The gutsy heroic ninja

Another different take on Fate/stay night / Naruto fanfiction

by L33t Horo

Chapter 1: lost/found

I pant, I run...

I feel a trickle of something warm going trough my back and my arms...

it smells of iron...

my vision get's blurry... I feel faint, but I cannot stop, if I do...THEY will catch me





I hear the yelling of the mob, I heard it fainter somehow... even thought I can see (somewhat) the blurry torches they brought with them.

"he is getting over that training area!" another one yelled.

"forget it... he will die there... that's training area 44... the forest of death" one said

"HAHAHAHA! He ran into his own death, how pathetic" the villagers laughed as they took my death for granted.

I felt my life leave me... I moved bit by bit... my body feeling heavier with each step... the forest begins to disappears... I fall into a river or lake... I don't know nor care right now... I feel myself being washed away by the current.

I feel my lungs burning... water enter them.. I want to surface but... I am tired.

Guess... this was my time to die... I had a very short run...

I wish...

I could go back...

To become the Hokage I wanted to be...

To be strong... to be recognized

To find love...

Everything turns black.

"hey! There is a child in there!"

"How did he get here?"

"Ask latter, save the child!" another voice rung

I fell something wrapping around... maybe the angels of heaven came with mercy..

Considering my luck so far... maybe the oni's came for me.

I broke the surface of the water and coughed as I landed heavily in the soft earth

I don't know if I was in heaven... but it felt like it when I saw the beautiful lady in front of me...

I couldn't see her eyes as they where covered with something... but she took a bathed breath she was holding back as I woke up.

"w-who are you?" I ask as I struggle with the words.

"They call me... Rider, but you may call me Medusa" she said "You are lucky Saber heard you struggling"

"S-saber?" Naruto asked

"That would be me" another voice called

I turned to see a young lady in a regal like dress... she held an aura that warmed my cold body right down to the core of my soul.

"While they call me Saber my name is Arthuria, are you alright young one?" she asked

"am... am I dead?" I asked

Medusa swayed her head, "It was a close thing... but you are alive, witch is odd... as only heroic spirits may enter this place"

"H-heroic spirits?" Naruto asked.

"Yes bozu... we are people who our legends shook the world and inspire awe in humans... that is what we are, spirits of heroes long gone... but not forgotten" a male's voice said

"Archer!" Arthuria said.

"Silly girl... can't you say my name right... or has it been so long... Arthuria?" Archer said as he smiled tenderly at the woman.

"Don't get any ideas young-ling... those two are an official couple, that they are" Another voice (female) said.

He turned around to see a smiling face of a beautiful woman... she had long blue hair that reached her shoulders, and had a long braid on one side, her ears looked pointy but held an air of beauty and grace, not unlike the two he had seen before.

"W-W-whoa are you nee-san?" Naruto asked

"calling me nee-san even if I am already of advanced age... how sweet" The lady said with a tender smile "They call me Caster, but you can use my name... Madea" she said as she smiled and patted the young boy's hair.

"Anyways, boya... the question is... how did you find yourself in here in the "throne of heroes"?" Archer asked

"I... I don't know... one minute I was running for my life... then I fall into the lake...then... here I am... I was sure I was about to die" Naruto said

"Oh? We have a live human now? How delightful..." an arrogant sounding voice said.

They all turned to find a man all armored up in gold.

"Gilgamesh, could you stop your arrogance for a while and see what we have here is only but a small boy? Seriously, You may be the first king, but you sure lack manners" a gruffer voice said

Naruto then saw a titanic looking man... he was strong and built like a mountain... yet he held a tad of tenderness.

"My peers calls me Berserker young one, but my name is Herakles (Hercules)... sorry about Gilgamesh... he is sore about "his treasure" being taken by a "no-name beggar"" Berserker said with a hearty chuckle.

Gilgamesh blushed in indignation "O-oi! Don't go around and saying things like that, baka!" he yelled in anger.

Herakles put his hand down and pinned Gilgamesh down... "So... what should we do about this boy?" Herakles asked.

"Oh? What's this? We have a new hero in here? I would like to test him" another voice said.

