Kurt and Blaine's Second Kiss

So, this isn't a sequel to Kurt and Blaine's First Kiss. If I do that, I'll add another chapter to that one rather than post a sequel. That was a one-shot, but you never know. Of course I have to finish Rachel Chooses Blaine's Original Song first, before I run off on anything else, with my extremely limited time to write (grrrr almost as frustrating as only one Klaine kiss per year)! Do let me know what you'd most want to see, though!

I do feel the need to point out that Brad Falchuk is a genius writer and director, so if he was given restrictions on how much gay affection they could show on-screen without sponsors pulling out, he worked within that framework to come up with miracles. That scene in the coffee shop was perfectly done to make it clear that those two have tons of development in their relationship we never see (the lead characters on this show are Rachel and Will, so the show is primarily ABOUT them after all, and none of the other characters have every beat of their relationships covered anyway, of course) and that they are clearly great at communicating with each other already, and that they quite apparently already knew they were naturally at this point of saying "I love you" to each other, so it didn't shock either one of them. It didn't even fluster either one of them or require any excitement. They just already knew.

As my friend Marte says: "Let me say that I loved those couple of seconds of silence after Blaine said "I love you". No panic, no further explanation or rambling, nothing more than 'okay, it's out there now' and Kurt responding in that same calm way. Loved it."

Go read Marte's story that got me through my Klainekisslessness angst yesterday! (BTW, "Klainekisslessness" is her word! Hahahaha) She wrote an awesome alternate New York episode full of Klaine, prior to the episode airing, simply out of worry that there might be no Blaine at all in the finale. It's awesome. It's called "Kurt and Blaine in New York" by Marte.

This one is me pouring out my hopes and dreams for how a gay couple should be treated exactly the same way the other couples on the same show are treated. I may go a bit overboard… But hey, HOW MANY bedroom scenes and empty classroom scenes do all the other couples get on this show? Right? So. Here we go. Kurt and Blaine getting the same treatment, with no sponsors to object, dammit!


Never Blame It On The Alcohol

Burt walked up the stairs with his eyes still on the cookbook, reading through a recipe and calling for Kurt's help to decipher its mysteries.

"In here, Dad!"

As he nudged the bedroom door with his shoulder and looked up from his new wife's old cookbook, he saw his son at the vanity mirror spreading some concoction or another on his face, obviously in the middle of his morning skin-care routine.

"Oh good, you're up. I need your help downstairs… what is a 'sheered' egg? Is that like a sheered sheep? What am I supposed to d…"

He was cut off mid-sentence by the stirring of another person in the room. His louder tones had awoken Blaine out of his slumber and out of the tumbled pile of blankets that had been camouflaging the presence of a human there until this very handsome (dangerously so, and gay too, damn it) one sat up and immediately realized he had an enourmous hangover headache and could barely see straight. Great. The kid was holding his head in his hand now and covering an eye as though he was in a lot of pain. He hasn't even begun to know what pain is if he so much as thought about talking about thinking about touching his son.

"Kurt. Downstairs. Now."

Downstairs, the scene played out just as you would expect. Just as any teenager would put their parent's mind at ease. Nothing had happened, duh, look how hung over he is, I made him leave his car there, etc. etc.

Flushed and heart racing, feeling guilty for as-good-as lying to his Dad for the first time ever, Kurt practically ran up the stairs back to his room. He shut his door and leaned against it, panting.

Blaine rose quickly from the edge of the bed where he had been nursing his aching head, realizing half way to Kurt that he had stood up way too fast but not caring as long as he could keep from falling over onto his best friend. "Kurt, what's up?"

His friend's hand on his shoulder instantly stopped Kurt's heart from racing and brought it down to a more steady pattern of… AND it's racing again. But in a better way. He handed the glass of water to him and opened the aspirin bottle, shaking two out and handing those over as well. "I can't believe I just – kind of – lied to my Dad!"

"Why kind of? What were you talking about?"

