Title: Finding a loophole in an Alpha order

Author: Lacrymosa_91

Fandom: Twilight

Pairing: Jacob/Paul/Jared; Jacob/Paul

Rating: NC-17 ~ M

Beta-ed by: the wonderful ReluctantOptimist

Declaimer: I do not own any of the recognizable characters, plots or conceptions of Twilight, unfortunately. They belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Summary: Jared learns from first hand that Jacob has amasing talent for finding ways around Alpha orders, especially when he has Paul as motivation.


The heat is so unbearable that it is almost surreal. It could honestly be called one of the hottest summers that La Push has had in decades. It was so hot that an egg could practically be fried on the sidewalk, and Jared would've put money on it that he could bake cupcakes on his chest.

Needless to say, being a shape shifter and having body temperature running higher than that of the average person, was not a big advantage in his current situation.

The old truck bounced lazily down the dusty road as the three boys in the backseat prayed they got to the house before they melted. Everyone in the car had fallen into a drowsy, dormant stupor—well except for Emily, who was humming silently to herself and looking through the open window, a huge, happy smile on her face. She really enjoyed the sun and the change of the weather.

"Eww, Quil! Move over!" Embry huffed, jabbing the boy on his left in the ribs. "I can't breathe, and you're fucking dripping on me!"

"Oh, really! Guess what…I am not the only one who is sweating here!"

Jared just groans and scowls. His sweaty, bare back is plastered against the old leather covers of the seat, and he feels so hot, and sticky, and uncomfortable that he barely manages to suppress the urge to jump through the window of the truck and run to the house. It seemed like a better option than putting up with the hellish heat inside the car, and the constant bickering and whining from the other two.

"Move," Embry hissed, vexed. "It's too damn hot!"

"Well, believe it or not, Embry…" Quil retorts as he brushes his fingers through his damp hair. "I am not dying to be here, either! I don't enjoy sweating like a pig and being squeezed between two dripping with sweat guys!" The boy growls with irritation, his voice rising slightly. "So quit whining, 'cause you're starting to piss me off!"

Embry just roars and punched him in the shoulder, which only results in Quil grabbing at the other shifter's hand and twisting it harshly.

"Ahh, fucker!" Embry whines as he tries to pull his hand free from the vice like grip.

"What'd you say?"

"That's enough!" Sam growled in a low voice from the driver's seat. "Shut up and stop bugging each other like five year olds!"

"But, Quil…"

"Quiet, Embry!" The Alpha demands, not tearing his gaze from the road even for a second.

"Yeah Embry, shut the fuck up!" Quil smirked, elatedly, and he sticks his tongue out at his friend childishly.

"You too, Quil!"

"But Sam, Embry is…"

"Okay! You two are taking Jacob and Jared's shift for the evening!" The Alpha grounded, his fingers curling tighter around the steering wheel. The boys' relentless complaining and teasing starting to get to his nerves.

"That's not fair!" Embry exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air.

"Say another word and you and Quil are taking mine and Paul's too!"

Embry inhales deeply, reading himself to protest again, but before he can say anything, Quil's hand clasps over his mouth. Jared chuckled lightly when he sees Embry trashing and wiggling until Quil hisses at him and pinches his thigh—which seems enough to finally silence him.

The moment Sam parked the truck in front of the house all three boys almost yell with contentment and relief. They practically jump out of the car as if it was on fire. Quil, Jared and Embry were so happy to have escaped the torture of the leather seats clinging and pulling on their bare skins, and the merciless sun that beamed in through the windows that they had nearly forgotten they had to help with the groceries, until Sam reminded them.

They all huffed and puffed while grabbing bags from the truck and headed for the little house. Emily takes a bag of lemons and smiles warmly when Quil stares at it with a hopeful expression on his face.

"I'll make fresh lemonade for you boys!" She whispers cheerfully.

"With lots of ice?"

"…with lots of ice." Emily chuckles lightly when Quil grabs the bag from her hands.

