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I recently went on to Veoh for the first time in a while since many of my programs were taken down (Damn it Toei!) I don't know what I was expecting, but I was able to find all the episodes of both Uchuu Keiji Gavan, and Uchuu Keiji Sharivan reposted with decent subtitles (I'll post links on profile). So in order to celebrate my discovery it is time for my first crossover!

Additional notes and Rating: Rated T for violence and maybe occasional strong langue. This is my first story using the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh names, and honorifics. Since I have to use the Japanese Uchuu Keiji names (No alternative) I thought I might as well be consistent. Any Japanese words I use I will translate at the bottom.

Muto Yugi Vs Uchuu Keiji Tamashii:

Chapter 1: Reunited by fate

It was a moderately hot fall day in Domino city and the beginning of the school year. Outside Domino High school stood a young man who never stood there before, he went by the name of Ichijouji Daigo. As his deep gray-green eyes stared down the building ahead of him he could feel himself becoming more, and more anxious in both senses of the word. It was nerve racking to believe for the first time in years he was going to see his best friend and family again; Muto Yugi.

It may have been long but to him it felt like yesterday when he and Yugi would play and have fun together. According to his father Ichijiouji Retsu and his father's sister, his aunt Hoshino Tsukiko (who was later known as Muto Tsukiko, who was Yugi's mother) the two of them from age two were almost completely inseparable and much more like brothers then cousins. Dagio's mother Mimi was convinced that the only reason the two were ever separated was the fact they lived in different homes. Retsu, Mimi, and Daigo's grandfather Qom soon stopped seeing Yugi as a nephew, but as another son. And in turn Tsukiko, her husband Muto Yusuke, and Yugi's grandfather Sugoroku felt the same level of love for Diago.

He could still remember bits and pieces of the days he would and Yugi would spend together, and could not remember one dull moment. They always found a fun way to entertain themselves whether it was playing numerous amounts of games, watching television, or simply talking they always had fun.

He could also clearly remember Mazaki Anzu. At the age of six or seven if he remembered correctly Yugi made friends with young Anzu and she began hanging out with them regularly. At first he was much more then jealous of Yugi's new friend but as the three of them continued to be together more he and she became great friends as well, and he wondered if she and Yugi were still friends and if he would see her again.

With all the happy memories that flooded his mind some pain started to creep in as well. He could remember the pain when he had to leave 5 years ago. He could remember Yugi's heartbroken face when he delivered the news. And he remembered the pain of not being able to tell him why. He was devastated when Yugi was at first very mad at him for not telling him where he was going but he forgave Daigo when he promised that he would return. Daigo was forbidden to tell Yugi, but the real reason he didn't tell him was that he didn't want to fear him. Plus he wasn't too sure if Yugi would even believe him. After all telling somebody you're leaving earth can sound ludicrous but it was the truth in Daigo's case.

Daigo spent his entire life on earth due to his father's reassignment to earth before he was born, and he only heard stories of his father's home; The planet bird, but that all changed after he turned twelve years old.

Retsu and Mimi received the news from Qom that their presence was once again needed on planet bird at the Galactic Union Patrol Uchuu Keiji training facility. It appeared that ruminates of the evil alien criminal forces that threatened earth before were reemerging and formed an alliance known as DaiMakuu, and they have been scene disrupting planets in deep space. In response the Galactic union patrol needed the best to teach their new Keijis.

Mimi was already one of the most accomplished union patrol teachers having trained a quite a few notable Keijis herself.

Retsu was one of the most respected warriors in union patrol history and many students were eager to learn from one so legendary.

It was hard for them but they knew they had to go in order to help train the people that would prevent destruction caused by DaiMakuu. They gave young Daigo the option to stay on earth however he quickly denied so he could gain the skills necessary to defend his friends, family, and earth.

Daigo remained still as he stared at the building, and looked at his new school uniform that he sported happily, along with a black top and black leather boots in order to add his own style to the otherwise plain blue uniforms, before reflecting on why he himself had returned to earth.

