spoke before she could and rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "I was starving, ya know?"

"Y.. Your boss?" DC managed. "Alfred this is your boss?"

"Well yeah.."

"This is my boss.."

He narrowed his eyes. "Wait, what do you mean your boss?"

"I knew inviting both of you to this party was a bad idea. I just knew something like this would happen, but no one would listen. You are both in trouble."

"I'm not following.." Alfred shook his head.

"You're America, aren't you? The personification of the United States of America?" DC touched his arm and he looked about ready to object when she spoke again. "I'm Washington DC, and we're in a lot of trouble.."

"Yes you are, so I suggest you split up and pretend this never happened." Their boss crossed his arms. "Come on America, and DC I suggest you go mingle. There are some people asking about you."

America sighed. "Coming, coming."

DC was at a loss. No wonder she had known the blonde. He was her nation. She shook her head a little as her boss disappeared back into the hall where the party was still going on. So much for that friendship she thought. She slipped his bomber jacket from her shoulders and handed it over to the man behind the coat check.

"Hey uh, DC?" America's voice made her look up. His blonde head poked out from the door of the ballroom and he waved his hand for her to come to his side.

She looked around then quickly made her way over to him. "What is it?"

"Relax okay? Hero's don't need rules right? Besides, there's still a million and a half things we need to talk about. See ya around okay?"

"I better." She smiled as he fled back after their boss into the crowd of people. She leaned against the door frame and shook her head.

"DC!" An official sounding voice brought her back to reality and she nodded.

"I'm coming Mr. Garner.."

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