Rating: K+

Parings: Clark Kent/Donna Troy (Chloe Sullivan), Tom Tresser/Diana Prince, mentions of Steve Trevor/Diana Prince, Clark Kent/Lois Lane, Oliver Queen/Chloe Sullivan, and others

Disclaimer: I do not own Smallville, Wonder Woman TV series, and other DC Universe characters

Summary: 100 years after Chloe Sullivan-Queen read the comic book of her once best friend Clark Kent becoming the legendary superhero Superman to her son. She is now ready to face a destiny that she had no clue was her legacy. Donna Troy the granddaughter to a Queen, niece to a Princess, and a hero that will rise again.

Prologue: November 2118

It was a beautiful November morning in Metropolis and Donna Troy could not believe she was back under a new name facing a destiny that her mother completely forgot to mention. She was also staying at her Aunt Diana Prince-Tresser's place because Diana needed the help and Queen Hippolyta her grandmother and Diana's mother was killed. So after years on being on the Themyscira she returns bringing her old self buried in the past resurfacing. She is brought out of her thoughts when Diana who is seven months pregnant joins her.

[The balcony]

Diana: Donna how are you holding up with the news Tom and I put on you last night?

Donna: Still taking it in but I knew it was bound to happen eventually. What I want to know is what happened to Clark Kent to keep Superman hidden?

Diana: All I know is when Lois died and we started dating a part of him shut down more.

Donna: Wait you never told me you and him dated?

Diana: I did but that must have slipped your mind. Besides I think back then when it came to Kal you chose to ignore it.

Donna: Well I had other things on my mind like the fact my mom turned out to be your lost sister Drusilla. I think I was hurt him in past I just did not want to hear he chose someone else over me again because he loved them more.

Diana: That not true if you look at the chapters in his two series written as books there this character called Cassandra Sandsmark that had a secret message hidden in them.

Donna: Diana but you already figured those out and they make no sense.

Diana: That I agree with you but I still have a feeling he would have not written them without a reason.

(Diana just left her to her thoughts going inside and joining her husband Tom.)

[The kitchen]

Tom: How is she doing?

Diana: Hurt and inviting Clark Kent opened wounds that have long since buried.

Tom: True but it needs to be done he hasn't left the apartment in over a year and it not healthy no matter what if he Kryptonian or what that place means.

Diana: I know you can't push either of them or it will tear them apart more.

(Just then Donna came in from the balcony and then gave a smile heading back to her room. Tom and Diana just smiled back and once the door was closed they turned to each other.)

Tom: Do you think she heard us?

Diana: Great Hera Tom that last comment you said loud enough she probably did hear us.

Tom: Diana I know but what was the smile about?

Diana: I have seen that smile once or twice I think she figured something out. Let her be she will come out in her own time.

(Diana just gave him kiss heading back to their room to get ready for the day.)

Tom just stood there in the kitchen not knowing what to think then again Amazonian women were just like any other women. He knew Donna Troy was just a cover for Chloe Sullivan and just maybe two friends could find a way back together. He also wondered what she was like back then because the stories Clark told about them two getting to the wacky situations they got in high school. He owed Clark his life but more importantly they were friends and he never Clark when he was friends with Chloe but his eyes light up every time he thinks or talks of his once best friend.

Two hours later Donna emerged from her room to find Tom in the living room. Also she noticed that Diana had the door closed to the master bedroom figured it was her Diana nap time. Anyway she wanted to talk to Tom to find out what is going on with Clark. So she went over to join Tom on the couch.

[Living room]

Tom: Donna what can I do for you?

Donna: I just wanted to know what is going with Clark? I did happen to hear what you said earlier.

Tom: Figured well do you want an overview or details?

Donna: Both.

Tom: Let me start with two years ago the Justice League was on a mission and the latest in Lex Luther line attacked him with red kryptonite. According to Diana this was the worst reaction she has ever seen it took Wonder Woman and Power Girl to get him settled before they could get him in a position to counteract with kryptonite. After two hours the effects wore off he just shut down for good and left. He left to the fortress of solitude and then a few months later he bought a new place.

Donna: What was the new place?

Tom: This beautiful tower that looked like it had stain glass windows in the past. He fixed it up with the help of the Justice League and called it the Watchtower.

Donna: That is the name of the place it was a gift to Chloe Sullivan by her deceased first husband Henry James Olsen yes the older brother of Jimmy Bartholomew Olsen. Also it was the first headquarters to the Justice League before it was called Justice League. What does this have to do with him shutting out everyone?

