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Chapter One

In the far outskirts of the bustling city, there was a wide plain covered in nature and the like. Flowers bloomed making meadows that stretched far and butterflies rested on the petals without a care in the world. The peace was disturbed though by a sudden beam of light hitting the ground and burning whatever was there previously; leaving a boy with orange spiky hair groaning from the pain and a black circle surrounding him. "Oww...my head..."

He looked around; surveying the area while still massaging his forehead to stop it from throbbing. When he noticed that there wasn't another human in sight, he sighed in relief and took out a small machine from his backpack. Almost immediately a person's face appeared on the screen; it was one of his commanders. "Michael, can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear, sir."

"Good; it seems like the transportation was a success. You are not badly harmed are you not?"

"I'm fine; just a little dizzy is all." the person projected in the machine nodded. "Even though I told this to you awhile ago, there's no harm in repeating what you must do. You are here to return the Pokémon back to our world safely and quickly. The teleporter pad to take you home is in your bag and unfortunately can only be used once, so make sure you found everyone before returning. The list of Pokémon is as follows: a Charmander, a Serperior, an Empoleon, two Sentrets, and about five Pokémon eggs. At the moment we do not know what kind of eggs they are, but the Pokémon should be able to lead you to them if they are still together. Remember, those eggs still need to be hatched before you can transport them with the teleporter pad as it is too dangerous to bring them in as they are. This mission is important for the entire Pokémon world and the other world you are in as well. Do you understand?"

"Of course, sir."

"Then I bid farewell for now then. Good luck Michael." and with that, the conversation ended. With another sigh, the ranger placed the machine back in to his bag and stood up. "Who does he think he is? I'm not that forgetful." he muttered.

The boy yawned as he stretched his arms and gazed at a stream nearby before approaching it. He then kneeled down beside it and splashed his face with some water to wake him up; he hadn't been sleeping much as of late. He had to admit it; he was pretty excited about being chosen for the job even with the dangers that came with it. C'mon, a totally new world to explore and rescuing some Pokémon at the same time? It was his best adventure yet!

Rubbing the water out of his emerald green eyes, he turned to the left and saw that the river went further down. "When there's a river, there's bound to be people somewhere."

Michael had been walking for some time before pausing to catch his breath. He never knew he could get so tired so easily; it felt annoying to him. Before he could think about sleeping, out of the blue a girl came out from the bushes; picking some berries. She noticed him before he did and skipped to him; her hazel brown French braids and her pink dress flapped in the wind which matched her brown sandals.

"Oh, hello there, mister." she looked at me strangely and it took the ranger a while to figure out that she was staring at the red and white spheres on his belt. "Man, I forgot to keep them before I left..." he thought.

"What are those things around your belt? Are they toys?" she asked; reaching out to touch one of them. I stepped out of her range before she could though. The little girl looked confused; maybe even a little hurt. That was never his intention, but he could never afford to be too trustworthy.

"Um, these aren't toys. They're antiques and they're here for safekeeping." He explained; mentally slapping himself for making such a lame lie. She stared at him weirdly again and he knew he screwed up.

"So... the best place you came up with was around your waist?" it was his turn to gawk at her now. That wasn't the reply he was expecting. She was more observant that he gave her credit for.

"Uh, so anyway, what are you doing out here by yourself?" He questioned; changing the subject.

"I was about to return to my village after getting enough berries." she replied with a big toothy grin. "A village?" He repeated. "Can you show me where?

Unexpectedly, she told him to bend down to her eye level. At first he was skeptical, but the brunette didn't budge an inch and so he followed. Right after that she patted his cheek before stretching them to their full extent. The orange-haired boy groaned which made the girl giggle with delight. "Okay! But you should promise not to tell anyone about where I'm gonna take you." He nodded slowly and as a result of that she quickly let go off his cheeks; leaving them red. "By the way, my name's Nina. What's yours?"

"Michael." he responded while rubbing his sore cheeks.

"Michael huh? Cool name. Now follow me or else you'll get lost and never be found 'kay?" she said it so cheerfully that all he could do was nod his head. It was kind of creepy how she told him the warning so calmly and with a smile. The ranger decided not to trust her too much or else...

From there on out the duo skipped/walked through the thick forest and hiked/skipped up the steep mountain with loose rocks that can fall at any minute until they stopped at a huge boulder at its peak. Michael breathed heavily as he rested on his knees and tried to catch his breath while the little girl was still standing and currently pouting with her arms folded; lecturing him how unfit he was for getting so tired from climbing up just one mountain. All the boy could do was stare at her as he continued to gasp for air. "What is she? Some kind of super girl?" he thought to himself.

"Now all you have to do is push this boulder. Don't worry, it's pretty easy." she told him (or more of ordered him to). He walked over to the boulder as commanded and gave it a push. As she said, the large rock easily moved away; revealing a staircase below that seemed to go on forever. The sun above him was high and bright and yet the staircase was shrouded in darkness. Despite doing this before, being led by a little girl made the experience a little scarier.

The two walked down; small brunette first over older guy. Michael had to constantly feel the walls to assure himself that he wasn't getting lost. The echoing skipping sounds coming from the girl wasn't reassuring.

Before he knew it, the ranger's eyes were blinded by the sun shining again. After blinking a few times, he found himself on a hill and overlooking a somewhat old but peaceful village. Flowers and trees spread across and a mountain loomed over the settlement like a final puzzle piece to the beautiful sight. If it weren't for Nina suddenly pulling him down the hill he would've looked out on the hill for as long as he could; unfortunately he couldn't.

"Come on, Michael! I wanna show you the village before I show you the railstation!" she chirped happily while dragging me on a dirt path to the houses nearby. As they passed by house by house, the boy saw people walking around carrying woven brown baskets filled with bread or other food, he saw kids running and playing with what looked like metal tops; they were battling each other in a friendly match. It almost reminds me of a Pokémon battle.

He didn't make it through the village without being noticed though. His clothes were enough for him to stick out in the crowd; most assumed he was from the city or somewhere else. Pretty soon they were at its edge and Nina pointed at the trail that stretched on past the village. "The railway station is 5 miles north from here. Just stay on the path and you'll be fine."

"Alright, thanks." he told her before setting off; before he could step out though he was stopped by someone tugging on his shirt. "You'll come back and visit?"

"Uhm, sure."

"You promise 'kay?" he nodded and the brunette let him go. As he walked further and further away, the sounds of the little girl shouting goodbye to him grew softer. When he was sure that he was far enough and there was nobody around to see him, he took out one of his Poké Balls and threw it in the air."Skarmory; spread your wings!"

A stream of white light came out from it and a steel-feathered bird with strong armor appeared; flapping her wings while surveying the surroundings before flying back down to her trainer and nudging him. "You want something to eat again, don't you?" the Steel/Flying type cawed loudly and nodded. Michael then unzipped his bag and took out a light blue poffin; her favorite kind. "Here you go. One Oran berry poffin." the boy tossed it up in the air; making her beat her wings to catch it airborne. She then landed on the ground and nudged him again in happiness.

"Come on Skarmory; time for a ride in the clouds." he hopped on her back and the metallic bird spread her wings and heads toward the blue sky. While in the air, she somersaulted and made a full loop; yet there was no problem for Michael because he had done this before; Skarmory liked to play around while flying. They flew around and passed the train station three times; the ranger didn't even notice that they were at their destination quite some time ago. "Okay girl, time to land now." he told her. The Pokémon cawed sadly before hesitantly following his orders and diving down to a large bush. Returning her in to her Poké Ball, the boy headed to the train station and easily got on before it pulled off.

Metal City, here I come!