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Hinata's POV

I heard the thudding of feet behind me following by a soft grip on my shoulder, I gasped expecting it to be Sasuke. I glanced behind me to notice it was Sakura-san. "Hey Hinata-san.." She seemed sad, and from the look in her eyes she'd finished up crying. "S-Sakura-san... What's wr-wrong?" I asked her. "Oh, I just wanted to know if... You'd like to go to eat with me at the Ichiraku Ramen Shop with me?" She stammered as if she might regret it later. Not quite what I meant by 'what's wrong', she might end up spilling her guts to me about it later.

"I-I'd love to, Sakura-s-san..." She gave me a sad smile, which I had mirrored. We started walking side-by-side toward the place that Naruto loves the most.

I sat on one of the stools and ordered a plain bowl of ramen while Sakura ordered for certain extra ingredients for hers. I pulled out my amount to pay and tip Ayame-san. She gave me a wide smile as she handed out my bowl and raked up the money I laid out for her.

We sat in awkward silence waiting on Sakura's bowl which took an extra five minutes. We both pulled apart our chopsticks and started poking at the ramen. "Sasuke-kun doesn't... like me." Her voice was filled with sorrow. I felt my heart ache because of her pain. I'm sure if Naruto had treated me the way Sasuke had treated Sakura then I'd be broken to pieces.

"Why don't you like him back, Hyuuga-san?" Her tone of voice still held sorrow but also curiosity. I looked down into the bowl of ramen trying to think of a way to put it.

"Well... I a-admire another..." I admitted to her. She already knows about the thing I have for Naruto. She sighed a little.

"I already know that! But why don't you like Sasuke-kun like that at all?" Sakura asked in annoyance.

"O-Oh... Well, it's the w-way he acts... The way he tr-treats you..." I glanced over at Sakura to see that she had her eyebrow raised at me. "Well... I don't l-like how he tr-treats you at all... I-it's so h-harsh to me. I c-couldn't care l-less about whether you t-two get t-t-together or...not... I-I'm not mad a-at him for n-not wanting y-you. Even th-though it would m-make me h-happy to s-see you ha-happy as well, Haruno-san..." I winced at the thought of her taking it the wrong way. She continued to consume the ramen that steamed from the spot in front of her.

"I see..." She said as she started to space off.

After about three more minutes of silence she started conversation up again. "He really likes you... You know?" More sorrow, I wish this would all end.

Sasuke's POV

I fell back on my futon in annoyance, this is really pissing me off. Oh well, at least now there's a chance that Sakura will leave me alone. 'One down... eighty more to go...' I sighed at that thought.

I looked over at a picture that was on my nightstand; a picture of the family I used to have. I glared at the section that contained Itachi, then felt the anger leak from me as my gaze drifted towards my mother. The softness of her eyes always comforted me; the same softness that the Hyuuga I cared so much about contained...

My mother loved my brother and I very much, but she hardly ever looked truly happy. I remember she had bruises every few weeks or so after her and father got into an argument. Bruises similar to Hinata-chan's... I clenched my fingers deep into the covers; I always wanted to do something about it. Itachi always convinced me not to.

If I never could of saved the Uchiha clan, my clan... Then I wish I could at least have pulled my mother from that life.

I never truly understood what their fights were about, but I had an idea that it had to do with either Itachi or me. She hardly went against him at all; she was always so passive, but when it came to us... I smirked at the memory of the faces she used to give him.

If only Hinata would give me a chance; I can train her and protect her now. I felt another idea come on; one that I can possibly stick to this time. I grinned as I started packing up my stuff and walked outside to head towards the Hyuuga compound.

Hinata's POV

I couldn't help but feel that something agonizing was going to happen today. I shrugged it off and continued eating with Sakura.



"Are you going to keep pursuing Naruto-baka?" I felt my heart pound faster. I truly didn't know the answer; he hardly knew of my existance, we were both so opposite that anyone would die of laughter if they saw us together, and with Sasuke feeling the way he's feeling about me... I don't know if I could ever get the slimmest shot of being with Naruto in any way.

"I...guess n-not..." I glanced over at Sakura to see her reaction. She seemed to be lost in thought; I turned back to finish off my bowl of ramen. "I-I don't see a p-point in it anymore..." I trailed off.

Sakura stood up and grabbed her back. "I'll see you around later." I nodded and did the same; we both went our different ways.