"Uh… US, duh! He didn't expect to see you in my bed and he was about as happy as he would have been if he had caught a girl naked in Finn's bed."

"Kurt… I wasn't naked. And nothing happened. You didn't have anything to lie about. So what was he asking you about?"

"Oh my god. Blaine…. I…. OK…. Maybe I didn't make you drink enough water before you fell asleep, so you deserve the headache, but I didn't think you were drunk enough to actually forget last night?"

Blaine pulled Kurt onto the bed to sit with him, and kept an arm around his shoulders. He leaned in jostling Kurt sideways with him and back, just to make him smile, and then said, "I remember everything. I just don't know what about it you would consider 'something happened' for your report to your Dad."

Understanding dawned on Kurt. It had all been friendly last night. It had all been just two friends caring for each other, getting each other safely home and to bed, with maybe a little more tenderness than normal, which often happens to anyone in certain situations like sickness or sadness or simply alcohol. Ah. So Blaine took nothing from it. That's OK. That's good, actually. I wouldn't want my first Blaine kiss to have been that anti-climactic anyway. "Well, his new rule is that our overnight visitors, at least in the same bed, have to be separated by sexual orientation, not gender. No girls for Finn and no gay boys for me. At least until I'm 30."

"Kurt. Thanks." He handed Kurt the water glass. "For everything."

Uh, oh. Well, damn. There was something in those hazel eyes and that inescapably expressive face as he said that. It made Kurt's heart rebelliously ignore his logical mind and begin to hope again… there was something there, something perhaps below the surface, something that maybe Blaine wasn't sure of yet or wasn't ready to fully understand yet, but it was there. Well anyway, it made Kurt wonder. And it made his mind run through the events of last night in a flash, as though there were a recap film of it playing in his head along with clips of the song he and Blaine had sung loudly in the car on the way home and softly on the stairs and in the bedroom…

I am in misery,

There ain't nobody who can comfort me, oh yeah…

Why don't you answer me?

Your silence is slowly killing me! Oh yeah.

Blaine was hamming it up as badly as he always does, causing Kurt to have to force himself to pay attention to the road instead of being distracted by the abundance of cuteness next to him flailing about. He could barely sing he was laughing so hard from Blaine's antics and his pawing at Kurt pretending to beg for him to stop breaking his heart. Oh, so cute and funny. To make it even worse, the crazy guy twisted his body up out of his seat to put his face up in front of the dang windshield right in front of Kurt's vision, singing even louder his own take on the song:

BOY, you really got me bad, you really got me bad,

BOY, I'm gonna get you back, I'm gonna get you back.

After whispering the song up the stairs and into the bathroom where Kurt handed Blaine a spare toothbrush, Kurt heard Blaine's voice through the bathroom door gradually by gradually getting a bit louder, and a bit louder, until by the end he was worried about the rest of the house waking up, and went to close his bedroom door to block his crazy friend's voice:

I'm desperate and confused,

So far away from you,

I'm getting THERE,

And with that, Blaine had burst through the bathroom door looking around "desperately" for his lost love, and catapulted himself onto Kurt, whereupon both of them burst out laughing, with Kurt stopping to put his finger over Blaine's lips, whispering too loudly, "Shhhhh! Shhh, Shhhh, Shhhh….. We'll wake everyone up! Blaine, stop! Hahahahahah!" Blaine did not stop, but kept tickling Kurt until he fell down onto the bed.

He crawled onto the bed over Kurt, and either confused or editing for effect, repeated (much more quietly this time, which was kind of… uh… sexy…) the lines:

You say your faith is shaken,

Well you might be mistaken,

You keep me wide awake and waiting for the sun…

Oh, man, he was hovering over him almost touching bodies, and gazing right into his eyes and Kurt could feel and taste his breath on his lips as he sang those lines and for all the world it seemed like he was about to kiss Kurt. Anyone watching this scene unfold in this room right here would be on the edges of their seats thinking (or quietly chanting to themselves or even shouting and jumping up and down throwing cushions around the room or hugging their friends while shouting) "Kiss him! Oh my gosh… Kiss him! Kiss him kiss him kiss him KISS HIM!"