"Here, let me help you!" He smiled and makes his way to the house. The thought about fresh, ice cold lemonade and the huge bucket of ice cream they had managed to cadge from Sam, made him forget about his irritation from a few minutes ago.

Embry walked close behind him, a huge sack of flour hoisted over his shoulder while Sam and Jared unloaded the rest of the groceries from the truck.

Jared walked languidly behind Sam, who hurriedly caught up with Emily, the Alpha's hand wrapping around the young woman's waist in a gentle and caring manner.

Jared sighed. He wonders if it's possible to feel so tired and limp when all day he had barely done anything. He just thought it was better to assume that it must be from the heat. It just does not have a good effect on him. His grip around the bags in his hands tightens as he shook his head and forced himself to ignore the drowsiness that starts to overwhelm his whole body.

Jared is completely startled and confused when a choked yelp pulls him out of his sluggish stupor. His bent, till now, head snaps up at the direction of the house and he sees how everyone has gathered in front of the door as if hesitating whether to come in or not.

He realizes that the yelp has come from Emily but Quil and Embry are not far behind, they both are gasping and cursing under their noses. His legs start to move much more briskly when his curiosity is awakened by the others' strange behavior and he wonders what actually is going on.

Jared jogs to the house without even realizing that he is still carrying the groceries as his breathing quickens up with excitement. What can be so shocking that it freezes everybody in their places?

Well, he had expected anything, but definitely not this. The moment Jared pushes his way between Embry and Quil and peeks over Sam's shoulder his breath catches in his throat.

There, right on the kitchen table, he sees his best friend and one of his pack brothers in a rather compromising position. Jacob and Paul are actually having sex in Sam's home, on Sam's wooden kitchen table, the table at which the pack has eaten on thousands of times.

Jared vaguely notices that Emily has buried her face in Sam's shoulder and Embry and Quil have covered their eyes, simply because he is so enthralled and fascinated that he can muster neither the will nor the tact to cover his eyes and look away like the others had.

Jacob is standing upright, his pants around his ankles, eyes tightly closed as his hips are moving in fast, rhythmical motions, driving into the other boy lying limply across the table.

In his entire life, Jared could've sworn that he had never seen Paul look so ecstatic and fervently delirious. He has never seen his friend in the heat of passion and wanton pleasure and the simple witnessing of it astounds him deeper than he could have ever expected.

The two boys on the table are so focused on each other, so caught into their little private world laced with shimmering, severe and heated ecstasy that they don't even notice the others' presence.

Paul's quivering thighs are wide spread, his hands gripping desperately at the edges of the table and his ankles hooked over Jacob's shoulders. The only sound filling the stuffy room is the harsh creaking of the wooden table, which almost gives out under the power of Jacob's thrusts, and the boys' barely audible moans of fervent rapture.

Through wide eyes, Jared watches how Paul's back arches harshly from the table as the boy's whole body twitches with need and yen, Jacob's swift movements making Paul gasp, and shudder.

"G-god, Jake!" Paul moans between choked pants. "J-just f-finish me!"

At the sound of Paul's trembling with lust voice Jared feels his throat going dry and his guts clenching in a weird but strangely familiar way. But before he can dwell on the reaction of his own body Embry's high pitched exclamation knocks him out of his stupor.

"Shit!" Embry yelps when he removed his hands from his eyes at the sound of Paul voicing his pleasure, only to cover his face a second later with a jerky, clumsy movement. Jared hasn't even noticed when Embry has thrown the sack of flour by the door.

Quil groans as he drops the bag of lemons on the floor in order to cover his ears, his eyes tightly shut. And Jared hears Emily whispering something against Sam's chest as Jacob and Paul finally pull apart.

Embry's yelp had proven enough to get their attention as the boys spring apart with harsh, choke gasps, eventually realizing that they are not alone.

Paul jumps from the table, grabs his cutoffs from the floor and presses the piece of clothing to this crotch, covering his private lower regions. Jacob just stands there, eyes wide and mouth gaping as he hesitantly cups his swollen erection against his stomach.

