The Revenge of Jusenkyo

~Noy Telinú~

Attention: Ranma ½ was made by Rumiko Takahashi and its anime is licensed by Viz media in North America. Noy doesn't own any of it and makes no profit from writing this. The following is a fan fiction short story written by Noy for the purpose of amusement and creative thinking. Noy has no intention to use this in any way or form to make money on the Ranma ½ brand. This is for all purposes a parody of such, to answer the questions the manga and/or anime left open to interpretations to the fans. Readers are on notice to not quote this or other fan fiction in arguments on discussing Ranma ½ canon interpretations and characters/characterizations. This is fan fiction, not to be taken as part of Rumiko Takahashi's or Viz media's work. As such, fan fiction is done by fans and therefore is in no shape or form perfect on getting characters/locations/canon story/behaviors/situations or anything in Ranma ½ correct. Noy does go on the record of making 100% effort to get it as close as possible. However, since this is fan fiction it is biased… this is obvious.

Warning: this story is bound to get insane, hence, the title and work its coming from. Those who are queasy of reading things about skunks and living water, this is your last warning. It will get insane. Very insane.

No!: this curses a lot of characters with Jusenkyo, including your favorite (maybe). do not read if you want them to be cursed free. Unless, you don't care and want to try it out to see what its like, like a phase... oh, shoot.

You have been warned...



It's Alive!

It was the 388th day that Ranma has lived in Nerima. Things haven't changed much at all since the most epic failed wedding ever. Akane still had problems talking to Ranma about her feelings; Ranma still put his foot in mouth, Shampoo, Ukyo, and Kodachi still haven't given up on Ranma either. Things were on the verge of changing though. Yes, very much. For unbeknownst to everyone in that one district of Tokyo, something very deadly was being cooked up at one of the most hated places that is known… Jusenkyo.

The many springs of Jusenkyo are full of life, magical life. They take the different bodies of what drowned there as templates to curse on those deserving. However, due to recent events, the springs merged together to form a lake. The lake didn't last long, since the waters receded and the springs restored. But, there was a consequence of that happening, along with all the fighting that happened there, it got a new spouse.

The spring of drowned Akane was the first new spring in 55 years. Now, Jusenkyo can learn about what happened in that time… it didn't like what it saw. You see, Jusenkyo is alive in a way, how else can it adopt its children with the right lesson? Every time something drowns at the spring, Jusenkyo gains its knowledge and memories, as well as their image. Since Akane drowned at the spring, Jusenkyo gained information on its children from the last 20 years, and was not happy on how they were treated.

Each of the cursed bodies are the decedents of Jusenkyo since it combines the magic with the template to create a body. To see that its recent children are being abused this badly irritates the Magical water. Like an overprotective father, Jusenkyo declared revenge on those that harm those who are cursed. Especially for those who harmed that one from a little over a year ago, Ranma Saotome. That was Jusenkyo's favorite daughter, and all of those people harmed her in so many ways. That can't be left unpunished. Jusenkyo can't wait for them to come to it, so it would have to come to them.

But there were so many! Jusenkyo needed to curse all those who tortured its children. In the way Jusenkyo thinks, that means cursing them itself. Let's see how they like it. It had to be done right though. Cursing randomly is not its way. Therefore, when the springs were together, some Jusenkyo water seeped out and took a shape of a man, and then it stretched its arms, moving for the first time in years. The water then fell down and took the shape of a moving puddle as is went into the guide's hut to mail itself. Although, the actual mailing took a while since Jusenkyo had to think on who to curse when the water receded. That and trying to put stamps on a package while being living water delayed it for a bit.


On that day, that 388th day since Ranma came to Nerima, a package arrived at the Tendo home for a Genma Saotome. It read:

To: Genma Saotome

From: Jusenkyo guide

Contains: Jusenkyo water.

Getting the man in question's attention, the package was ripped open and a vial of water was in his hands. Quickly, he ran to the furo and poured the contents in. after disrobing, Genma climbed into the water… and turned into a panda. Furious that it was a lie, Genma climbed out to beat up his son; after all, Ranma was getting sloppy by not fighting to the death for the past 23 days.

The water however, began assimilating the furo in order to get its revenge!


A shiver went up Ranma's back as he came home with Akane. Something was defiantly wrong. He didn't know what, but it was bad… very bad.

"Ranma? Are you ok?" Akane asked him as they came home.

"Huh? Me? It's nothing… I hope."

"Are you sure? You do remember what we agreed on last week about keeping stuff from each other."

"I know, I know, I came up with it so that you would listen to me!"

"Hey! It's not me who goes and gets myself into perverted stuff!"

"And I told you it's not my fault! It's not like I can choose to be the right gender! Water comes after me!"

"Yeah, ok, maybe, but its not like you help trying to stay dry!"

"Oh, just like you don't try to kill people with your cooking!"

"I'm getting better! That's more than what you do about your curse!"

"I do try to get cured! It's just that the world doesn't want me to! Besides, you don't know how it's like! How would you like it to change at the touch of water?"

Akane cringed; she keeps forgetting how much Ranma can't control his curse, mostly because Akane doesn't see it as a curse… at times. "Yeah, yeah, it sucks. I don't know, but can't you do better about this? Maybe look to find a way to control it instead of curing it?"

"I don't know, you deserve a whole man when you are married. Not that I want to…"

Akane rolled her eyes, they were getting better at acknowledging that they care for each other, but it was still a long way to go. "Right Ranma, right. Like I can be with someone who's a jerk anyway. What's wrong with me?"

"I… Uh.. nothing… uh… Ack!"

Genma was a human again and attacked his son when he walked into the Tendo property.


The furo water glowed as it was completed. This would make it enough that anyone taking a bath would become cursed to be what fits them the most. Although, since there were those who want to be cured here, the Jusenkyo water was forced to leave the spring of drowned man behind. Not that it had a choice since it is the one that was the farthest away from the rest, hidden near bamboo on the Amazon side of the valley; thus not mixing with the rest of the springs when it flooded.

'No matter.' The living water thought. 'Turning them into men is too cliché. A simple gender change is too obvious to do. They would expect that.'

Mentally, the water went over who deserved to be cursed. 'All those in this house, hmmm… maybe not Kasumi… if I do curse her, then it needs to be a helpful curse that she'll like. Let's see, that Ukyo girl needs to get cursed, as well as those Kunos. Heh hee, that old crone Cologne could be knocked down a few pegs, it's only fair. At least a dozen can be cursed. I have enough for that. Ho, ho! Someone is coming in now! A Tendo girl! This is it! This is the start of my revenge. Let's see how you like to be cursed, my child…'


Authors' notes: this will curse many people… but who is the first 'victim'? Guess! Anyway, Noy plans to use this as a starting point once it's completed for those who want to have everyone cursed. I am a bit iffy. I guess it depends on who gets what curse, but Noy assured me that they would be different than others before. I guess that I can be a help on this. Oh wow! Now that is an awesome curse for that person on whom I won't tell you because I am like that! It's definitely different. That's for sure. Texty likey…