Dairine Callahan was lying on her bed on her stomach, scanning the information scrolling down on Spot's screen. Reclining against the wall beside her was Roshaun. Dressed with a baggy white t-shirt over his golden pants, sucking on a lollipop, he looked marginally less formal than the first time they had met.

Then again, that was probably one of the most insignificant changes he had undergone. Dairine herself had changed, too.

Glancing up from the paragraph she was searching, Dairine glanced at Roshaun. He had been perusing his version of the manual as well, a glowing sphere of light cupped in his hand, brow furrowed in concentration. The lollipop rather ruined the serious aura around him.

"Find anything?" Dairine asked tiredly.

"Nothing. Well, a lot of things but nothing useful." Roshaun frowned, frustrated. They had been fruitlessly searching for explanations for a week.

"Shoot." Roshaun looked questioningly at her.

"It's an expression. Means 'oh no'." Less and less of these explanations were being required. Roshaun seemed to be tuning in to Dairine's mindset, and she had been thinking like him as well. A connection was being formed, and the pair wanted answers.

"Ah." He went back to his manual, and Dairine resumed her browsing, ready to start a new search. The trail she had been following was cold.

"Alright, Spot, do a search for... "link". No, wait we did that Tuesday. Try "bond", and let's see what turns up."

"Searching," Spot's mechanical voice said, "3,742 results. Want to narrow them down?"

Dairine bit her lip. Cutting them down meant she might miss something, but it'd be a lot easier than trolling through the data for another day.

"Sure. Add "wizards" and, let's see, "spells". No! Not spells, too general. Um..."

"How about "pair"?" Spot suggested, "It would trim off the group links that have been turning up."

"Go for it." Spot whirred;

"343 results."

"Let's get started."

Two hours later, Dairine was struggling to keep her attitude positive. Nothing was turning up. Nothing about how Dairine kept getting glimpses into Roshaun's memories and mind, or how the sun king seemed to be able to predict Dairine's words before she said them.

The first few entries in the new search were about connecting spells together. More were on sharing and channeling power between wizards. A few were even about creating a type of wizardly "handcuff."

And then, entry 276.


Dairine scanned the entry, and smiled excitedly.

"Roshaun, I think I found something!"