"Calm yourself... he is not a hero... and he is still very much alive" another voice said.

Naruto saw two men who jumped from the trees, one of them had 2 spear/lance weapons, one was like gold and the other one was red.

The other man held a red barbed lance... he had a dangerous look on him but he was friendly.

The first one had a rather fair looking face.

The one with two lances inspected the boy.

"Doesn't he look a bit short?" he said

"I AM NOT SHORT! I am ONLY 12~!" he yelled.

"Oh my the brat IS short for his age... he needs some food...should we take him to the banquet hall?" the one with the red barbed lance said.

"WHO ARE YOU TWO~?" Naruto yelled in anger at being called short.

"I am sorry young boy, I am Lancer, but my name is Diarmuid" he said with a respectful bow to the boy.

"Osu... I am also a Lancer, I am CĂș Chulainn bozu" he said with a smirk on his face

and then he put his arms on his waist and carried him like luggage.

"eh... wha... HEY STOP THIS!" Naruto said as he flailed around but to no use

And he was carried to a large banquet where many other heroes of legends ate.

Naruto was eating trough the table as if he never had eaten in ages.

"hehehe, the boy has a hearty appetite does he not?" a man with flaming red hair said as he patted his own stomach.

"Alexander... don't be so rude" Medusa said

"Ah... sorry Medusa-chan" he said as he scratched the back of his head.

After eating they sat down and asked the young boy his story on how he came to be here.

He told him about his daily runs from the mobs that formed around... about him living all alone in a little room... and the food he had to eat.

"well... is easy to say what needs to be done here" Archer said.

"Indeed...Shirou... do you think so too?" Arthuria asked to Archer.

"Ahh... what do you guys say?" Shirou asked.

"If you, a mongrel and faker could make it... I don't see why not... seeing a new hero in the making... trained by heroes of a past long gone and nearly gone... it makes me shiver in anticipation on what we shall unleash" Gilgamesh said with a smirk.

"Yes... but we must take care of the poor boy's heart and soul, he has been trough much already" Madea said.

"Is as the princess says, I shall leave the heart to you princess... and the soul to Medusa as she has the skill to help him heal" Diarmuid said.

"Eh?" Naruto was confused on what was going on.

"Well kid, we here will train you till Madea can find a way to send you back to your land" Shirou said with a smile.

Naruto smiled and accepted, if they were heroes of time lost... maybe he could learn a thing or two with them.

"We shall start in the morning... for now rest... as you seem close to passing out" Shirou said as Naruto's vision blurred.

Rider came and caught him on her arms.

"sleep wheel little one" Medusa said.

And Naruto sleep for the first time on a decent bed.

The next morning

Naruto woke up and found himself still in this strange land... but he didn't complain... he was about to receive instruction by heroes themselves.

The first up was the Lancer pair, they trained him to be fast and agile.

Naruto had a long way to reach their level... as the days progressed he managed to touch the hem of their clothing... and so they passed to teach him about the weapons they were famous for... the lance.

"Come here Naruto-bozu! STRIKE TO KILL COME ONE COME ON!" Cu yelled as he parried and dodged Naruto's attack attempts with ease as he walk walking in a park.

Naruto roared as he swiped and tried to stab him... however Cu only twirled his lance and knocked Naruto's out of his hand.

"And you are dead... not bad.. you lasted 10 seconds... that's 2 seconds more since last week" Cu said.

Naruto panted as he dropped to his knees.

"Oi woman! Is your turn now" Cu yelled

"I have a name you know" Rider said as she jumped into the clearing and landed on all fours.

"Naruto-kun., now we learn to fight on hand to hand.. and you will learn to wield weapons like mine... in this case, chains" Medusa said.

Naruto used the agility he had gained from training with the lancers.

It was no match for Medusa's attacks, Naruto managed to avoid it, but nearly felt his stomach leave his body by a kick she delivered.

Naruto spend the week training with Rider, Naruto's body begun to toughen up, he learned to counterattack Rider's weapon, and sensed new things... the air and how it changed... the way to move ones body to alter their direction in midair.

