Hi, this is my first story here!

It's a Oneshot/Songfic about Allie's first thoughts in Everlost.

The lyrics are in italics. They're from a song called Akatsuki No Kuruma.


Calling to the wind, beneath the trees, I weep into unforgiving earth
My reflection is distorted and I cannot recognize my face

Everything looked muted, the colors a blur, only the grass around her a vibrant green, the only thing that looked alive.

With these strings I play a melody forged in the image of a ghost
Like a shooting star, you disappear, soon gone without a trace

She looks around wildly, confusion whirling into panic.

"Please don't leave me now!"
Desperately I scream

A faint whiff of something sweet catches the breeze.

Another vow tossed into a stream
On which the silent orange blooms sway so aimlessly

Something like…chocolate.

I have saved them all,
Every memory

Chocolate. A mere memory, barely visible.

But now they fall to eternity
They scatter in the wind

But it's real. It comes from somewhere close near her…

Leaving me to strum one more 'goodbye'
One more 'farewell'

She looks around, trying to find the cloyingly sweet aroma.

Like a little child, I long for the warmth of a hand to cling upon
But the blazing wheels of tragedy cast me aside without a care

Where was she?

With these strings I play a melody forged in the image of a ghost
Every note I pluck is agony, deepening my despair

How did she get here?

All my sorrow leaves a stain,
tainting what was pure

Then it all comes rushing back.

and free from pain, warping the allure
of orange blooms I used to watch stir in the summer breeze

The car crash.

Even if I lose
Every memory

The tunnel.

I'll chase them all far across the sea
To blood-stained deserts where

The light.

every breath creates the rhythm of

The collision.

So the earth still turns, and it will never cease, though we may wish it to
But, planted in my mind, an orange flower still blooms in memory of you

The boy.

Waving my goodbye to a crimson sun
I spare a sigh for the things undone

…with a smudge of chocolate on his cheek.

For even now those orange blooms sway on a stream somewhere
And until the peace that I long to hold

She looks around again.

Has found release from its cage of gold
Please do not let your light

And sees him.

Ever die away
So that the Wheel


Of Fate will turn

With chocolate on his face, and somehow she knows it won't go away.