A Love's Second Chance

By: katieg22

Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. They all belong to Joss Whedon. So, no copyright infringement intended. If Joss wants to sell Spike to me though, I'd give him whatever, even my soul, which would be kind of ironic seeing as how Spike got his soul for Buffy… And I'm rambling. The idea of the story does not belong to me.

Summary: Set in Dead Things, Season 6. After Buffy tells Dawn she's going to the police, Dawn calls Tara for help and they hurry to stop Buffy when they catch her beating Spike. What happens next will change the Scoobie's, and possibly Spike's, lives forever… This is for challenge # 465 on Bloodshedverse: Spuffy with Bite.

Chapter One

Dawn hears the front door close downstairs and jumps out of bed, pulling on some shoes and her coat and running downstairs to the kitchen. She snatches the phone off the wall and quickly dials Tara's number, praying the witch is still up. After a few rings Tara's tired voice answers, "H-hello?" Dawn sighs with relief and rushes into explanation. A momentary pause and Tara assures Dawnie she'll be right there. Dawn thanks Tara and goes outside to impatiently wait for her.

Tara arrives a few minutes later and they drive towards the police station. Dawn watches to see her sister walking and spots her in the alley across from the station out of the corner of her eye. Tara stops the car and they get out to run to her but stop when they see what's she's doing. Their eyes widen.

Buffy throws punches at the vampire's face, completely unaware of her audience. She screams at him, "You don't... have a soul! There is nothing good or clean in you. You are dead inside! You can't feel anything real! I could never... be your girl!" Then she hears two sharp intakes of breath and glances up, horrified to see Dawn and Tara staring at her. She follows their eyes to the vampire lying beneath her and her own eyes widen at the damage she sees on Spike. The damage she caused.

She hears him murmur, "You always hurt… the ones you love, pet." A half sob escapes from her and she gets off of him in dismay. He reaches for her, "Buffy…" Dawn's face, which was clouded with confusion and horror, turns to fury. She screams at Buffy, "What did you do to him?" Tara places a hand on Dawn's arm but she shakes it off, "Well, Buffy? What did you do to him?" Buffy tries to speak but the words get caught in her throat and she shudders.

She glances down to Spike, who's only half conscious now and then to Tara. Tara stares at Buffy with a look that makes Buffy's temper melt. Tara looks away and swallows, her eyes finding Spikes. She pulls on Dawn's arm again; who currently is glaring at her sister with so much fury and disgust that she's shaking, and says in a low voice, "We have to get him home…" Buffy snaps back into reality and she looks at Tara with watery eyes, "Tara…"

Tara shakes her head, "No, Buffy. I understand w-what you're going through but this is too far. He doesn't deserve this… Not from you or anybody…" Tara's voice trails off as Spike rasps, "No, Glinda, Nibblet. It's not what it looks like. It's my fault. I deserved it. I did something… bad." Dawn shakes her head, "No! I know you, Spike! You've been trying so hard to be good. For her! And to what? Get beaten? What did he do that he deserved this, Buffy?" Buffy sobs, "He… No, I…"

Dawn steps forward and smacks Buffy across the face. Buffy's eyes widen and she stares at her sister in shock. She sobs, "I love you, Buffy. But I love Spike too. He's been my big brother while you were… He kept his promise to you that he'd take care of me. And now you're throwing it in his face! I don't know what goes on between you and Spike but it is over! I'm not going to let you hurt him anymore." Tara pulls her into a hug and frowns at Buffy over her shoulder, "Buffy, I c-care about you. But Dawnie's right. You're not abusing him anymore…"

Buffy gasped, "I wouldn't…" Tara's expression softens, "But you did, honey. You a-are. I'm not saying you usually do this b-but…" She sighs as Dawn sobs on her shoulder, "You have to turn your life around, Buffy." Then Tara whispers soothing words into Dawn's ear and they both move to help Spike. He helps them stand him up and leans heavily against Tara, "Sorry, pet. I'm a bit heavy." Tara and Dawn laugh shakily and start moving away from Buffy.

Dawn stops for a minute and looks back at her sister, "Don't even think about it… You start turning your life around now. You help us get him home. He's sleeping in your room. You can have the couch." Buffy hesitates but when she looks at Spike's torn and beaten face, she nods and follows behind them quietly, looking down in guilt and shame.

They finally get him home and Buffy helps Tara get him upstairs under the watchful eye of Dawn. They lay him gently down on Buffy's bed and Tara sends Buffy out to clean him up and give his clothes to Dawn to wash. Willow comes out of her room and her eyes widen, "Spike? Oh my God, what happened?" Dawn looks at Willow and scoffs, "Looks like Buffy likes to beat the people who care about her!"

Willow gasps, "Dawnie! Surely, you're not saying Buffy did this." She looks at Tara who strokes Spike's arm while gently wiping his face and she nods, then she looks at her best friend, "B-Buffy?" Buffy sobs and falls to her knees, "She's… right." Willow glances back at Spike and she winces, "What did he do wrong?" Dawn laughs bitterly, "Oh yeah, just assume Spike did something wrong, right? Buffy can do no wrong what so ever." Willow bites her lip and looks at Buffy who whispers, "He was trying to help and I…"

Willow stares at her friend for a long moment and frowns. She kneels next to Buffy to comfort her but Buffy shakes her head and weakly stands up, glancing in her room at Spike. Tara finishes and Spike smiles sadly at her, "Thanks, Glinda." Tara smiles and strokes his arm again, "I'll get you some blood. Get some sleep." He nods and glances at Buffy before shaking his head slightly and rolling over carefully to sleep.

Willow stands up and Tara walks by her, placing a hand on her shoulder as she goes. Dawn looks at Buffy with hurt and disgust and follows Tara but not before saying to Willow, "Don't let her be alone with him or you can get out." Willow stares at her retreating back and looks at Buffy, "Wow. She's really mad at you, huh?" Buffy nods sheepishly and stands. She takes a deep breath and sighs. She tells her best friend about her and Spike. Willow listens and then takes the crying Buffy into her arms…

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