"OUT!" Sam roars throatily and Jared sees how Emily flinches in the Alpha's arms, scared by the harsh growl. "Get the fuck out of my house!"

Jacob and Paul stay completely frozen, staring at Sam with flushed faces, eyes wide with shock and confusion. Their lack of action irritates the Alpha even more as his chest rumbles with a low, annoyed snarl and he scowls as he leads Emily away from the door and on the verandah—a safe distance. And even though her palms are pressed against her face Jared can see that the young woman's cheeks are marred by a deep, crimson red blush.

With determined, fast strides Sam darts back in and dashes to Jacob and Paul. He grabs them by their ears and the boys cringe and hiss with pain as the Alpha starts dragging them out of the house.

In their attempt to move away from the door and out of the way of the furious Sam, Quil and Embry scrambled and pushed at each other, which only results in them falling all over the place, the lemons scattered all over the floor and the verandah. The boys fall heavily in a heap of legs and arms as they cuss, groan and jab each other in the sides.

Sam doesn't even notice, and he strides over their entangled bodies without even slowing down as he drags Jacob and Paul by the ears while the two boys whine and stumble after him.

The Alpha pulls the two younger shifters down the stairs and practically shoves them towards the meadow. The moment Sam lets go of Jacob's ear the boy trips over his shorts, which are still wrapped around his ankles, and falls on the ground. Paul doesn't manage to keep his balance either as he falls on the soft, heated from the sun grass, his naked butt hitting the ground first.

Jared stands on the verandah next to Emily, who finally musters the braveness to peek through her fingers only to gasp and squeeze her eyes shut again when she sees the completely naked boys rolling on the meadow in front of her house.

With lots of whines and growls Quil and Embry manage to straighten up and they all stare at Sam who is standing right in front of the still very shocked and obviously startled Jacob and Paul.

"GET DRESSED!" Sam roars and Jared flinches from the loud and harsh roar even though it's not intended for him.

Jacob groans as he stands up, pulls his shorts up his legs and hoists them around his hips with clumsy, hesitant movements. Paul is slower as he tries to put his cutoffs on but his balance fails him again and he reels backwards. In an instant Jacob tries to approach the other boy, ready to help him and catch him before he falls, but Sam's snarl makes him freeze in his place.

"Don't touch him! Stay where you are, Jacob!"

Jacob scowls with irritation, but he does stay still even though it's rather reluctantly, and he watches how Paul staggers slightly on his feet but after a second manages to regain his balance and puts his pants on.

Heavy silence falls over the meadow in front of the little house; the only sound echoing through the hot stuffy air is Sam's harsh breathing and the hollow roars which rumble inside his wide chest.

"Sam, we…" Jacob tries and these simple words seem to enrage Sam completely.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT? What did you think you were doing!" He roars through clenched teeth, his hands clenching into tight fists by his sides. "How dare you!"

"We didn't…" Paul tries this time, but Sam is too furious and engorged with fiery to listen.

"You think that you can just come to my house…" The Alpha roars throatily. "In my kitchen? And screw each other like some rabbits in heat on my fucking table!"

Both Jacob and Paul flinch. They all know that Sam never curses, but in this moment he looks so enraged and angry that he is completely unpredictable. Jared looks for a moment on his left and sees Embry and Quil giggling and discussing ardently the situation. They obviously find the brawl rather amusing.

"Holly fuck, Jake!" Quil manages to exclaim, barely fighting the urge to erupt in fits of laughter. "You still got a boner, man! Can't something put you off?"

Jacob just roars and puts his hands in front of his crotch, as a deep scowl marred his flushed with embarrassment face.

"Not when Paul is a few meters away!" Embry comments and then both boys burst into laugher as they clutch at their bellies and push at each other playfully.

"SHUT UP!" Sam snarls at the laughing like hyena boys, and Jared is pretty sure that the sound can be heard a couple of miles away.