Naruto then after a few weeks managed to capture Medusa... who smiled at Naruto's progress...

It was the turn of Archer/Shirou.

"Listen to me kid, what I will show you is a unique technique that only I can use... is a technique to recreate any weapon or armor... that is my one and only skill, I will teach it to you... but to learn it you need to clear your mind... as this technique requires you to imagine the weapon, to feel the elements that make it up and the age and the skills and ability and the story of it" Shirou said

Shirou begun to drill him on tracing sorcery... they all noticed the immense potential Naruto had in power, but unfortunately other sorcery was beyond him due to how his power was formed, and where it originated from.

After a while he was to train with Arthuria, who pounded the fundamentals of swordsmanship to him, while Gilgamesh showed him his most powerful pieces... and taught him how to use them... the hard way.

"Move Faster mongrel!" he said as he beat up Naruto with yet another sword "I can kill you a hundred times over" Gilgamesh yelled as he pulled a chain from his armory and snared Naruto and smashed him against the ground.

Time passed and Caster found a way to send him back... they all said their farewells to the blond boy.

Shirou came in and presented Naruto a new outfit... one that was like Shirou's... he gave him one with white and blue and the other of orange accents.

"Th... thanks a lot Shirou-niisan!" he said as he hugged the white haired knight

Saber then gave him something else...

"Saber... that's..." Shirou said

"Yes... is a gift worth giving to the kid that became like a surrogate son to me" Saber said with a tender smile, in her hands Avalon.

Medusa gave him a blindfold like hers and gave him a the ballerophon... it was an inferior copy but it should hold the same as the original... but reduced by a rank and a kiss on the cheek

Caster gave him a few items to protect himself and reinforce his body and restore his health, along with some books on mythological weapons...

Cu and Darmuid both game him a copy of their weapons.

"Take the name of Lancer and ride the battlefield like a force of Nature boozu" Cu said

With that he hugged the last remaining girls as he approached the portal made by Caster... but he did not leave before other friends of his... the other servants and mentors.

"Goodbye... and thank you" Naruto said as he stepped forward into the portal... and the world went white.

Thought many months had passed in the world Naruto was in... only a few weeks had passed from where he was once.

He remembered Shirou's words...

"Use the skill I taught you and polish it... when you are ready you will learn what that skill can really do... though it might be useless, this technique is a step from my real technique... I can't teach you that one because it has to be born from within" Shirou said.

"within?" Naruto questioned.

"Yes... is a technique that is born from within your own soul" Shirou said.

"H...hai" Naruto said not understanding it very well.

"GYYYYH!" a strange sound came as Naruto stepped deeper into the forest.

A bunch of giant leaches jumped from the trees intent on sucking Naruto dry of blood.

"Trace on" Naruto said.

With one hand he called forth a claymore and swiftly cut the leeches down in a swing with a twin sword of darkness and light.

Naruto proceeded to walking into the forest to get to the exit

"Trace on" Naruto said once more as he traced a bow like Shirou had.

He readied his bow as he got into a stance.

A single sword appeared into his bow... it would be unlikely to use such a thing in such a manner.

He grunted in strain as he was pulling the sword back to fire it away.

He still hasn't developed the strength to pull it as easily as Shirou did... but this will do at the time being.

He shot the sword out as it killed the weird creature waiting for him deep into the forest.

Naruto then shot out as fast as he could as to not loose time... he reinforced his legs...

He reinforced his eyes and ears as well... he could hear all of nature and see pretty far away now.

The trudged the forest until he got to the gate... Naruto then dashed to the gate and scaled it by sheer leg power, drilled into his very being by the two Lancers.

He jumped the gate and landed like Medusa did.

"I made it" Naruto said as he looked around.

"Oi! You! Stop intruder!" a voice rang out.

So much for the stealth part... well Alexander never cared for it... as he would say

"CHARGE AND TO HELL WITH ANYONE IN YOUR WAY!" he always said with a hearty laught

Naruto saw the person coming and vanished using sheer speed alone.

When the ninja arrived he only saw a small patch of freshly moved dirt where the 'intruder' was.

