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Parings: Clark Kent/Chloe Sullivan, Tom Terser/Diana Prince, mentions of Steve Trevor/Diana Prince, Clark Kent/Lois Lane, Oliver Queen/Chloe Sullivan, and others

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Summary: 100 years after Chloe Sullivan-Queen read the comic book of her once best friend Clark Kent becoming the legendary superhero Superman to her son. She is now ready to face a destiny that she had no clue was her legacy. Donna Troy the granddaughter to a Queen, niece to a Princess, and a hero that will rise again.


Chloe: That smells like our food.

Clark: Chloe you really weren't asleep were you?

Chloe: Actually I was until I heard the door open but I was so comfy I did not want to move.

Donna: (Just opening her eyes) good food is here now my baby and I can eat.

Dick: Excuse me Donna did you say what I think you said.

Donna: Yeah Dick I been trying a way to tell I am about five weeks pregnant. Also I figured after everything is going on with Tom we could use some good news.

Chloe: Congratulations. Speaking of which maybe we should wake up Diana and the girls to get the food.

Lana and Lois: You're too late for us.

Diana: No need I'm awake I can find the food now let's eat.

(Food was passed out and they all ate.)

They enjoyed a lunch kind of dinner and Clark gave Diana the urn of her husband after the meal. They still tried to figure out what they were going to do for dinner. Then Diana filled them in what were the plans for The Guardian Project and then gathered around for Chloe to relate more of her story…

Chapter 4

The next day Clark and Dick headed out to Smallville to see what they can do with getting Steve out from underground. Clark was weary as they approached the area but Dick headed in at his normal pace. Then five minutes later Dick noticed Clark finally had gained the confidence to join him with no worries leaving Dick a little curious. So Clark looked over at Dick answering his curiosity.

[Under the Old Luthor Mansion]

Clark: Dick I know what you are thinking but I am trying out a new suit.

Dick: But it just looks like your old suit.

Clark: That is the point you see this morning Chloe had informed me that she was working on a way that I don't get so sick around kryptonite. So for a few years she has mixed Kevlar and lead in a liquid form. Therefore she made the suit to look like the one my mother made me.

Dick: At least it is better than the all solid lead one you used to wear. All I can say is that you got quite a woman there in Chloe.

Clark: Dick one thing I liked about you wife Donna is that she reminded me of Chloe. Furthermore this time around I plan on keeping Chloe for a long time. Anyway we better see what we can do with getting Steve out of here.

(They continued on their way to get Steve chamber out but they soon found out is that they had to take Steve out of the stasis. Meanwhile at the Watchtower all the girls were hanging out waiting for the boys to get back.)


Diana: Chloe I meant to ask, did you give Clark the prototype of the suit you have been working on?

Chloe: I did this morning I just hope it has worked.

Donna: What suit?
Chloe: Right Donna I have been working on a suit that will protect Clark from kryptonite without him having to wear the bulky one.

Diana: Yeah I never liked that one but this one was genius looking like the one his mother made.

Donna: Wow what is it made of?

Chloe: Kevlar and liquid lead mix. Anyway we need to wake up the girls and see what they want for breakfast.

Donna: I will go with you and Diana take an easy we will be back soon with the girls.

Diana: Ok it not like this baby is making it easy to move.

(Diana just watched as Chloe and Donna left to get the girls. Two minutes after the girls left Diana saw Clark on the balcony with Steve in his arms. Clark sifted Steve so he could get the doors open and then put Steve on the couch next to Diana. Chloe and Donna came in with the girls saw Clark then noticed Steve on the couch. Dick finally came in to fill them in on what happened.)


Chloe: Clark what happened?

Donna: I thought you were going to get him out with the stasis chamber.

Dick: That was the original plan but things did not go as planned.

Clark: The chamber was so imbedded with Earth it would not budge. So I took a quick scan of his body finding it safe to take him out.

Chloe: Diana is it him?

Diana: Yeah it is. How ok is he?

Clark: From what I can tell he is perfectly healthy the kryptonite imbedded in his system has made him immortal so he will live a long life.

Chloe: Well we will know more when he finally wakes up. Diana are you ok?

Diana: Yeah I am but see him after all this time is surprising. I guess I will find out the whole story when he wakes up.

(Clark just went over to join Chloe and the girls Lana and Lois. Dick joined his wife Donna who was watching Diana looking at Steve. Chloe went over to say something Donna and then took Clark hand into the back room to talk.)

[Master Bedroom]

Clark: Chloe thanks for the suit it worked great.

Chloe: I am glad it did. I don't think I have ever seen Diana that happy at all even with Tom.

Clark: Yeah I know what you mean. Let me change into some clean clothes and we will join the others.

(Clark kissed Chloe as he went to get a change of clothes, then he went into the bathroom to change. While Clark was changing Chloe thought of asking Clark for some clothes just in case Steve had woken up. Clark said it was fine so Chloe gathered some clothes.)