Sam inhales deeply through his nose and starts pacing around the meadow, his strides fast, curt and urgent. It is obvious that he is trying to calm down but not quite succeeding.

"This is completely unacceptable! I don't know what to do with you two!" Sam whispers through clenched teeth as he rubs his face with both hands. "Don't you at least have a little sense of tact or decency!"

Jared sees how Paul just rolls his eyes while Jacob bites at his bottom lip and huffs shortly, an expression of tedium written all over his face.

The pack has heard this speech thousands of times. For almost six months now, ever since their imprinting on each other, Jacob and Paul are literally inseparable. They are glued to each other. They all thought that it was just a phase, an aftershock of the imprinting which would eventually pass and Paul and Jacob would gradually settle down, but that didn't seem the case at all. Their boundless need to be with each other only seemed to get worse and more intense. After the short period of uneasiness, bashfulness and getting to know each other has passed, the boys had turned into carnally famished animals. They can't get enough of each other, can't hold back and are not even trying.

To Jared the whole situation around imprinting was…daunting and perplexing to say the least. He just couldn't comprehend how he could grow so attached to someone he barely knew, or how he couldn't get enough of a person he had practically never seen or noticed at all until the moment of the imprinting. The idea that one day he might find himself spellbound to someone in such mysterious and incredibly strong ways puzzled him, and even though he doesn't really want to admit it, it scared him.

Paul brushed his fingers through his hair nervously, his eyes starting to blaze with anger. Jared sees how Jacob approaches him, using that Sam is distracted and doesn't notice. Jacob's arms wrap around Paul's frame and pull him closer, pressing him to himself as Paul buries his face in his imprint's neck, his whole body visibly relaxing almost immediately.

Jared has seen this reaction a thousand times over the last few months, but it still fascinated and confused him how such a simple touch can calm and sooth Paul almost instantly. Jared's best friend has changed rather significantly over an extremely short period of time. In less than six months he has turned from hot headed, edgy and temperamental to almost completely staid and calm and it is all due to Jacob. Whenever Paul has been close to losing it Jacob has been there to comfort him, to calm him down just by pressing him to himself and keeping him close.

But the most interesting and unexpected change had happened with Jacob. He is the dominant one in the relationship, and it has happened somehow naturally and gradually. It is as though Jacob and Paul have almost switched personalities. Jacob has become the more aggressive and violent one, while Paul has taken the more passive and submissive role.

Jared even remembers that Sam has explained it with Jacob's Alpha heritage, according to Sam, Jacob is meant to be the one who leads and dominates the relationship and Paul's inner wolf has naturally adapted and submitted to the superior Alpha male. The change isn't only of character and personality. Paul's body has changed. He is so much slenderer, smaller and petite than he used to be. It was like his body has adjusted, changed, adapted to Jacob's larger form while at the same time it feels like Jacob is growing bigger and bulkier with every passing day.

"I think that I told you not to touch him!" Sam snarls after he has finally noticed their closeness. "Take your hands off of each other!"

Paul flinches in his arms and Jacob's chest rumbles with a low, aberrant growl, his eyes narrowing with anger as he presses Paul even closer to himself in a possessive and protective manner.

"No!" Jacob snaps and shakes his head.

"Jacob…" The Alpha starts with a stern and harsh voice but Paul cuts him off.

"We don't tell you whether you can or can't touch Emily, right!" Paul snarls as his arms wrap around Jacob's torso and he snuggles against his broad chest.

"Emily and I at least have a little decency, and don't do it on the kitchen table for everyone to see!"

Jared hears Emily gasp at Sam's words, but his eyes are completely focused on his two pack brothers who stand on the meadow in front of him. He watches how Jacob huffs with irritation while Paul growls lowly, their arms remain tightly wrapped around each other, their bodies pressed together, clearly showing their intention not to separate.

"Let go of each other!" Sam grows more irritated and angry by the boys' stubbornness as they refuse to obey him.