Naruto was glad it was only a week... since he was out of the academy for the holiday, but he was a tad annoyed what Shirou told him.


"Naruto, if possible don't use my technique until you become a full fledged ninja... I don't want people thinking to use you as a weapon, or trying to study you and learn them for themselves, but you can use it when no one is looking" Shirou told him.

"Aww... but with it I could have pass the test so easily" Naruto said.

"Yes, but it will improve your own skills besides this one... but once you graduate use it as you see fit... I only ask that you use it responsibly, that is all Naruto" Shirou said as he smiled and patted his head.

Flashback end

"Well that's all fine and all... but I need to get home" Naruto said as he ran trough the village so fast that he was but a blur.

Naruto laughed as he jumped to the roofs and jumped from building to building... this speed made him feel free and once with the wind, no wonder the lancers where the way they were... laid back and collected.. but ready for a fight at a moments notice.

The sense of freedom.

He reached his house and opened it... he was welcomed to his small apartment, his ramen cups and his messy bed...

It was tomorrow the test that would determine if he became a ninja or not.

"Well... time to sleep... is as Arthuria-nee chan said "tiredness is the enemy", is it not?" Naruto said as he tough fondly of the woman.

He went to bed as the spirits of the heroes kept watch of him from the heavens above.

The next morning

Naruto woke up and found his 2 new clothes, but decided against it... he would only put them on ONLY once he became a ninja... out of respect, he decided to put his old outfit.

"uhmm... is time to get ready" he washed his face and brushed his teeth.

With that he opened his door and shot out... in his old speed.


"Bozu... let me tell you a little something about fighting... going wild and all out is fine and all... but you always want to confuse the enemy... what's your top speed, your top strength... you intelligence, keep it all under wraps and slowly begin to unravel it to antagonize and confound the enemy... peace yourself" Cu said.

"Indeed, but remember to never stop being chivalrous... if an enemy is down and can't continue, be the better man and stop, if a woman is hurt tend to her wounds... if a child is crying help him ease his troubles..." Diarmuid said.

"Chech... stop putting weird notions on his head" Cu said annoyed.

"Anyways brat... the king is speaking to you and listen well... since we can no longer come to the world of the living since the item that allowed us back is long gone... I... got something for you" Gilgamesh said as he looked embarrassed.

Naruto looked at Gilgamesh as he had a golden orb on his hand and shoved into Naruto's gut.

"This is my gift to you... you will be bale to get the only sword in my armament that can destroy anything... the Ea..." Gilgamesh said "Use it only if you enemy can't be defeat an any other way... as it can destroy the world as you know it"

Flashback end

Naruto walked back to the class... the class looked at him in contempt but nonetheless went in.

He took class and he was ready to go... until...

"Uzumaki Naruto... please perform the bunshin no jutsu" one of the proctors Mizuki said

Naruto grinned his teeth... for some reason simple jutsus did not work with him

"Bunshin no jutsu" Naruto cried out.

The results were abysmal... he managed to make 2 bunshins... but they looked so badly made it was a joke.

"You fail" said the proctor.

Naruto grinned his teeth in anger... and left class...

Later that night

He was looking at the stars at night, thinking of the people who took their time to build him as he is... only to fail in a miserable test.

"Ah, there you are Naruto" Mizuki said as he greeted the young boy

Naruto sighed... he was angry he failed... and got yelled by Iruka.

"Uhmmm Iruka doesn't hate... but he sees a lot of himself in you... after all he is an orphan just like yourself" Mizuki said

"If you want to pass so badly... I know of a secret test... would you like to hear about it?" Mizuki said.

Later that night

Naruto was sneaking around the Hokage's tower looking for the item in question described by Mizuki


"If you wish to graduate... you have to learn a single jutsu from the scrolls of forbidden jutsus" Mizuki said

Flashback end

"Eh? What are you doing in my tower so late at night" the hokage asked

Naruto vanished as he hit him on the back with the flat of the sword he traced.

"Gomen... I am soooo sorry old man" Naruto said as he vowed many times.

With that he jumped from the window as he felt the air rush trough his skin.