Tom: Well he fixed up the place and moved in then told Diana and I Kal-El is dead. Ever since then he lets us keep the place stocked with food but never leaves.

Donna: What happen to be the date he when he finished fixing up the place?

Tom: November 9th why?

Donna: My birthday that's why he shut everyone out. He has been living his biggest fear that everyone who knows his secret leaves or either dies. I played right into his fear but it had to be done and everyone who knows his secret back then is dead.

Tom: But you aren't dead and he needs the person he loves more than life itself right now. That is part of the reason I invited him over for Thanksgiving next week.

(Tom just got up leaving Donna to her thoughts. Then she got up heading back into her room to pack. Just then Diana came in wanting to talk to her.)

[Guess room]

Diana: Donna why are you packing?

Donna: Diana Clark is in super-mope mode right now and has been for over a year. The last time he was like this was when Jonathan Kent died of a heart attack. The only person to get him out of this mood is me.

Diana: I take it that is not the only reason you are going?

Donna: I figured out the messages when combine the sentences it in the form of two apology letters. After I typed them up I realized he really did love me but back then we handled it badly.

Diana: I hoping he will be joining us for Thanksgiving after this. Plus he running away from his problems again it is like he is denying everything he built as Superman.

Donna: Too true that why I am hoping this will change Superman can come back.

Diana: What about you?

Donna: Tom told me he bought and fixed up the Watchtower the original headquarters maybe it time for the original human Watchtower to return. So don't expect me back for a quite a while.

(Donna closed the duffel bag and gave Diana a hug. A few minutes later she was out the door.)

After Donna made her hasty exit Diana joined Tom for lunch. Diana and Tom just smiled their plan had work to stir the fire. They knew if things turned out as they hoped not only would Clark join them for Thanksgiving but Donna would finally get the man of her dreams. Also two heroes would be back in action that the world needs.

It took Donna Troy to make it to the Watchtower in half an hour. The place was fixed up and looked like what it did years ago. The last time she was here was just before she took the kryptonite built to set her plan facing her destiny. Donna got out of the car and put on the dark green leather jacket with a (=w=) symbol on it meaning Watchtower has returned. She stood in front of the front door ringing the doorbell waiting for an answer. Meanwhile Clark heard the doorbell heading over buzzed the person in. He headed back to the chair and figured Diana probably forgot to drop something off. He heard the person at the door and then spoke.

[The loft]

Clark: Diana the door is open you can come just right in.

Donna: Actually I am not Diana I am Donna.

(Clark stood up and walked opening the door. What he saw is an exact replica of Diana but she was definitely not Diana because not pregnant. So he stepped out of the way letting her in.)

Clark: Donna what bring you by?

Donna: Figured we could talk before next week and I am not who you think I am. Donna Troy is an alias.

Clark: Please sit down want anything to drink?

Donna: Do you have any coffee made up?

Clark: In fact I do make it like my mom used to.

(Clark went to his kitchen to the coffee maker as he did it his super-hearing kicked in hearing a heartbeat he had not heard in years. He grabs a couple of mugs, pours the coffee, and then takes it over to her on the couch.)

Donna: I figured if it took you long that you heard my heartbeat and figured out who I am.

Clark: Chloe how are you alive this whole time?

Donna: First thing first give me the coffee.

(Clark just laughed handing her over the coffee. Donna took it and finally Clark got a good look into her eyes realizing it is Chloe.)

Donna: (continued) Thanks I never could resist your mother's coffee. Anyway remember when you met my mother well it seems she had a secret that no one of us knew. Did Diana ever tell you about her lost younger sister Drusilla?

Clark: Once a while ago. Wait are you saying your mother is Drusilla?

Donna: That is exactly what I am saying. Like I said it is a long story but first we need to get a few things clear.

Clark: Like what?

Donna: (I want to let you in on a little secret, Clark. I'm not who you think I am. In fact, my disguise is so thin, I'm surprised you haven't seen right through me. I'm the girl of your dreams masquerading as your best friend. Sometimes I want to rip off this façade like I did at the Spring Formal, but I can't because you'll get scared and you'll run away again. So I decided that it's better to live with the lie than expose my true feelings. My dad told me there are two types of girls: the ones you grow out of, and the ones you grow into. I really hope I'm the latter. I may not be the one you love today, but I'll let you go for now, hoping one day you'll fly back to me. Because I think you're worth the wait.) If you heard that why were you holding things back?

(Clark was not expecting that but he figured this was coming.)

So Clark and Donna sat there…

To be continue…

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