Hello there! I'm Innocence (the other half of Instinct).

To be honest, there's no real reason why I'm posting this. I was somehow encouraged by Instinct, although this is just a drabble. It isn't really meant to have a plot.

It's not really much because it's not a story but I hope you enjoy it some.

::Let The Games Begin::

Summers can be so boring…

"Damn this heat," He muttered, wiping a trail of sweat moving down his forehead, before pursing his lips into a tight frown.

"What's with the look?"

He shifted his gaze towards a familiar azure eyed brunet standing a foot away. His expression jolly despite the unbearable heat hovering over the ancient Spanish port they called home.

His frown dispersed into a sly smirk. "Yo, So-chan! I knew I smelled the stench of fish."

The latter's eyes twitched in annoyance, his cheerful demeanor already vanishing. "For the last time its Sora! And I don't stink of anything. Quit being such a jerk, Izaya."

"Whatever you say, So-chan~!"

"This guy—" He started before taking in a breath and unwillingly halting his anger.

He wasn't going to lose it. That'd be exactly what Izaya would want, and pleasing this mischievous agitator was something Sora grew to despise.

"Why aren't you locked up in your little mansion anyway?" The azure eyed brunet questioned, his eyes lowered monotonously. "I thought you hated this kind of temperature."

"Ah, but how could I possible separate myself from humanity," Izaya chimed, pulling a startled Sora into an unnerving side embrace.

"Whatever, dude," Sora muttered, peeling Izaya's arm off his shoulders.

A depressing sigh escaped the troublemaker's lips. "Summers are so bo~oring!"

"Then why don't you just leave town or something?" A blunt mutter followed as a reply.

However it wasn't heard, as loud cries from within the mass of people quickly grasped the villager's attention. And Izaya's.

A young Spaniard skidded rapidly by, his fast pace speeding as the familiar cries rang again from two Englishmen: an adult in a dark detective suit following with a young child in a blue cap.

Heavy breaths escaped their lips as they maneuvered themselves through the miles of bodies separating them from their target.

"S-stop!" They heaved.

The scorching sun was depleting their energy rapidly the further they ran after the Spanish brunet, soon becoming noticeable their swift steps turning sluggish.


The Spaniard shot them a quick side-glance before turning a corner and pushed himself into a separate crowd. They skimmed to and fro, desperately trying to keep up with the scurrying figure as they too shoved and pushed themselves through, disappearing within the masses.

There was a short moment of silence.

"What was that?" A curious Sora spoke.

Izaya wasn't sure. But one thing did push through his thoughts as a gleeful smirk curled across his lips.


..But perhaps not always

That's pretty much it (drabble's really aren't long now that I think about it). To clear up anything that might not make since, these are the characters I used:

Sora from Kingdom Hearts

Izaya from Durarara

Spain from Hetalia (the Spaniard)

Professor Layton and Legal Luke (the two Englishmen)

I'm not really sure if I might try to be creative with this and actually make a story out of it, we'll have to see what happens. Whatever the outcome, you are free to use your imagination to figure out just what is going on in this scene.

Best of wishes. :)