"Yugi-Chan" Daigo said to himself with his mission in mind. "They won't harm you. I promise." He said mentally before he headed into the school.

Daigo walked up and down the halls of Domino high and slowly began to remember the short comings of a lot of earth schools, but the environment overall pleasant. As he continued to walk the walls he received many different looks from different people. Some looks where blank, while others were friendly in nature, he also received a fair amount of smiles from the girls walking the halls, which in turn led to many looks of hatred and envy from some of the male students.

But none of that truly mattered to Daigo as he was too concentrated on his overall task, and the immediate task of finding out where in god's name he was supposed to be going. After much debate and confusion he soon approached a pale, white haired boy who appeared friendly and asked for assistance.

"Excuse me" he said to get his attention. "Can you help me? I'm new and I don't know where anything is." He said with a smile and slight blush as he showed the other male his schedule.

The white haired boy let out a laugh before responding. "Of course" he said with a kind smile as he took Daigo's schedule. "I came here during mid-sophomore year myself and I know I was confused."

Daigo smiled in response "It's nice that somebody understands."

The white haired teen nodded then looked at Daigo's schedule and began reading it. "Hm…" He started his response. "Our first 4 classes are the same" he stated. "You can just follow me for a while and I'll explain how the school works along the way." He informed.

"Really?" Daigo asked for conformation. "Thank you." Daigo responded before he took back his schedule offered a hand to the white haired teen. "My name's Ichijouji by the way." (Introducing yourself by last name is Japanese custom for those who didn't know. Just watch the Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh for examples.)

The White haired teen smiled in response and took Daigo's hand into his own "Nice to meet you. I'm Bakura."

'Bakura?' Daigo said to himself while trying to maintaining his smile. 'Could it be?' asked himself.

"Is something wrong Ichijouji-San?" Bakura asked when he noticed his slight change in his expression.

"I…" Daigo attempted to respond before the first bell rang loudly. 'Saved by the bell' Daigo thought.

"Oh come on then Ichijouji-san I'll show you where our first class is" Bakura said as he indicated Daigo to follow him.

Daigo and Bakura walked down the hallway and exchanged in small conversation.

Bakura was excited because he seemed to be making a new friend in this teen with jet blacked hair, which was almost opposite to his own near pearl white hair.

Daigo was enjoying the company of Bakura and the conversation but could not shake some thoughts from his mind. 'Could this be Bakura Ryou?' he asked himself. Besides his personal mission and the one assigned to him, he remembered one he took on behalf of a friend. 'He does have the hair.' He said to himself 'I'll just have to see.'

Soon enough Daigo and Bakura walked into their first class room and they were greeted by the sight of classroom empty except with a blonde haired teen attempting to strangle someone with brown hair that was formed into a point.

"Honda I swear to god if you try this shit again I'll kill you!" The blonde exclaimed.

"Damn it" Honda was able to say in a frustrated tone with oxygen he had.

"Jonouchi you're gonna hurt him" a black haired boy said trying to interfere.

"Not now dice boy!" Jonouchi retorted.

"Please… let me go" Honda said while he was begging to lose more and more oxygen.

With a load grunt Jonouchi let go of Honda and pushed him away from him.

"Jonouchi you if anyone else was here right now you would be screwed." The black haired teen stated.

"I know Otogi" Jonouchi retorted.

Bakura in order to let their precise in the room be known nocked on the door and all there males instantly turned to the door in fear but were relieved when they saw Bakura standing there.

"Hey Bakura" The black haired teen greeted Bakura before turning his attention towards Daigo. "Hi" He stated before approaching Daigo and offering him a hand. "I'm Otogi."

Daigo smiled in response and shock Otogi's hand. "Ichijouji" Daigo stated simply.

Otogi then motioned over to the blonde and the brunette he was previously strangling, who he was now scolding quietly as more people were entering the class room. "They are Jonouchi and Honda."

Jonouchi and Honda each gave a look towards Otogi, Bakura, and Daigo when they heard their names being called. Daigo offered a small friendly wave which Jonouchi somewhat acknowledged before returning to scolding Honda.

