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Chapter 3: Meeting each other.

"I swear it's true!" Konohamaru said as he pleaded to Naruto and the others the next day.

"Konohamaru, are you sure, I mean Moegi and Udon did say that you hit your head pretty hard." Kushina said as she was drying the dishes.

"I already told you; a girl helped me and she was from Rakugen village!" Konohamaru yelled. "Maybe his head still hurts…he needs some rest." Kabuto added as he smirked at Konohamaru.

"FINE, BE THAT WAY!" Konohamaru ran out the house. "Konohamaru wait!" yelled Naruto as he tried to go after him but was stopped when his father grabbed his arm. "Naruto, don't forget Karin is coming today." Yondaime told his son. Naruto sighed "yea, yea I know." And with that he made his way back upstairs.


"Grandma I'm going to buy more bread, I'll be right back ok?" Hinata said as she made her way to the door.

"Ok…j-just be careful, Hinata" her grandmother said softly. Hinata nodded and slowly closed the door behind her.

Hinata then started making her way towards Konoha village.

(Back to Naruto.)

"Naaruutooo!" yelled Karin as she hugged Naruto; who only sighed annoyingly and was forced to wrap his arms around her. After that she pulled away and smirked. "Oh Naruto, can't you believe that in 4 months you and me will be married?"

"Yea I can't believe it." Naruto said sarcastically. Just then Sakura and Sauske come in; Karin walks up to them. "Wow. Sakura already expecting another one, you two really want to take that risk again…what if something unexpectly happens to it…" with that she smirked.

"…" Sakura walks away. Sauske glares at Karin before following her.

"Karin." Naruto says.

"Yes my dear Naruto."

"Let me remind you that you're in my house and in my village, and if you don't behave yourself then I won't hesitate to kick you out, got it?" Naruto then followed Sauske and Sakura.

"You can hate me all you want Naruto, but either way you'll be mine." Said Karin to herself.

Once Naruto caught up to Sakura and Sauske; his eyes sadden; Sakura was crying and Sauske had his arms protectively around her.

"Sakura…I'm so sorry." Naruto said.

Sakura gave Naruto a kind smile "Hey, don't beat yourself up, I just wish I could have ripped that smirk off her face."

"But you can't, I don't want you or the babies to get hurt." Said Sauske, then he started wiping away her tears. Sakura smiled and leaned in and kissed him, Sauske kissed her back.

Naruto smiled at his best friends 'No matter what comes their way those two are always together, when Sakura lost her first child; because Karin purposely pushed her down the stairs I haded to stop Sauske-teme from almost killing her…Those two really love each other..' But then his face softens 'I wonder if there's someone out there for me…?'

After that Naruto decided to walk around the village; as he passes the Academy, he spots Konohamaru in front of a tree drawing.

"Hey your old sketchbook, I haven't seen that in ages." Naruto looks at the picture that Konohamaru's drawing; it looks like a young girl with long indigo hair, big pearly eyes and a charming smile. "Naruto, you believe me do you?" Konohamaru tells him. Naruto smirks and sits next to him "Of course, I mean do you know how many times I've been hit in the head by Sakura, my mom, and Pervy-sage, and look at me." After a while Konohamaru spoke again.

"She was really pretty…"


"The lady that helped me, she was kind and pretty, and healed my wound with some red-leaf-thingy."

Naruto stood and said. "I'm in the mood for some of old man Teuchi's bread and ramen, wanna join me?" Konohamaru grinned. "Sure!" he stood up and both started to make their way towards Teuchi's restaurant.

As Konohamaru and Naruto were laughing at a joke they stopped when they heard the sound of Teuchi's voice.

"Hinata, so nice to see you." Naruto frozed and just stared at the girl; she had long indigo hair, white creamy skin, her clothes looked really old, some ripped up pants and a ripped up shirt that was too long on her, but for some reason Naruto couldn't help but find that girl beautiful. "W-who is she..?"