Five minutes later, Clark and Chloe headed back in the room to join the others for breakfast. It was not until lunch time that Steve finally woke up. Steve woke up and thought he was dreaming because he saw Diana. Diana explained it was not a dream but real but before they got into detail they told him he can change in the back room even take a shower to clean up. Steve asked Diana to join him in the room Steve helped her up taking her to the back room just to have her nearby. Diana went to rest on the bed as Steve headed into the bathroom to clean up. An hour later Steve and Diana headed back into the Watchtower living to join the others.

Steve holding Diana's hand leading her back over to the couch and they sat down. Steve was still feeling a little uneasy but he had to know what was going on. Last he remembers was that he entered this Guardian Project and was supposed to be woken up by the military but that did not happen. So he turns to Diana to ask her the question.


Steve: Diana it is good to see you again, but I have to ask why is it not the military waking me up?

Diana: Steve you too but as for the military something went wrong with the project after you were put in stasis.

(The others went over to join them and offered some sandwiches for Steve as they explained what was going on.)

Chloe: Steve my name is Chloe Sullivan and I was the one who discovered something went wrong with this project by the military. What do you remember from the time you went into this project?

Steve: Not much Chloe and it nice to meet you. What about the others here so I can feel more comfortable other than knowing Diana?

Clark: I am Clark Kent and this is my granddaughter Lois Kent.

Chloe: Well you met me but this is my granddaughter Lana Sullivan.

Donna: I am Donna Troy-Grayson.

Dick: I am Richard Grayson but everybody calls me Dick.

Diana: As for me I am still Diana Prince you knew back then but also I am Wonder Woman. The others here are all heroes too. Clark is Superman, Chloe is Watchtower, Dick is Batman, and Donna is Troia. Clark and Chloe are just watching the kids while the parents are out of town.

Steve: Nice to meet you all. I guess you want me to start from the beginning.


(Steve was packing up his office and saying goodbye to Etta and the others. It was the week after Diana had left to head home.)

Steve: Etta thanks for helping me. Nothing really has been the same since Diana left but I understand she had to go home.

Etta: It is no problem I kind of miss her too. Anyway Steve are you sure you want to do this project I have read up on it and there seems to be more risks than rewards?

Steve: Yes Etta it is not like I have much family here and I live to serve my country.

Etta: Take care and be careful.

(Etta just continued to help Steve they got the office packed. Half an hour later in the lab Steve joined with the scientists.)

Dr. Hamilton: Steve do you understand this can either go right or wrong?

Steve: Yeah I understand and I am willing to take the risks. It is for the good of the country.

(Steve had lain down in the stasis chamber and the process began.)

[End of Flashback]

Steve: That all I remembered about going into the project. I knew risks which anything could have happened. What year is it?

Chloe: The year is 2118 and before you say anything, I understand you were to be woken up in the year of 2005. Who originally funded the project?

Steve: A man by the name Linus Luthor.

Clark: That explains that why we found him under the Smaville's old Luthor Mansion.

Donna: That could mean Lex knew where he was all along.

Dick: It could explain that Lex could have used some of his DNA in cloning experiments.

Chloe: It is a possibility.

Steve: Who is Lex?

Diana: Lex Luthor the grandson of Linus Luthor. That would mean that Linus research was past onto Lex father and then him.

Steve: Oh so the Luthors sound like people to not trust. Anyway nothing can change what has happened I guess I will just have to adjust to life in this time. So Diana is the father in the picture?

Diana: No Steve he was killed yesterday but we will get into that another time.

(Steve just smiled and turns to the others to see what the plans were for the day.)

The plans for the rest of the day, and they decided to take Steve out to buy new clothes and other things. Also it was a trip for Chloe to get her hair bleached back to blond this way she won't get mixed up with Diana and Donna. Clark let Steve barrow a pair of his shoes. They got the girls ready and said bye to Donna and Dick as they headed out to get Steve settled.

Three hours later after the shopping trip Clark, Chloe, Lois, Lana, Diana, and Steve all decided to eat out for dinner. Diana picked this great Greek restaurant so they went in to get settled. Once they were all the table they ordered the food as they waited they talked.

[Restaurant Table]

Steve: Diana you being you know who just confirmed my suspicions.

Diana: Well it is not like I hid it on purpose but some people weren't too swift back then.

Clark: Yeah and that did not change much even when I was young.

Chloe: Well Clark it sounds like Steve was similar to me when I first saw you. I did always have my suspicions.

Clark: Yeah but I was able to pull it off through high school.

Chloe: Not necessarily Alicia confirmed my suspicions senior year. I figured you would tell me when you were ready.

Clark: Yeah, well you have been my greatest confidant. Even when I hurt you, you were still there.

Diana: Now I see what the others were saying about you two back then. I never believed Lois and the others until now.

Steve: Yeah, you know Chloe kind of reminds me of Etta.

Diana: She does in personality. Anyway it looks like dinner coming and we are hungry.

(The dinner was set on the table and they ate.)

As they ate dinner talking sharing stories. Steve shared more his stories from during WWII. Diana even joined in from time to time. The girls were fascinated and it was a fun evening. They headed back to the watchtower after dinner. Clark and Chloe put the girls to bed and joined Diana and Steve for a movie night…

Here is a new chapter to a story I started a while ago. So enjoy and review.