The introduction to what will be a 5-6 chapter story (I'm thinking bonus at the end).

End of Season 2: did anyone else nearly fall off their chair right near the end? Just me? Right. This idea has been in my head for a bit, and I think it's time to get the ball rolling, especially since I don't think we'll be seeing too much of the Warblers next fall :/

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Prologue: The Calm Before…

"We need to talk."

Wes looked up at David in surprise, pausing mid-way through packing up his bag as the Warblers—free from practice at last—trickled out of the hall. David was looking uncharacteristically serious—and had been for the entire meeting, Wes realized suddenly. "What about?" he asked cautiously.

David glanced at the door, checking to make sure no one else was listening in. "You know Warbler Kurt," he began.

Wes raised an eyebrow. "What about him? I thought he seemed to be settling in nicely."

And he really did. After a somewhat disastrous first week, Wes had been a little wary about their newest recruit. Fortunately, Kurt had quickly turned it around, and the two rehearsals since had shown a marked upswing in their countertenor's attitude and ability to play (and blend) well with others.

David shook his head. "Yeah, no, he is," he agreed disinterestedly, "that's not the problem. It's that school he's from, William McKinley. The one we're competing against at Sectionals. There's something…off, going on over there, and I'm starting to get a little suspicious."

Wes set his bag down on the table. "David," he began carefully, "we've talked about this. Kurt was a terrible spy, and it was obvious his heart wasn't in it. He offered to postpone his membership until after the competition, and the council—which you are on, you may recall—unanimously decided against it. I seriously doubt he has any plans to sabotage us, and the New Directions wouldn't be so foolish as to try anything like that again, after their last attempt ended in our recruiting one of their top singers."

David sighed impatiently. "No, it's not New Directions," he clarified. "Well, I mean, it is New Directions, but it's not just New Directions—it's the whole school. Maybe even the whole town." He made a face. "And wow, I just realized how terrible their name sounds when you say it quickly. Their club has been active for a year and a half—how has nobody over there figured this out yet?"

Wes looked slightly pained. "David. Have you been watching midnight reruns of The X-Files again, because I thought I explained to you—"

"Wes, I am not kidding," David interrupted, looking frazzled. "Just listen to me for a minute, all right? I'm not saying that they're spies or cheaters, or anything horrible. It's not like that. I'm just really concerned about some of the goings-on I've been hearing about that school, particularly some of the escapades surrounding or involving the Glee club. And I think we have a right to be somewhat worried: Kurt's sudden mid-semester transfer that nobody seems to know the details about, he and Blaine spending all their time over there, etc.

"And," he added, "Their musicians can play anything on command. Perfectly. In sync, same key, zero practice time. This is a school with terrible funding for the arts—please explain to me how I'm the only one who seems to find this information even slightly alarming!"

Wes quickly reached out to David, who had worked himself into a minor panic, and pressed down firmly on his shoulders. "Okay," he said soothingly, "calm down. Look, we'll…I don't know. We'll investigate, get to the bottom of this. All right?" He made eye contact with David, shaking him gently. "I'm not saying we'll do anything as untoward as spying, but…you're right that we ought to look into the situation. If only because of Blaine and Kurt. Okay?"

David's breathing had returned to normal. He nodded, and Wes sighed, releasing him and picking up his bag. Silently, the pair started for the door.

"…aaaand now I'm beset with both paranoia about the musicians and an overwhelming desire to waste hours watching Syfy. Thanks a lot, David."

Almost silently.