"They're both very nice people it's a shame this is your first time seeing them." Bakura stated in his friend's defense. "Please don't hold this against them."

Daigo simply shrugged in response "Good people get angry." Daigo stated simply. "It's no big deal."

"That's nice you understand." Bakura responded.

"I try. What is the problem anyway?" Daigo asked Otogi in a whisper.

"It's about Jonouchi's sister that's all I'm gonna say you can ask Jonouchi if you want." He responded.

Daigo then looked towards Joey and saw the ragefull fire burning in his eyes. "I'll ask some other time." He said with a chuckle.

"Wise choice" Otogi said before all three of them took open seats and sat down like the other students that have entered the classroom.

"Otogi-kun do you know who else is in this class?" Bakura asked looking across the room for familiar faces.

"Actually Yugi and Anzu are both in this class they should be here soon." Otogi responded happily.

At the mention of their names Daigo eyes widened dramatically and he fought back so hard against the embarrassing smile that was threating to take over his face. He had no idea that all people he had met were Yugi's friends. It certainly made things easier.

Before they had a chance to continue their conversation the two other teens approached them and Jonouchi turned his attention to Daigo.

"Hey" Jonouchi greeted. "I'm… uh sorry you had to see that." He stated. "Please don't think I'm cruel person." He stated before offering a hand. "I'm Jonouchi."

"Honda" Honda identified himself before he offered Daigo his hand.

Daigo smiled at the two and knew from them and along with Bakura and Otogi that his cousin had chosen some good friends.

"It's nice to meet you both." He said after shaking both of their hands. "I'm Ichijouji"

"Well it's nice to meet you Ichi" Jonouchi responded abbreviating his name before he looked out of the corner of his eye to see a small spiky haired teen enter the room. "Yugi!" he exclaimed as he rushed over to him and pulled him into what was meant to be affectionate hug but wound up being almost a choke hold.

"Jonouch-Kun… can't breathe" Yugi was able to say.

"Oh sorry Yug" Jonouchi apologized. "I haven't seen you in a week."

"Kabia wanted me to make a promotional appearance you know that." Yugi responded.

"Well I still missed you." Jonouchi responded.

"Hey Yugi!" The group said in unison.

"Hey everybody!" Yugi said as he approached the group in their seats and noticed someone sitting there he did not recognize and approached his desk.

Bakura took it upon himself to introduce to the new kid to Yugi. "Oh Yugi this is…"

Before Bakura could finish his statement Dagio raised his hand to halt his speaking. "There is no need Bakura-Kun" Daigo stated to the surprise and slight confusion to of the people surrounding him. "Me and Yugi know each other quite well." He said with a large grin.

The group then instantly turned to Yugi who blushed from the comment and everybody suddenly staring at him. "You… know me?" He said while rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

Daigo's grin diminished and was replaced with a look of confusion as soon looked straight into Yugi's eyes to find no recognition. "You don't recognize me." He said before folding his arms leaning back in his chair. "I have to admit Yugi-Chan I'm little hurt."

"Uh…" Was all Yugi could think to say. 'Who is this guy... and why is he calling me Chan?' He thought to himself. All of Yugi's friends shared the same level of confusion and wondered who Ichijouji was.

"Well I guess I do look a little different" he said with a chuckle as he remembered his appearance is now much different from the last time Yugi had say him. "You on the other hand Yugi-Chan have pretty much stayed the same." Daigo chuckled once again before continuing. "And you promised me you would try to grow some. It's been five years and you look like you've grown maybe one or two." Dagio said. "What's the problem Yugi-Chan?"

"What?" Yugi let slip out before returning to his thoughts. 'Five years?' he asked himself. 'And why is he calling me Chan!' he asked himself angrily while not visibly displaying his frustration. 'It's so embarrassing! It's even worse than when…when…' Yugi stopped his thoughts and his confused and frustrated expression turned into a now blank stare as he remembered the person who regularly referred to him as Chan. 'that was… five years ago.'