Kurt's heart was racing and he was just taking in the gorgeous eyes and lips and cheekbones and eyebrows and the expression on his face and trying to shake the rosey-colored glasses off of his eyes to try to see what might really be going on his friend's mind as he sang this over him, his minty freshly-brushed teeth not quite masking the scent of the copious amounts of alcohol he had consumed so recently.

His rational analysis was decisively certain that this boy's eyes were not quite focused as they normally would be, and his movements are not quite as assured and precise as they always are. Still, he did nothing to STOP the guy from drunkenly unintentionally seducing him. They could have their fun with innocently flirting and blame it on the alcohol. So all he did was reach up to bop Blaine on the nose with his finger and then proceed to tickle him as Blaine naturally closed his eyes and laughed at the nose-bop. As soon as he was being tickled, he fell over onto the bed next to Kurt and launched a counter-attack.

Kurt quickly got up and ran into the bathroom for his turn to brush his teeth, slamming the door shut for safety from the tickle monster. Kurt is VERY ticklish and that was not something Blaine needed to find out quite yet.

On his way to bed, singing softly under his breath a reprise of, "Boy, you really got me bad, you really got me bad…" Kurt noticed that Blaine was already asleep, and taking up a bit more than half the bed. He got under the blanket and tried not to disturb Blaine as he formed his body into the bed around Blaine, so he could meld into the available space without touching the boy and waking him up. "I'm… gonna get you back…" And as he settled in to just the right curve, he heard ever so softly coming from that slightly deeper voice, "I'm gonna get you back."

Instead of making more room for him, (you'd think that since it turned out he was awake after all that he'd notice he was taking up most of the bed at the time) Blaine turned over to face Kurt, upon which Kurt promptly fell out of the bed.

Bursting into laughter, Blaine followed him and popped his head over the edge of the bed to look down at the giggling, shushing-him, struggling-to-get-up boy on the floor. He scooted a bit further off the side of the bed so he could offer his arm, and grabbed Kurt's hand, unnecessarily dragging him up onto the bed which Kurt could have far more easily crawled right back into on his own.

As soon as he got Kurt safely back into his bed, Kurt reached over him and pulled the blanket up over them and tucked it around Blaine, and it was just natural for Blaine to give him a little peck of a kiss goodnight.

Who knows what Blaine had been planning on saying or doing or any other reason why he had originally turned to face Kurt after singing that last line of the song, and perhaps even Blaine didn't know. Maybe he had only wanted to laugh at having sung that last line and say goodnight, is all. It doesn't matter, because the order of the rest of the night was the both of them facing each other, laughing softly and trying to stop so they could sleep, and either Kurt or Blaine saying "shhhhhhushhh!" and patting the other on the head or smoothing the other's hair or rubbing the other's arm or shoulder, in a more tender way than friends normally would, but in a way that said "stop laughing and go to sleep!"

Well, as the memory was flashing in this recap movie through Kurt's head the next morning after seeing something but who knows what in those hazel eyes, he remembered that most of the time last night, those caresses seemed to say something more along the lines of "stop laughing and go to sleep, darling…."

OK, before I post the next one, I'll give you a link to an article that quotes the interview in which Chris Colfer mentioned that they had filmed another kiss. I remember seeing the interview but haven't been able to find it again on YouTube to give you a link to that! The interview took place after Original Song aired, and before A Night of Neglect aired. I WISH I could remember who was interviewing him. Of course, remove the spaces. www . pinkisthenewblog . com / 2011 / 03 / chris-colfer-reveals-that-another-kurt-blaine-kiss-is-coming-to-glee/

Also, if you haven't watched the Klaine kiss reaction videos that tons of fans posted on YouTube, you should! They totally make you laugh and cry all over again! It's so much fun! Especially the brothers and sisters watching together. It's all so cool. Here's a link: watch / ? v = p J34b0Rm VaM