"That's the girl that helped me." Konohamaru said with a smile. Konohamaru waved his hand high and yelled "Hey!" Hinata saw him and smiled softly as she waved back to him.

"Let's meet her, Naruto." Naruto didn't answer he just let himself be pulled by Konohamaru. When they were in front of Hinata, Hinata looked at Konohamaru and smiled "H-How does y-your forehead f-feel?" she says. "Great thanks." Grins Konohamaru. "T-that's good." She then looks at Naruto, her cheeks now were matching the color of Naruto's; Konohamaru looked at them both and snickered "Love at first sight huh?"

Naruto then realized that he had been staring at the girl for a while so he shook his head, and scratched the back part "Hehehe, sorry I didn't mean to stare." Hinata smiles softly "t-that's ok."

"So may I please ask the fine maidens name and also the one who saved my little brother?" Naruto said as he took Hinata's left hand and kissed it slightly. Hinata's face was beet red 'Don't faint don't faint; don't faint, not here, not now.' She gulped and looked toward the ground.

"P-please sir…for I-I am n-not a m-maiden, my name I-is no worthy o-of your beknowest." Naruto looked at the girl and smiled "Well I happen to think, that you're the most beautiful creature that I have ever laid eyes on." He smirked. Hinata's eyes widen for a second but then a kind smile appeared across her lips. "T-thank you…my n-name is H-Hinata, Hinata Shuga."

"Hinata, that name really suits you." He said.

"A-and may I-I ask your n-name?" she tells Naruto.

"He's Naruto Uzumaki, the young prince." Konohamaru added. Hinata looked at Konohamaru this time. "A-and I never g-got your n-name."

"Konohamaru Sarutobi." Hinata leaned down and kissed his cheeks; Konohamaru was now red as he looked up at her. "I-its nice t-to meet y-you."

"Hinata, will it just be three breads this time?" Teuchi says. Hinata smiles softly. " Gomen, Teuchi but I only have enough for two, I have to hurry home and feed Hanabi and Grandma, then I have to hurry to work. " Naruto just looks at her and for some reason, he knows that she isn't happy, and that it's been years since she smiles or laughs. As Hinata searches through her pockets, her eyes start to water a bit "N-no... it c-can't be r-ripped…I-it can't."

"Hey Hinata what's wrong?" Naruto asks her. "I-I had m-my money here a m-minute ago, I g-guess my p-pockets ripped out…and t-they all fell.

Naruto suddenly felt bad for Hinata, until he got an idea and went up to Teuchi "Old man; give me two big bags full of bread!" Hinata stared at him wide-eyed and saw as Teuchi gave Naruto the two bags of bread. Hinata looked down so that Naruto couldn't notice her mouth water.

"Here" Hinata looks up to see Naruto offering her the two bags; her eyes were now extremely wide "I-Is t-t-that for m-me…?" she said as her eyes were getting watery.

"Yep, Sure is." He grinned. When he looked at her, she was now crying, sobbing her heart out into the bag. Naruto looked at her and without knowing he pulled her into a hug, Hinata continued to sob. "T-thank you…t-thank you s-s-so much…" Naruto held her tighter "Hey, don't cry anymore Hinata…you look cuter when you smile." He pulled away and wiped her tears and grinned. Hinata smiled back at him and leaned in and kissed his cheeks. Naruto's face was now beet red. "T-thank you so much, Naruto-san…I-I promise t-to pay you b-back!" and with that she left. Naruto just stood in the same spot Teuchi and Ayame waving their hands in front of his face.

That day Hinata feed as much bread as she could to the villagers and her family, though once again she didn't eat anything…out of the two big bags only four loafs of bread remained. Hinata as outside looking up at the stars, she remembered how much she enjoyed her day…she remembers seeing Teuchi and Ayame, Konohamaru, and Naruto… she didn't understand why she felt so nervous around him, but overall she was thankful. "Arigato…Naruto-san."

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