Chapter 5: We're Here

No one spoke for the rest of the long ride. My face did hurt me. It hurt me a lot. I never thought my sister could slap me like that. I don't think my words hurt her though. What I said was right, she obviously needs to stop.

The only noises I could hear was Mom's guitar strumming and Carey snoring. He was sleeping on Irene's lap. I looked at the window and immediately knew we were home.

This should be great but I wouldn't consider it fun.

"We're home!" Mr. B yelled out. I got up and stretched Mom did the same. Irene wakes up Carey. "Carey, sweetie? We're home." Irene whispers.

"Call-ie?" Carey mumbled some chick's name. I shook my head. That would happen every now and there.

Irene shook her head. "No, sweetie. We're home..well we're here at the Phillip's house." Irene says. Carey sits up. He stretches and lets out a big yawn." Mr. B parks the bus.

"Jack? Could you tell your sister we're here?" Mom asked me.

Was she serious? I don't think I'll be talking to Fi after what she's done to me! "Mom? Fi just slapped me across the face. There's no way I'm going in there..."

Mom sighs. She looks at Irene. "Irene?"

"Of course." Irene nods. She leaves the main room to walk to Fi's room.

Carey and I help unload the bus. Fi and Irene finally came out to join us, well only Irene did. Fi just grabbed her own luggages. "Fi? You're not going to help us with the rest?" Carey asked.

"They don't want my help anyways." Fi said, pointing to Mom and I. I shook my head. "Leave her, dude..."

Mom lays a hand on my arm. "Tell me this will get better, Jack?"

All I could do was shrug my shoulders.

We all rest in the living room. It was time for Ned and Carey to pick up Clu at the airport. He'd be coming home for the weekend. I was excited. Maybe he can bring up some comedy to this drama household of ours.

"I feel him near me. I feel him watching over us." Mom announced. Oh please, haven't she done enough crying already? I raised an eyebrow.

"What do you mean?"

Mom looks at me with her curious eyes. "Don't you feel your father around you everywhere you go? It happens all the time when we come home."

"I don't feel a thing." I argued. Truth? I hated talking about my father.

He was dead. There's no way he can come back.

"Sometimes I can even see his face. I can see his lips moving. I have images of him playing his guitar." It had the be the house. Mom really never liked talking about Dad as much as Fi did. "Mom? Can we please talk about something else? Like-where's your next concert going to be?"

There was a moment of silence. Mom looked down on the ground. "I'm so sorry, Jack..."

"You are forgiving." I smile at her.

"Anyone care for some pizza?" Irene asked, changing the subject.

Mom and I laugh. "One large order of pepperoni and one large order of plane cheese." Mom responds. I nodded, in agreement.

Irene nods. She takes out her cell phone from her pocket and excuses her out of the living room.

"I never got to ask you but-how's your cheek?" Mom asked.

"It still hurts." I replied, letting out a big sigh.

"I'm really sorry, baby." Mom smoothes my back. I can tell what she's thinking because I'm thinking the same.


Chapter 6:

I didn't bother to help unload the buss. I was too upset. I didn't regret slapping my brother across the face. He deserved that. I didn't regret yelling at my mother. She defiantly deserved that. I've been laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling for a good thirty minutes. I didn't want to be hoem to tell you the truth. I wanted to be on the bus, touring around the world, and find out why my daddy died.

It wasn't just a car accident. Something killed him and I guess that's why Papa Bear forced my mother to tell me about Daddy. I had a lot on my mind and no one to talk too. This hurts a lot. What will I be doing for the rest of the day or for the rest of the weekend? I can't just hide in my room forever.

A ball of a green light appeared out of my window. It wasn't the will o the wisp. He was crystal clear. It had to be something else. I sat up. I was scared, terrified. I never saw this thing before.

My eyes was wide open when that ball of green light suddenly disappeared but standing in front of me was my Daddy.

"Da-daddy?" I asked. I sat still. I couldn't move.

It was a moment of silence. I didn't start to cry. Daddy nods. "Hello, Fiona."

I questioned myself if this is a dream or reality or all just in my mind. "Daddy!" I smiled.

Daddy moved closer and sat next on my bed, next to me. He laid a hand on my hair and stroked it. "You grew up to be a beautiful young lady."

"Oh, daddy..." That was all I can say. I was in too much of a shock.

"Baby? I'm looking over you. I'm looking over everyone. I know what's going on." Suddenly my smile faded away. I looked down.

"Jack's right. Your mother did the right thing. She's only protecting you." I clear my throat. "Were you scared, Daddy?" I looked at him with my sad eyes which weren't teary tet.

Daddy nods. "Always scared, baby. Always."

"The last thing that I saw really scared me, daddy! There were faces coming out of the walls and everything. Daddy? I tried to get you back. I tried to get you back."

Daddy looked down on the ground. That's when I felt tears flooding from my eyes. "Baby, I'm sorry. I love you, but I can't come back to the real world."

"Why not?" I asked. Daddy shook his head. "Just please be careful, Fiona." I looked at my daddy. He was so serious. "I want you to apologize to Jack and your mom. I don't want you to be angry at them forever..." I felt Daddy kiss me on my cheek. "I have to go." And with that I saw him disappear from my sight.

When will I ever see him again? I have to go down and apologize. I will not let my daddy down.

But what will Mom and Jack think when I tell them about me seeing daddy? They're all going to say 'You were just dreaming, Fiona.

But to me it wasn't a dream...

It felt real.