Chapter Three

Michael raced through the streets of Metal City with Ginga and the others hot on his trail. He had already thought about turning the bey in; but then they would ask why he took it...he had tried everything from running through crowds to going through random alleyways; once or twice running into stray dogs.

These guys just don't give up! There's got to be some way to lose them..!

"Get back here!" Michael paid no heed to the enraged yell, but continued running. He continued like this for a few more blocks until he reached another strange sight. In front of him was a large group of people in front of what appeared to be a stadium of some sort. Its logo read 'Bey Stadium'. It seemed kind of average like everything else. Before he can comprehend what was going on, he was grabbed by his neck and hoisted off the ground.

"What's the big deal stealing Kyouya's beyblade?" Benkei asked. Michael refused to answer, so he just looked away without saying a word. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" he shouted while trying to sound big and mighty. This interrogation continued until some little kids came up to them.

"Hey! Aren't you going to enter the Survival battle?" one of them asked.

"Survival battle?" Michael repeated; finally speaking. Benkei shot a glare at him, but he ignored it and listened to the small boy. He gave a confused glance at him before answering the question.

"It's on an island and bladers battle there; knocking each other out of the competition until the finals. Then the top 5 bladers battle and the last one standing wins! It's hosted by the WBBA."he explained briefly. Michael was totally lost.

"The what-what-what-what?" the person holding him let go of his neck and Michael dropped to the ground. After dusting himself off, he found pretty much everybody there staring at him. The next thing the ranger knew, everyone trampled over him rushing to somewhere he didn't know and care about. What he was concerned more on was that his entire body was covered in people's footprints. Somehow, he was dragged, pushed, shoved, and any other verb you can think of to the front of the line; stirring a bit of chaos from behind him.

"Oh my...are you alright, young man?" a woman in about her mid-twenties asked. She wore a purple suit and had brown hair; on her face she had glasses that gave her a sort of professional look. She helped Michael up before sitting back down and putting a smile on her face. "My name is Mrs. Fushiko. I'm the 'sign-up' person as people have called me. Will you be entering the Survival Battle?" She asked; picking up a pen.

"I guess so." Michael asked, unsure what to say. It's not like I have a choice now.

"Alright then, first and last name." that was something the boy didn't expect. Should he tell her?

"Uh, Michael Yushio." he answered. She jotted it down and gave him a smile.

"It starts in two days. Be at the airport before or at 4:00 p.m.; the WBBA has a huge airplane for all participates so you can't miss it. Good day, Michael." She said. The ranger gave a nod of thanks, placed his hands in his pockets and walked out of line. Though on his way there, he made sure to drop the bey he still had.

Well that's one problem solved. Now... onto how to get back to the alleyway. He looked up and sighed as hundreds of towers seem to pierce the sky above him. As he was about to take a step forward, a voice came from below him.


"Who's that?" the boy looked around but didn't really see anyone that could've called him.

It's Moon. Look down.

Michael does as told but only saw a manhole cover. Thinking for a second, he made sure no one was around before lifting it up and...there spun Moon. He entered and closed the manhole above him after making sure no one was glancing at him or anything.

"Moon, what are you doing here? I told you to watch the Pokémon."

"They're fine. Michael, these sewers go straight to the warehouse district. I was easily able to get them there undetected."

"Good. Did they have the eggs with them?"

"Yes. But—"

"Tell me later. Get me to the warehouse so I can check on them." he quickly and quietly followed the bey and in about 10 minutes was above the warehouse where the Pokémon were staying. Hearing the soft whimpers, he opened the manhole and climbed out. The Serperior looked and slithered over to him; looking almost relieved that he was here.

"Alright. Let's see what gender you all are." After taking out his PokéGear and scanning them all, he figured out that the Serperior was a girl, the Empoleon was a boy, the Charmander as well, and the two Sentrets were a girl and a boy, the smaller one the boy.

"Okay, that's settled. Now let's look at these..." the ranger grew quiet, and then rubbed his eyes as if he's trying to tell himself he's dreaming. "The-the commander said five, not twenty five!" he sputtered while doing a face-palm. Empoleon then in concern shot a Water Gun at him to help him calm down. Now dripping wet, Michael sighed and tried to clear his face from the water. "Thanks...I guess." getting up from the ground, he decided to scan them all later. Walking over to the group, the two normal types helped the fire lizard over to Michael. "Char..."

"What is it, Charmander?" smiling at him, the little fire type reached over to one of the boy's empty Poké balls. Unexpectedly, he gently tapped his head with the red and white sphere and entered it without struggling. The ball flashed for a few seconds before making a small sound; indicating that the Pokémon was now his.

"It appears you have another Pokémon." the bey muttered. The ranger imagined that Moon was grinning at him. "They do show gratitude to you, Michael; remember that." he nodded once; picking up the Poké ball from the ground and placing it on his belt beside Skarmory's Poké ball.

"Alright, time to lay down some rules." the Pokémon all looked at him; ready to listen. Even though he couldn't see (or tell), Moon also listened to the list of directions.

"Rule One: You cannot leave here. I'll bring you food from a nearby forest, so you won't have to worry about that. We don't want to have another Susie grabbing you." everyone in the room seemed to shudder from the thought. That rule was well understood because of its consequences.
"Rule Two: Each of you will guard the eggs. If someone does find you, protect the eggs and each other. Each night, sleep around them. I'll get some beds and position them around the eggs in a way that'll keep them warm.
Rule #3: If I come back with someone (which is highly unlikely) I'll blink twice as a warning that you should hide somewhere and to not let your presence be detected. If I blink once, they're trustworthy." Michael said. The Pokémon all nodded and head towards the eggs. Moon then spun over toward Michael and hopped on his shoulder.

"Michael, I can tell you're tense. What's the matter?" he sighed; it was a little unsettling that a bey (even if he knew that it was his partner) could sense his feelings so well.

"Well, you see I got signed up for this thing called a Survival Battle. It's on an island and it's where we're going to have to battle a lot of people and try to make it to the finals, then I guess if we win that we get a trophy or something."

"Who said anything about battling? It would be much easier to simply wait the battles out."

"I don't know. That may be against the rules and we could get disqualified."

"Michael, it's an island. It would cost way too much money to put cameras everywhere."

"This isn't the Pokémon World, Moon. You've experienced that firsthand. Who knows what technology they have; but maybe I am also getting too paranoid..." With another heaved sigh, he turned his attention to the Pokémon around them. They were all putting the eggs in a pile so they could watch them all at once. One egg caught his eye was simply purple. No other colors, just...purple.

He walked over, picked it up and examined it to make sure there weren't any other hidden markings; but still nothing. Taking out his scanner, he decided to check it to see if it was a known Pokémon. Yet after some time, he found... nothing. There was no info on it at all except for its gender, which was a girl. "Weird."

Out of the blue, one of the Sentret yawned; followed by all the others with their eyes drooping. He smiled and patted each of them on the head. "You all must be tired...after all, it's been a rough day today." the ranger then laid down; making himself comfortable in the middle of everyone. Moon jumped in to one of his pockets and stopped moving. The Sentrets curled up on his lap and one snuggled under his arm. Serperior slithered around him and rested her head on his chest; quickly falling asleep. He laid down on Empoleon who gladly didn't mind being lain down upon.

He felt a little tired as well and where he was now, it was tempting to take a short nap for a while. Still, there were many things bugging him. The people that chased him before concerned him; what if they ran in to each other again? And what about the Survival Battle? But as the Pokemon slept peacefully around him, it was hard not to stay worried. Maybe a nap won't be so bad...

End of Chapter Three.