He moved quickly as he went to the training spot prepared by Mizuki.

"uhmm... let's see... kage bunshin? Looks a lot like tracing! This should be fun!" Naruto said as he poured himself into learning the jutusu unaware of the commotion he created.

As the night went on and Naruto practiced Iruka came and found him.

"Naruto? What are you doing?" Iruka asked

"Ah! Iruka-sensei! I did it, I learned a jutsu, you HAVE to pass me!" Naruto said in delight.

"Eh? Who told you this?" Iruka asked confused.

"Eh? Mizuki-sensei did" Naruto said.

Then they both realized they had been had...


The sound of a sharp object spinning in the air.

"trace on" Naruto whispered.

He threw a couple shuriken at Mizuki who was nearly impaled by them.

"Not bad brat... but is really unsightly of a monster like you to be able to surpass us humans" Mizuki said as he looked at Naruto with 'that look'

Naruto panted as he was tired... he exhausted his chakra...

Naruto panted.

"You know why everyone despises you?" Mizuki asked.

Naruto looked at him.


"There is a law... one that everyone knows... everyone but you" Mizuki said as he had a sadistic gleam in his eyes.

"Everyone... but me?" Naruto asked

"Uhu... its because of the incident 12 years ago... you see the hokage couldn't defeat the demon... so he sealed... the fact is... YOU ARE THE 9 TAILED FOX DEMON!" Mizuki yelled.

Naruto shivered in rage... never being told of such a thing... was he really a demon?

Naruto enraged speed up without thinking with the scroll at hand.

He jumped from tree to tree with ease, surprising both Mizuki and Iruka.

Naruto then hid as Mizuki and Iruka ducked it out.

Naruto saw how Iruka fought against Mizuki... but he was skewered by shurikens and kunai...

"pathetic... you know what Naruto is doing right now don't you? He is a demon, he is learning every single jutsus to get his revenge... he is just like me... he wants power" Mizuki said.

"Naruto... is nothing like you... he is a screw-up and always loud... but he works very had for anything he can get... no, Naruto isn't a demon... he is a proud citizen of Konha" Iruka said.

Naruto then appeared in front of Iruka as Mizuki let loose a giant shuriken.

"TRACE ON!" Naruto yelled

A golden sword appeared as it hit against the shuriken... completely annihilating it.

"Step away from Iruka-sensei... or I'll kill you" Naruto said as a twin set of swords appeared on his hands.

Mizuki looked at him... were did he got the swords from... he did not have them in his person... where did they come from.

Naruto threw the twin swords at him but they missed... he rushed towards Naruto...

He smirked.

"Idiot" Naruto said as he stretched his arm and a weapon appeared on his hand.

Mizuki had to jumped as he avoided the blades...

One of them slashed his left check while the other his right leg.


The area was covered in clones of Naruto.

"So... what's wrong? Come one... or could it be... you are scared?" Naruto said

He positioned himself like Cu did... a red spear appeared on his hands...

He smirked as his clones sweep the floor with his leg as he took a wide stance to prepare

"Gae bulg!" he yelled as the clones yelled in turn... Mizuki jumped and avoided the attack... but then...

"You can't dodge it... idiot" Naruto said as the spear twisted itself and impaled in his heart, shocking Iruka and Mizuki.

The other clones begun to pierce and cut around his body...

The clones smirked as the lance disappeared... Mizuki gasped as he coughed up blood. He saw the injury in his chest and tried to heal it by taking a blood pill, blood continued to flow from the wound.

"Don't try to heal it... it won't work... this lance was a gift given to me... this lance's abilities makes your heart wounded and not being able to be healed unless I say so" Naruto said.

Mizuki gasped in pain and passed out from the loss of blood.

Naruto looked at his teacher... "Sorry Iruka-sensei... can you please not tell anyone about this?" Naruto said as his lance vanished.

"Naruto...close your eyes" Iruka said.

Naruto was confused and closed them.

He felt a soft fabric on his forehead.

"Congratulations... graduate" Iruka said with a smile

Naruto hugged him as they made it back home... with the traitor in tow.

End chapter 1

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