I'll always remember
It was late afternoon
It lasted forever
And ended too soon

Ok this is the last chapter in this story. Thank you everyone that has taken an interest in it. It's been a joy to write. Be sure to look for my next story called The Proposal with Dean/Cas in it. Thank you to everyone who either reviewed or subscribed to my story. The last chapter is still unbeta'd and I warn you now there is CHARCTER DEATH! So if you don't like that then you should not read this. And so it ends. Lyrics are by Mandy Moore and the song is Cry.

Dean and Cas wake up a couple years later. They've had such a wonderful fulfilling life together. Everyone Including Cas's doctor is amazed he's still alive. Cas is not feeling good this morning. He just wants to stay in bed so Dean stays there with him running his hands thru his husband's hair. They've had good times and they've had bad times. Cas has gotten sick a few times since they've been married but it was nothing life threating.

Cas is looking at Dean why he is napping now. Cas knows he's sicker now, and he knows it's going to be his time any day now. He's at peace with dying finally. He's lived a full life thanks to Dean. And he's loved more than he has ever thought he could. He gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom the room begins to spin and he's very dizzy which is just one more symptom of him dying. He gets to the bathroom and pees and on the way back he falls down and passes out trying to get back to the room where Dean is.

Dean wakes up half hour later slowly coming to he pats the bed next to him and notices it's empty. He starts to worry, where is Castiel he thinks? He gets up and sees Cas lying on the hall floor.

"Oh shit!" He says loudly. "Mom, mom!" Dean calls out.

He is alone in the house, he tells Cas he'll be right back he's going to get the phone and he runs to do it. Cas is still unconscious and Dean is calling 911

"State your emergency please." The 911 tech asks.

"My husband I found him on the floor unconscious. He's got leukemia, I need an ambulance." Dean replies shakily.

"Ok just give me your address and we'll send someone out there right now." The 911 tech says.

Dean rattles off his address and the woman says thank you they are sending someone and hangs up. Dean calls Cas's father next.

"Cas was passed out on the hallway floor I called an ambulance. We are going to the hospital." Dean says.

I"Ll meet you there." Mr. Novak says.

The ambulance comes and they put Cas inside and Dean gets in with him and the go to the hospital. They get to the hospital and Dean checks Cas in and fills out all the paper work grumbling about just wanting to be with Cas. He called his mom and she said she'd be there as soon as she could get away from work. Sammy is on his way as well with Jess. Sam is close to Cas now. They are pretty good friends and Jess loves Cas too.

"Dean how is he?" Sam asks as he walks through the hospital door.

"I don't know Sammy they are doing some tests now." Dean replies.

"Are you ok man?" Sammy asks.

"How can I be ok? Cas is the best person I know and now I am going to lose him. "Dean replies sadly.

Sam doesn't know what to say to that so he just puts a hand on Dean's shoulder. Jess rushes in then and asks the same questions Sam did. They tell her they don't know anything yet and she hugs Dean fiercely.

"You know you are his whole world and he loves you more than anything else Dean." Jess says.

"I know Jess, thank you." Dean replies.

Cas's father walks in asking what is going on with his son. The doctor takes that minute to come out of Cas's room.

"Castiel's body is shutting down; he doesn't have much time left. Maybe a day or it might be less. Normally we would follow visiting hours but being as he only has such a short time left we are ignoring those and Dean you can stay the whole time if you wish." The doctor says.

Dean's eyes fill with tears as he listens to the doctor's news. He can't believe Cas only has one day left to live. He loves him so much and now he's got to live without him. He doesn't know if he can do it. Sam puts his arm around his best friend and hugs him tight. We will be here for you when you need us out here in the waiting room. I'd like to say goodbye to Cas at some point though if you don't mind Dean.

Dean presses his hands to his eyes and tries to get a grip on his emotions.

"Did you tell Castiel what was going on Doctor?" Dean asks.

"Yes he knows how much time he's got left Dean." The doctor replies sadly.

Dean walks over to Cas's room and looks at him through the window, he's lying in his bed with his eyes closed. Dean looks away; he doesn't want to lose it again.

"Mr. Novak I need some air for a minute. You can go in there and sit with him if you want to." Dean offers Cas's father.

"Thank you Dean I have some things I need to say to him." Mr. Novak says.

Dean runs out the door straight into his mom's arms as she's walking in. He sees his mom and he has tears coming out of his eyes. She wraps her arms around him and holds him whispering how it's going to be all right and words like that. But he knows that is not true. Cas is never going to be alright again he's dying.

"Mom, Cas has got one day the doctor says." Dean sobs out.

"Well then you need to make the last day of his life be the best day of his life." His mom replies.

He nods and walks back towards Cas's room. He hears Cas's dad in there with Cas.