"Don't you fucking tell me to let go of my imprint!" Jacob roars throatily through clenched teeth, his hand absentmindedly rubbing soothing circles over Paul's back. "I'd rather…"

"That's enough!" Sam snarls, his nostrils flaring, the veins in his neck pulsing. They all know that nothing irritated their Alpha more than someone contradicting and disobeying him. "I think that you two need to learn a little discipline and decorum! Both of you need a good lesson that will teach you what is called proper and acceptable behavior!"

Jared sees how Paul's fingers dig softly into Jacob's biceps and Jacob nuzzles his hair as they just stay there, entwined together, motionless and silent.

"I'll give you last chance to avoid the punishment!" Sam whispers as he crosses his arms in front of his chest and stairs at the two boys. "Now let go of each other or I'll have no other choice but to force you apart!"

"No!" Paul says in a harsh voice and Sam just shakes his head and exhales deeply.

"Okay, then." The Alpha whispers in a serious, thick with determination voice. "I just want you to know that I am doing it for your own good. I want to teach you decency and this seems to be the only way. If you act like children then I am going treat you as such."

Sam turns his back to the boys for a minute and remains silent for a while. Jared sees that his eyes are closed, his forehead scrunched and his face twisted in a thoughtful expression as he sighs deeply and brushes his fingers through his short cropped hair.

Everyone has fallen silent, even Embry and Quil had ceased their giggling and snickering, as they all are waiting to see what will be Sam's choice for Jacob and Paul's punishment – extra patrols, doing the housework for a month or…

The moment Sam finally opens his eyes and looks at him, a look of insistence brimming in his eyes, Jared gasps as the realization suddenly hits him. Before he can react or say anything, he sees how Sam turns around curtly and faces the two still entwined in each other's arms.

Sam raises his head, his jaw clenched tight and it looks as if he has become taller, and bigger than he had been a few seconds ago. He inhales deeply, his wide muscular chest rising slightly and Jared could feel the familiar tingling at the nerve ends of his whole body.

"Let go of each other." Sam whispers firmly, and it seems as if his thick, bass, grave voice echoes through the whole forest that is surrounding them. Jared can feel it echoing through his own body, tickling his muscles, crawling over his skin and he knows that Embry and Quil are experiencing exactly the same.

It was an Alpha order. It is an order which resonates through the whole pack and fills their bodies and minds, demanding and overpowering them with a scorching hot urge to please and obey immediately.

Jared's shaking fingers curl around the railing of the verandah as he inhales deeply through his nose and closes his eyes briefly. And even though the order is not intended for him, he feels the burning, almost numbing shudder running over his flesh and dazing his mind.

He was sure that the sensation was ten times more intense, overpowering and dominating for Jacob and Paul. The command is meant for them and them only.

Jared hears a strangled gasp leaving Paul's throat and the moment he opens his eyes he sees that the two boys are still struggling against the Alpha's power. He watches how Jacob's features scrunch harshly. The battle between the will to hold his imprint and the instinct that forces him to obey his leader, clear on his face.

For a second Paul clings tighter to Jacob's larger frame with stubborn desperation but his resistance doesn't last long. His hands gradually go lax and his legs start shaking as they try to take him away from his imprint, the muscles in his limbs burning and twisting as they struggle to obey the command of the Alpha.

Jacob hisses as Paul's blunt nails claw down his biceps, leaving little bloody gashes over the tan skin as the boy fights the order but to no avail. He tries to keep Paul close, tries to prevent him from pulling away but his arms just fall limply by his sides and he growls inwardly and clenches his teeth in helpless anger and frustration.

Like Sam had said earlier, the two boys are practically forced apart. They stay as close as possible without actually touching each other, both of them rigid and tense, their bodies shaking from the effort the order has forced on them as raspy pants leave their lips.

There is a moment of almost complete silence ruined only by the rustling of the tree leaves and Jacob and Paul's harsh, uneven and labored breathing.