Yugi walked up closer to the desk of the person he now believed he knew. "D-Daigo?" Yugi asked somewhat faintly.

Daigo's grin grew once he heard Yugi say his name. "Yo Yugi."

Yugi's eyes shot open and an immeasurable smile graced his face "Daigo-Chan!" Yugi exclaimed as he pulled his cousin into a hug. "You're back" he stated happily almost on the verge of happy tears and caring who in the room saw them.

"Yugi you really haven't changed have you?" Daigo responded happily while patting his cousin's back.

Yugi released his cousin and looked into his eyes which he now recognized. "I just can't believe it." He stated happily before he turned to his friends to see all of their confusion. "Everybody this is Ichijouji Daigo he's my cousin." He stated with a smile.

"Your cousin?" Bakura was the first to ask.

"You didn't recognize your cousin?" Jo asked while ruffling Yugi's hair.

"Hey to be fair I did look a lot different." Daigo said in his cousin's defense. "I was shorter, my hair wasn't nearly as dark or as long, and my eyes were more green."

"Thank you Daigo." Yugi responded.

As the group was laughing and started to become better acquainted with Daigo Mazaki Anzu entered the class now almost full since first period would begin soon, and noticed that all of her friends were crowding around a few desks in the center of the room.

"Hey guys!" she said happily as she approached her friends.

Yugi turned his attention from Daigo from to acknowledge his longtime friend. "Anzu!" Yugi exclaimed. "You'll never guess what-…" Yugi started before Daigo interrupted.

"Anzu-Chan my god!" Daigo blurted out in aw over Anzu's appearance. 'Who knew she would be hot?' he asked himself before ruffling through Yugi's hair. "Why couldn't you grow like she did Yugi?" he asked him.

"Stop teasing me Daigo!" Yugi exclaimed.

"I can't help it" he responded simply.

Upon hearing the unknown boy's name and seeing the banter between him and Yugi a large smile grew on Anzu's face as she recognized her old friend.

"Oh my god Daigo!" Anzu screamed happily and hugged from his desk. "I can't believe you're here!" she exclaimed. "It's been so long!"

"Too long" Daigo said happily.

"When did you get back?" She asked before their teacher had entered the room and the second bell rung.

"I'll tell you later." He responded before Anzu and the rest of the class got settled for the lesson.

Nobody out of Yugi's friends could focus on the lesson.

Otogi was too busy exchanging looks with girls across the room.

Honda was relieved that Jonouchi forgave him for trying too hard to get his younger sister Shizuka to go out with him, he didn't realize how uncomfortable Shizuka was with his attempts and he was happy Jonouchi didn't hurt him as much as he could.

Jonouchi was regretting hurting one of his best friends but he did what he had to in the name of sister.

Bakura was too lost in a world of his own muilitiple thoughts to concentrate.

And of course both Yugi and Anzu were elated that Daigo had returned and began reminiscing about their childhood.

However Yugi was also suprised sbout the amount of affection that Anzu showed, but they were childhood friends who havent seen each other in years so it was normal... right?

Last was Daigo. He of course was so happy to see Yugi and Anzu again, but he was also comtenplating something he saw when Anzu hugged him; jealousy in his cousins eyes. 'This should be fun' he said to himself in a joking matter. He began to image what he and his friends would do, and the group of new friends he perhaps just made. He was very happy however his thoughts took a more serious tone. 'I wish I could return on happier terms.' He said as he reflected on why he was needed to come to earth. 'But I must do my job. Yugi will be safe.' He told himself.

He soon looked to left to Bakura and couldnt help but think about his mission he took on behave of a good friend. 'She said Bakura Ryou.' He said mentally. 'White hair, pale, brown eyes, it all fits.' He said to himself. 'How exactly am i supposed to explain this to him?'

He then began thinking of the explaining he had to. He needed to explain where he was for the past few years and what he has been doing. He knew he could make up suitable answers to dispel curiosity and was not worried. However how was he supposed to explain to Yugi that a criminal organization from deep space was targeting him?

This is my introduction to my first crossover attempt and my first story with an OC so please go easy on me.