Author's Note:

This story was a Challenge from the website, ".com/" It was Challenge # 465 by Sarah. The idea of the story goes to her. Here was the Challenge on the website:

Challenge: 465




Season 6

Buffy is caught by Dawn & Tara in Dead Things.

Must haves:

1. Buffy is beating Spike outside the police station and gets caught by Dawn & Tara.

2. Dawn is furious at what Buffy has done with Tara being greatly disturbed & upset.

3. Spike insisting Buffy's not at fault and tries to protect her by claiming he did something wrong. Dawn & Tara don't believe him and insist on taking him back to Buffy's. Buffy follows them, guilt-striken by her sister's and Tara's words, therefore not hearing Katrina's name mentioned by the police.

4. Katrina's name is issued in the newspaper and the group realise the Trio are behind the murder.

5. Trio get taken out as the group finally mention Warren's name to Spike and he tells them where to find him as he visited Warren's lair in Smashed.

6. Tara still reveals that Buffy didn't come back wrong & Buffy must face the consequences of her actions.

7. Buffy and Spike re-learn how to be friends whilst he is recovering in Buffy's house as Tara and Dawn won't leave him alone with Buffy.

8. Buffy asks Spike for forgiveness.

9. Xander gradually befriends Spike.

10. Buffy and Spike slowly restart their relationship, with no violence involved.

11. Someone lets slip to Angel that Spike is living with Buffy and he pays a visit (can bring some of his group along if you wish), catching them kissing on the back porch. Altercation follows (physical/verbal or both) with Buffy choosing Spike in front of everyone. Angel can make some remark about preferring Spike over Riley.

12. Happy Spuffy ending (of course) with Buffy saying "I love you" to Spike (and he accepting this, no Chosen responses please!).

13. (this can be added in somewhere if you like) Spike gets his chip out, either through magic or it malfunctions early and Buffy gets the army in to remove it to show she does trust Spike.


1. Severe out of character behaviour. Try to keep them as much in character as possible.

2. Buffy kissing Angel on the lips. BIG NO on this one!

3. Evil Xander or Willow (i.e. scheming to make Spike disappear or abusing Spike in secret).

That's about it. I hope this interests someone out there. Good luck and I look forward to reading any stories that arise. Also feel free to use any ideas mentioned here in your own stories if you like them and you don't want to write one that uses all the challenge requirements.