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A young girl with short indigo hair was sitting by a tree pulling up flowers. She picked a light pink one up and held it to her face. It reminded her of one of her playmates. Sakura Haruno. She wasn't that close to her. They hardly seen each other nowadays, she always seemed to be falling all over Sasuke Uchiha. A very popular clan that her father was always mumbling about.

"Who is that girl? She's so weird! I hate loners like her." She heard a girl mumble from a distance. "That's just a Hyuuga failure. You'll get used to her, she always stays by herself." Another voice stated. She already knew that they were talking about her. They always did, the girls that always picked on Sakura about her forehead. She always tried her best to ignore them, they're not worth her time.

She gently plucked a lavender, careful not to knock off the petals that reminded her of her own eyes. "She's so ugly, putting flowers next to her face doesn't even help." One girl grimaced. "It makes her eyes look freakier!" A different voice squeaked. She felt her heart cracking, which she never understood that type of pain. How could emotions affect the body? She felt it all the time, she was well aware that emotions are capable of doing many things.

Like her heart feeling warm when she sees Naruto Uzumaki's smile. So bright and confident, always encouraging her to keep up all of her efforts. She pulled up a few more flowers that caught her eye and stood up to leave the menacing girls.

She found her way to the Hyuuga compound only to be criticized by her father. Something about wasting time on the smaller things in life. She guessed he meant her flowers. She gave him a sheepish smile and offered him one of the lavenders she'd picked. He looked as if he were puzzled by the offering. He plucked it from his daughter's hand and placed it in a nearby glass vial that was barely filled w/ water. He let out a sigh and continued on with his day.

She went down the twisted hallways careful not to break any of the petals off of the few flowers she held. She finally reached Hanabi's room, she clenched the pink flower a little tighter by the stem. Hanabi was running a silver comb through her dark brown hair. It seemed like all of the Hyuuga's had that shade of hair, except her. But she liked her hair, it was different; she got it from her mother.

She walked over and sat next to her sister. Hanabi smiled at her and stared at the flowers Hinata had. Hinata grinned and gave her the pink flower, which was placed in her hair. They spent a little time together by combing each others hair. It seemed as thought Hanabi liked Hinata's hair as well.

After a few more minutes of sisterly bonding she felt a tight grip on her arm. Hinata screamed out in pain as the pressure increased. "Stay away from your sister! We will not have anymore foolishness, you're to start training every day now!" She looked into the harsh and strained eyes of her father. She heard Hanabi's gasping and shivering from behind her. "Each time I catch you doing something so time wasting and childish the closer you are to being removed!" He growled at her.

He pulled her closer to his face. "A Hyuuga leader is strong, every leader is strong. They don't run around picking worthless little flowers!" He snatched the remaining flowers from Hinata's hands and squeezed them until green goo and petals fell lifelessly from his iron grip. His grip tightened as he dragged her off leaving her younger sister in tears. Hinata began crying herself.

The girl was sitting at the edge of her pond still sobbing. She'd regret escaping from a window later on. She obviously didn't care, she was used to the scolding and punishments. She held the mashed flowers that her father threw in her face. She cradled that lavenders gently in her hands. She laid them out into the water of the pond and watched them drift away with the leaves that had fallen into the peaceful waters. She wished she could do the same. Just go away forgotten and unknown. She may have the second one down. It seemed like no one even cared about her. They only liked her because she wasn't a threat to taking boys or simply just being an heiress.

She continued to sob into her arms with a bruise developing more from her father's grip. "What are you doing here?" a voice demanded. She turned around. She could hardly see straight from the tears welling up in her eyes, she saw the features of blue and black. She wiped off her face and rubbed her eyes to realize it was the village 'pretty boy', Sasuke Uchiha.

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