"Cas you are the best son anyone could have ever asked for." Mr. Novak says with tears in his eyes.

"I love you dad." Cas chokes out.

Dean knocks on the door and steps into the room. He walks over to Cas and smiles.

"Hey Babe," Dean smiles.

"Hey Dean," Cas replies.

Dean sits down by the bed with Cas, he takes his hand in his and smile's.

"How are you Dean?" Cas asks.

"What? Shouldn't I be asking you, how you are?" Dean asks Cas.

"Well this has to be hard for you Dean." Cas replies.

"Well it's not easy, that is for sure. But I am sure it's not for you either Cas." Dean replies.

"No it's not easy, I am not afraid of dying. I've made peace with it. But I don't want to leave you." Cas replies with tears in his eyes.

"I know babe, but you've been strong for so long it's ok to let go now." Dean replies shakily.

"I love you Dean Winchester so much, I never thought my life would turn out the way it did." Cas replies.

"I love you Castiel Winchester too so very much, I never thought I'd be the kind of person I am now. But I have you to thank for that." Dean says.

Sam knocks on the door and Dean tells him to come in. Him and Jess walk in the room slowly.

"Hiya Cas," Sam says.

"Hello Sam," Cas replies.

"Hi Castiel," Jess says smiling.

"Hello Jess," Cas smiles warmly at Sam's girlfriend who he has a soft spot for.

"So how are you doing Cas?" Sam asks hesitantly.

"I am ok Sam, thank you for asking." Cas replies.

"Sure, I brought you one of your favorite books, just in case you wanted to read it." Sam says.

"Thank you Sam, that was nice of you." Cas replies.

Dean tells Cas he's going to be back in a few minutes he wants to get some coffee. He exits out of the room letting Sam and Jess say their goodbyes to his husband.

"Sam I want to thank you for staying friends with Dean even after all that went on. He really will need you when I pass on and I am glad you will be there for him." Cas says.

"Cas I am sorry for all the bad stuff I did to you in the beginning when you and Dean weren't even together. I didn't make that picture that Lisa and Pam and they made but I also didn't stop them and for that I am sorry. You have made Dean into an amazing person, he's not self-centered and always trying to get into trouble like he was in the past and we have you to thank for that." Sam says.

"Dean would have come around Sam he's a good person. It might have just taken him a little bit longer. Thank you for letting me into your life and letting me be your friend it's been an honor Sam." Cas replies.

"No it's been my honor Cas, thank you for taking a chance on being my friend even after everything that happened." Sam replies as he steps back and lets Jess come forward.

"Cas you have been the best thing for Dean. Really you have. I've seen an absolute change in him since you've been around. Thank you for letting me be able to call you a friend." Jessica says with tears in her eyes. "We love you Cas and we will always remember you." She says tearfully.

"Jessica you are good for Sam, he has always been a good person but now that he has you he doesn't have to hang out with those other people he used to. You are good for him. I need you to take care of him and help take care of Dean for me when I pass. I will love you and Sam always." Cas replies with tears of his own in his eyes.

Dean knocks on the door and walks back in. He has a coffee in his hand.

"Cas mom wants to talk to you for a few minutes if you are up to it." Dean says.

"Of course Dean tell your mother to come in." Cas replies.

Dean leaves the room along with Sam and Jessica, and then Mary walks in by herself.

"Hello honey, how are you feeling?" She asks Cas.

Cas smiles at her this is the closest thing he's had to a mom in a long time. The conversations they have shared about Dean and just other things. The way she's cooked and taken care of him when he's been at his sickest. He's going to miss her so much he realizes.

"I feel ok, just very weak like my body is shutting down. Oh wait that's because it is." Castiel says trying to make a joke.

Mary sits down next to Cas's bed and runs her fingers through his hair.

"I just wanted to say to you what a blessing you've been to Dean. You've changed his life completely Castiel and I am so thankful for you coming along and doing it. He will be a better man because of you Castiel Novak Winchester and I just wanted to thank you and tell you I love you for giving me my son back." Mary says tearfully.

Cas doesn't know what to say to that he just sits there with tears falling down his face. Finally he speaks to the woman whom he loves like a mother.

"Thank you so much for taking care of me when I couldn't take care of myself. You are like my mom in so many ways now. The ways that are important and I love you so much for it." Cas replies.

She leans over and gives Cas a hug telling him she's going to go now and let Dean have his time with him. She leaves the room and goes to get Dean, except Dean is not who walks into his door it's Pam, Lisa and Ash.

Castiel looks up from his bed shocked. He doesn't know what to say to these three people that have caused him so much grief in his life.

"Castiel we just wanted to come and say sorry to you for everything we put you through in high-school it was not right of us." Ash says.

"Thank you for the apology, I forgive you all." Cas replies.

They leave the room and Cas's father walks in.