"Since this very moment I am forbidding you to touch each other!" Sam says sternly and loudly, the words throbbing and blazing inside Jared's skull and making him grimace. "You are not allowed to touch each other in one way or another!" The Alpha's features twist in a bitter but resolute expression as he approaches the two boys until he stands in no more than two feet away from Jacob and Paul. "No touching. No kissing. No necking in front of anyone. And by no means sex in my home or anywhere else!"

Jared sees how Paul's face scrunches in something between pain, desperation and utter shock as a breathless, strangled cry leaves his lips.

"Y-you can't….this i-isn't…"

"You two need to learn a lesson!" Sam whispers harshly, his brows furrowed with irritation.

"You can't do it whenever and wherever you feel like it! You are not animals! And if I have to resort to such severe measures in order to get it into your thick heads…then so be it!"

Jacob lets out a faint sigh and bites at his bottom lip as he slowly lifts his shaking hand and reaches for Paul who stays just beside him. His hand freezes in no more than two inches away from Paul's shoulder and stays just there, refusing to go any nearer. After a minute of useless trying to touch his imprint, Jacob's chest rumbles with a deep, low and pained growl as he sees that all his efforts are completely pointless.

"Sam, you are being cruel!" Emily suddenly speaks up, goes down the steps of the verandah and makes her way to her lover. "You can't do this to them! It's sadistic and inhuman and you just…"

Emily is known all over La Push for her big and virtuous heart. It's in her nature to be genuinely gracious, compassionate and kind and Jared knows that if someone can appease Sam's anger and severity, it's her. And it's not only because she is his imprint, Emily just seems to have that effect on everyone. She can melt even the coldest and rigorous hearts with her warm smile and kind-hearted mien.

Her arms wrap around Sam's forearm and she rests her head on his shoulder. Jared hears Sam sighing deeply as he closes his eyes briefly.

"Come on, Sam…" Emily whispers quietly in his ear as she looks at the boys conspiratorially, and Jared sees how Paul's eyes light up with hope and anticipation. "They love each other. You can't forbid them to…"

"You as well as everybody saw what they are capable of! They can't control themselves!" Sam murmurs as his arm wraps around Emily's waist and he pulls her closer. "Their behavior is completely unacceptable and I am tired of repeating myself. It turned out that the problem can't be fixed through talking, which forces me to resort to something more serious or…cruel, as you call it!"

"But they will promise not to do that again, right boys?" Emily says in a kind, warm voice and looks at Paul and Jacob who just nod and hum enthusiastically. "Come on Sam… do it for me…"

Sam remains silent for a while, the tension heavy in the air as everyone—especially Jacob and Paul—waited for his decision. He carefully pulls away from Emily, takes her hands in his and looks at her with an adoring and loving gaze until his eyes drift to the boys and Jared sees how Sam's features become stony and severe again in a matter of seconds.

"Okay…but only because of you." Sam whispers sternly and crosses his arms in front of his chest. "They can hold hands."

"Oh, Sam, thank you…" Emily starts but she stops midsentence and her eyes widen as she eventually comprehends what Sam has just said. "Wait!.. Wha ...What?"

"I said that they can hold hands."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Jacob bellows and throws his hands in the air while Paul just stays motionless, his eyes wide and his mouth gaping in astonishment.

"I am completely serious, Jacob! I assure you!" Sam says with fortitude before his chest rumbles with the same thick and grave voice. "The only physical contact you are allowed to have is holding each other's hands! Nothing more!"

"But Sam this is not…" Emily tries but her lover turns on his heels, unfazed by her attempt to dissuade him from his decision, and he makes his way to the house in a calm and even pace.

Jared sees how Paul watches Sam's retreat, his eyes still wide and full with confusion until he turns his head slowly and looks at his imprint.

Jacob and Paul stare at each other for a moment, their faces marred by pained and desperate expressions as the boys hesitantly hold out their hands. Their shaking fingers lace together quickly, fervently with a hint of desperation, a small, barely audible whimper, leaves Paul's lips.