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Despite the earlier proceedings of the night the song now playing was one of a slower quality. The bothersome lights by the DJ had slowed in their flashy pace as well. Arthur would never admit that he held a strange affection for the bothersome light display.

Arthur looked expectantly over at the other sitting next to him. It took little time to catch Francis' attention. "Need something, ma cherie?" the blond asked before kissing him.

Sighing, Arthur put his chin on his hand, elbow rested on the table. "No," he pouted. Francis simply smiled before continuing to chatter with his friend, Gilbert.

Romano was lucky. Antonio wasn't leaving him to sit bored while he talked on with these two. Arthur was even catching snatches of him and Antonio through the crowd. For once the Italian actually seemed to be enjoying himself.

"May I have this dance?"

Arthur was startled to see an American offering his hand. Arthur just looked up blankly at the blond with the blue eyes and glasses. The Englishman had seen him around the club before, but they'd never spoken. In fact, Arthur was pretty sure the American was the part-time bartender.

"Our dear Arthur doesn't dance," Francis answered with a smile. He put an arm around Arthur's shoulders.

"Just because you don't dance with me doesn't mean that I can't," Arthur snapped, shrugging away from Francis' arm. He glared angrily at the Frenchman next to him. Gilbert just looked on with curious amusement.

"An accent, that's cool."

Arthur fixed his glare on the American.

"Oh, ma cherie, you call that dancing?"

Arthur hissed angrily. He grabbed the American's hand and pulled him out onto the dance floor. The other blond didn't seem to mind all that much though.

When Arthur whirled around to face the American - his dance partner - he noticed how very close the blond was. He was slowly closing the distance too. The tall man slipped his hands onto Arthur's waist, pulling him closer.

Arthur drew back, spitting and hissing. "What was that?"

"Just trying to dance," the American answered seriously. He raised his hands in the air defensively. "No need to freak out on me. We need to be a little closer for dancing."

Furiously the American was eyed by the Englishman. "I don't even know your name," Arthur snapped moodily when he decided the American was actually being genuine.

"Alfred," he answered with a smile. "Alfred F. Jones."

Arthur glared back toward Francis. The Frenchman was smirking devilishly over at them. That made Arthur all the angrier. How dare he insult Arthur! Especially in public!

Arthur forced himself closer to Alfred. "Fine, let's dance then, git," He flushed in embarrassment when Alfred replanted his hands. He drew Arthur closer. The reluctant Englishman slipped his arms around Alfred's neck.

"Now relax, you're all tense."

"Of course I'm tense!"

"Don't be, we're just dancing."

"I've seen people dance before, Alfred, there's no 'just dancing' about it." he couldn't help but spot Romano and Antonio. The Spaniard had bent his head so their foreheads touched, noses brushing faintly. Arthur flushed and looked away.

"Say my name again, I think it's sexy." Alfred leaned close so their bodies pressed against each other. "Just like you."

A dark flush crept up Arthur's cheeks. Despite himself - and better judgment - he pushed himself back against Alfred, burying his head in the other's shoulder.

Alfred's hands wrapped all the way around him to hold him tight. Arthur smiled against his shoulder when he heard the other begin to hum. Okay, so maybe he was just the faintest bit charming.

"Want to go back to my place?"


"Yeah, I thought you might say that." Alfred pulled him back closely. "I thought I should still ask. It's not like Frenchie over there cares about you."

"You daft fool."

"I'm going to be your hero and come rescue you from him." Arthur could feel Alfred smiling against his neck. Okay, fine, maybe he was more than just a bit charming.

Francis' hand on his shoulder gently tugged him away from the American. "Ma cherie, we best be going." Francis wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him away from Alfred. "Big day tomorrow."

Alfred looked a bit affronted to discover that the song had transitioned into a more upbeat one some time ago. "What would be the big events of tomorrow?"

A low cough escaped Arthur's lips. Francis' smirk widened. "Why not tell him, ma cherie?"

Arthur looked down at the dance floor. "We're getting married."