"Dad, where's Dean?" Cas asks.

"Me and his mom sent him to go have some dinner." Cas's dad replies.

"Good idea he wouldn't go unless someone made him." Cas replies.

"We know that is why we made him. And this way I can say my good-byes to you now." Cas's dad replies.

"Castiel Novak Winchester you have made me so proud in your lifetime. You've achieved so much. And I love you so much. You make your mom proud too I know she's looking down on you from heaven and smiling." Cas's dad says.

"Dad I love you too so much, thank you for everything you did for me. For pushing me when I didn't feel like doing anything. Thank you for understanding about whom I love and that I am gay. I am going to miss you so much dad." Cas says crying steadily.

"I'll miss you too son." Cas's father returns with tears of his own in his eyes.

Cas's dad gets up and goes to look for Dean. Dean walks in the room hands in his pockets and smiles at Cas.

"Hey" they reply at the same time.

"Cas I have some things I want to say to you before well you know.." Dean says quietly.

"Ok Dean," Cas replies.

Dean sits down and takes Cas's hand in his. He clears his throat before he begins speaking.

"Cas you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I do NOT know where I'd be right now if it wasn't for you. I was on a bad path and then you came along and told me not to fall in love with you. And I did like a ton of bricks, I will never forget our first date, or our first kiss, or the first time we made love. But mostly I will never forget how you love me in spite of me being a royal fuck up. I love you Castiel Novak Winchester and you are what saved me. So thank you for that." Dean chokes out.

"Dean I love you, you have made my life worth living. You made me fight for life, when I was ready to just let go. You have given me everything I have ever wanted and more. You're right I told you not to fall in love with me, but I am so glad you did it anyways. I love you more than anything else in this life and you are not a fuck up Dean Winchester you are perfect and you are mine." Cas says quietly.

Cas is tired and falls asleep with Dean holding his hand stroking it lightly. Around two am the machines start going off that are monitoring Cas. Dean flies up out of his chair and yells for a nurse. They are already on the way in though they know what is going on before he even yells. They move him back out of the way and work on Cas. They work on him for what seems to be forever when really it's only been twenty-five minutes. He hears the doctor call time of death.

"Time of Death two-twenty-five a.m." The doctor says.

The doctor goes out to tell everyone what has happened. Dean walks over to Cas's bedside slowly he sits down and holds Cas's hand for one last time.

"No, no, no" Dean sobs. "You can't be gone Cas. I can't live without you, I don't know how." Dean cries.

Dean's mom walks in the room and walks over to him pulling him up gently and walks with him out of the room. That is the last time Dean ever sees his husband except in pictures or in his mind. He leaves the town after the funeral he can't be here anymore and he has promised Cas he was going to make something out of himself. So he goes to do that.

He comes back 10 years later. He's been back to visit and whatnot but he's just finished his first 3 years of medical school. He walks up to Castiel's door and stands there thinking.

It's been 7 years, but the vision of Castiel walking towards me will stay with me forever.

Dean rings the doorbell and a woman answers the door the maid he is thinking.

"Come in Mr. Winchester and have a seat." She says.

"Thank you," He says as he sits down.

Dean sits his bag down on the couch and stands back up he looks at all the pictures in the room on the mantle is the picture of him and Cas at their wedding then there are pictures of Cas as a small child. He hears Mr. Novak enter the room.

"Dean," Mister Novak says.

"Hey," Dean replies.

"You look good." Mr. Novak says.

He gives Dean a hug and Dean hugs him back.

"Thank you. You look good too." Dean says.

"I'm getting by." Mr. Novak says.

They laugh and both sit down on the couch.

"What's new Dean?" He asks.

"I got into medical school and it's my third year now." Dean replies.

"I know your mother told me, we are so proud of you. Castiel would have been so proud of you." He says.

"Listen." Dean says as he reaches into his bag and pulls out the book Castiel gave him all those years ago.

"I want you to have this." Dean says.

He hands Mr. Novak the book and he takes it.

"Oh Dean," Mister Novak says.

"I'm sorry he never got his miracle." Dean says sadly.

"He did." Mr. Novak says pausing. "It was you."

Dean visits with him for a while before he's got to be going. He gets into his car and drives to the bridge where they had their first date. He walks on the pier and he is thinking.

Castiel saved his life. He taught me everything about life, hope and the long journey ahead. And I'll always miss him. But his love is like the wind. I can't see it. But I can feel it.

I wanted to hold you
i wanted to make it go away
I wanted to know you
I wanted to make your everything, all right...

The End….

A/N: Well there you go and that is by far the longest chapter I have written in this story so far. It made me cry I had to have a box of tissue to write it. I am sorry for the tears you'll shed while reading this. Thank you again everyone who reviewed and subscribed to this story in one way or another. Look for my next story coming very soon.