"You want to train my daughter?" I heard the voice of my father; he seemed very displeased by the person he was talking to. It was Silent for a minute. "Fine, you may train Hanabi-chan." I felt my heart sink a little. "No." I heard a familiar voice. 'Sasuke-san?' I felt my spirits fall. "No?" My father asked in an irritated tone.

"I wan't to train Hinata-chan. You know, your oldest?" He seemed almost sarcastic, but he knew how my father was. "Oh, her?" My father seemed as though he thought this was all a joke. "Yes."

There was another long pause. "Very well." I guess that means I'm going to be seeing him everyday now... I couldn't help but give out a small sigh. Atleast I know he's strong and is capable of training me. I kind of felt an urge of wanting to see him; I started to turn to leave so I could fight it off until I was stopped.

"Hinata-san, I know you're out there. Come in." I heard the voice of my father. I groaned and turned around to walk in. As I carefully walked from around the door to see my father and Sasuke out of the corner oif my eye; I let my gaze fall to the floor. "Y-yes, father?" I asked timidly.

"I'm sure you remember Uchiha-san?" I nodded. 'Duh, I only grew up with him, had classes with him, and make failed attemtps to ignore and avoid him.' I was always sarcastic in my own mind; but it made up for me being so meek on the outside.

"Good, he will be training you for a few months-" My eyes widened. "M-months!" I gasped. He glared at me for interrupting him; which I might pay for later. "S-so sorry..." I looked down again. I felt someone lightly press their hand on my shoulder. Sasuke-san no doubt, my father wouldn't do something so gentle; especially when he's cross with me.

"Anyways..." Sasuke tried to start up another conversation.

"Well, Hinata-san show Uchiha-san around. Your training will begin tomorrow. You're both dismissed." I nodded and turned to walk out with the Uchiha following me. I closed the slide door and continued on down the hallway with him following from about three steps behind me.

"Wh-what i-is the point o-of this?" I'd really love to know that. I turned and went down another hallway that lead to the kitchen. I really wasn't great at giving tours. I mean what was I even supposed to say? 'This is the kitchen' No shit?

"To help." I could tell there was more to it. "Kitchen..." I said below a whisper. "Would y-you like s-something?" I asked hoping he'd say no. "Yes." Of course he does. I fight back the urge to sigh and made my way further into the kitchen. "What do y-you want?" I hoped it would be something that wouldn't take that long or much effort to get or make.

"Hmmm..." He walked in behind me and glanced around. "A bowl of rice and some sliced tomatoes maybe, with a glass of water." What am I his servant? I might as well be. "O-okay. Y-you can t-take a s-seat..." 'Facing opposite of me, please.' I thought.

"Hn, I'd rather watch you." I sighed without trying to hide it. "Hey, I haven't associated with you in years." I looked at him surprise. "Y-you th-think i'm c-crazy?" I shouted louder than I normally do.

"Well, crazy isn't really the word. If you've taken after you're father over the years. You could be plotting to kill off one of the last remaining of the Uchiha clan." He said with a smirk. How is that funny?

Sasuke's POV

I watched her shoulders slump as she walked over to the cabnets and pull out a bag of rice. She laid it on the counter next to the stove and walked over to the refrigerator to pull out one tomato from the bottom. I walked up next to her and continued to try to make her nervous with my presence.

I saw that her face had turned a slight red but that may have been the heat from when she started up the stove. She started to cook the rice and cut up the tomato. I leaned against the counter and kept watching her. She wrapped up the remaining tomato put it back in the bottom of the refrigerator.

She pulled out a bowl and glass from the cabnet. I started to think about how my mother always did the same; I used to sit on the counter and watch her as well.

"Sasuke-kun? Do you want nattou on your rice?" She asked me with a playful smile. "No! You know I don't like that.." I said with a frown. "I know, Sasuke-kun." She grinned at me. I swung my legs from the counter and watched her continue cooking.

When she was done with the rice she placed some of it in a bowl and pushed it towards me with a loving smile. She's always so pretty to me. She ruffled my hair lightly as I grinned up at her and started picking at the rice.

"Sasuke-san?" A voice called to me dragging me back into reality. "Oh, what?" I asked in confusion. I looked around to notice she was sitting at the table with the food and drink laid out. "Oh..." I walked over and sat down; she was looking at me with those curious eyes. "What?" I asked a little more harshly than I had planned. I looked down at the table with a frown plastered on her face.

"S-sorry, I-I... thought you w-were upset..." I ignored her accusation and started picking at the rice and chewing on the tomato slices. That memory kept replaying in my head; it hurt me a little.


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