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The other side of the village kingdom.

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Summary: Naruto Uzumaki is the young prince of the Uzumaki clan, he is arranged to be married to Karin. But what happens when he suddenly starts to fall for a young peasant girl, who only thinks about work, work, and work. Can Naruto show her how to have fun without falling in love?

Chapter 1

In Konoha village; well known for the famous, wealthy two clans; Uzumaki Namikaze, and Uchiha. Both clans are well develop and contain one of the most powerful ninjas Yondaime Namikaze and Fugato Uchiha; the ones now following in their footsteps are young prince Naruto and young prince Sauske.

Now 18 years old; Naruto must face the toughest decision in his life as a young prince.

"Marriage…?" said Naruto as he stopped slurping on his ramen, to look up at his parents, "That's right." Says a woman with long red hair. Naruto completely drops his chopsticks.

"But why can't I choose who I should marry?" he protested. This time a man with the same spiky blonde hair looked at his son "Because Naruto, when two people from wealthy clans marry each other then the village where we live can get more resources; which will help those in need."

Naruto just stood quiet, he knew how important it was for his parents for him to get marry to a wealthy girl, it would help keep the Uzumaki Namikaze clan in excellent population; but sometimes he wish he could choose who he wants to marry at least have some sort of say as a young prince, right?

"I understand." Naruto finally said. Naruto's mother smiled and continued to eat. After a while Naruto spoke. "So who am I engaged to anyway?" he asked.

Yondaime smiled "Why to Karin Kazema (Sorry I don't know Karin's last name.)

"NOOOOOOO!" was all that was heard in the Uzumaki mansion and throughout the whole village of Konoha.

"Out of all of the girls in Konoha, why did it have to be Karin?" Said Naruto as one of the maids was fixing is hair. In front of Naruto stood his two best friends Sauske and Sakura Uchiha. Sauske Uchiha is the young prince of the Uchiha, he has dark blue hair and is wearing his royal clothes; the one who he has his arm liked with is his wife Sakura Haruno Uchiha, she has long pink hair with emerald green eyes she gives out a annoyed 'humph' sound. "Well there's no way I'm becoming the god mother of your guy's child." Naruto's face turns red "Hey who says I'm breading her child!"

"oh come on Naruto, you know that it's traditional for the bride and groom to get to it after the wedding, although Sauske here, haded to go all out of control that now I'm pregnant with triplets." She says as she stares annoyed at Sauske while he just grins.

"Man…this is way too much for me to handle, I'm in the mood to walk around the village, where's my first headmen." Said Naruto; as he looked around the room.

"Right here your majesty."

'Great, Kabuto I want to walk around the village." Said Naruto as he puts his jacket on. Sakura and Sauske accompany him as well.

Naruto walks around the village and smiles at his people.

"Good Morning, your majesty."

'Why hello, your majesty."

"Nice day, your majesty."

Naruto walked by the people greeting them by 'hellos, or 'good day', or good morning.'

"Your majesty, I really think we should head back." Said Kabuto in an annoyed and bored tone. Naruto grinned back at Kabuto.

"Nonsense Kabuto, there are so many things you can learn, and so many people you can; as a matter of fact let me explain it this way. Naruto then dragged Kabuto around the village; he showed them the kids playing; old man Teuchi baking bread and ramen, and the young women making googaly eyes to him and Naruto as they pass by.

"You see Kabuto; there are a lot of things to learn outside the palace." Said Naruto as he continues to walk through the village. Kabuto just sighed.

"NARUTO!" said a voice; Naruto turns to see Konohamaru and his friends. "Hey Konohamaru! What's up?" Konohamaru is the grandson of the old man priest Sarutobi. "Naruto you'd say that we would play today!"

Naruto grinned. "Oh yeah! Alright then let's go-"

"Hold it your majesty, your tutor should be at the palace in 5 minutes." Interrupted Kabuto. Naruto groaned "Oh yea I forgot; sorry Konohamaru maybe tomorrow."

"Sure!" said Konohamaru; with that he and his friends left.

"Your late, kid." Said an older man with white spiky hair.

"Yea, yea." Said Naruto, as he sat down.

"So what are we learning this time pervy sage." Said; Naruto.

"Well kid, since you're going to be married you need to know the most important thing that will most please a woman…" Jiyraya said with a smirk.

"And that is…" Naruto added. Jiyraya then came closer to Naruto's ear and then whispered "OK Naruto I'm going to talk to you today about…"

"Honey, have you seen Naruto." Kushina said to her husband.

"He said he was going to bed early." Yondaime added as he ate his ramen.

"Without eating ramen; something must be wrong."

"Don't worry he's probably stressed out because of the wedding; he'll be fine."

(Meanwhile; in Naruto's room.)

"That's it; I'm becoming a priest." Naruto said terrified as he shaked himself to sleep.

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