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Dairine and Roshaun stood side-by-side in front of Dairine's bed, staring at the wall.

What do you think?

Well, I am certain that my sire will not approve, but there is really nothing he can do. And you?

Well, my dad won't actually like it either…but it's necessary, really. Your dad knows that too.

Yes. Well, let us get on with it, then.


Gate! Dairine willed the thought into existence, and Roshaun thrust both hands forward towards the wall and ripped the space in two. A beat, power rushing through the rip, and then a gold something appeared through the rip. A shove and a tear later, and the space that was Dairine's wall fused into a golden palace-like room, bejeweled with gold and red stones on every available space.

Dairine jumped on her bed and reached out a hand to test. It went right over and landed on the golden bed that was now fused to hers. She pushed through and sat on Roshaun's bed, looking around at the golden lacey drapes hanging around the four posters.

She pushed back through.

I do believe that this will work, Roshaun. She smiled broadly. Roshaun looked critically at it.

Yes. Yes it will. Of course, there are still problems. You are in… school? Yes. School for most of the day, and we both must be Guarantor now, but I trust everything will work out.

I'm sure it will. I can see if I can skip a few grades. My dad was discussing the idea with my teachers… I didn't want to, but I think I will now. Everything will be fine, how couldn't it, when we're the most powerful mortals on this side of the universe?

We will probably be on errantry a lot more as well, with our new power levels, the Powers will be sure they get the energy back that they put into it.

With great power comes great responsibility, huh?

I do not understand.

Never mind. I'm exhausted, can we get to bed?

Very well.

Dairine climbed into bed and Roshaun stepped over onto his bed. Dairine reached over through the light years and touched Roshaun's hand.


I am here.

Just making sure.