Jane surveys the island in Maura's kitchen covered in take-out containers and beer bottles. She pats her tummy.

"OK, doc, are you trying to butter me up? Take-out on a 'school' night?" Jane asks with twinkling eyes.

Maura laughs her lovely laugh, Jane smiles wider. "If by 'butter you up' you mean I need to ask you for a favor then, yes."

"Ha, I knew it." Jane says pointing at the doctor. "But seriously, Maur, I would help you out with anything. You just have to ask, delicious food and beer aside."

"Oh, I thought it was customary to pre-empt a request for a favor with food and drink." Maura says quietly, almost to herself.

"Who told you that?" Jane asks absently, taking a sip of her beer.


"Oh, man, he probably thought you were going to ask him for a favor." Jane says chuckling.

"Well, I don't mind, I like sharing meals with you anyways, so two birds, one stone, I guess." Maura waves her hand in the air. "So, you remember I went to the dentist last week about my tooth pain?"

Jane nods remembering and for Maura to keep going.

"Well, I need to have my wisdom teeth removed. Three are impacted and one is pushing through causing me discomfort." Maura sips her wine while she pauses.

"Impacted?" Jane asks.

Setting her glass down, "Yes, still under the gum, not out yet."


"So that means they put me under anesthesia and go in and surgically cut them out, stitch me up and then pull the remaining tooth out."

Jane wrinkles her nose, setting her beer down. "That sounds great." She comments sarcastically.

"Yes, it will greatly relieve pressure along my jaw-which has been causing me some discomfort."

Jane holds up her hands, "OK, OK. Stop with the cutting and the literal interpretation of what I am saying. What does this all have to with me?"

Maura smiles at her friend, wrapping her fingers around Jane's wrist, absently feeling its shape, the pulse there. Jane peers down at their joined hands.

"Well, I need someone to bring me to and then stay at the oral surgeon's office while they do the procedure and then drive me home. I will need someone to stay with me that first night. They don't want me alone because of the possible after effects of the anesthesia. I'm having it done two weeks from tomorrow, 8AM on that Friday morning. Can you go with me?" Maura asks sweetly sliding a full beer towards Jane.

Jane laughs, "That was a nice touch with the beer at the end."

Maura nods and smirks, "Thank you."

"Of course I will take you and stay with you and feed you applesauce."

"Thank you, Jane, but I don't think you will need to feed…" Maura stops when Jane places a warm finger on Maura's lips.

"Kidding. But I will totally take care of you, no worries. OK?" She reaches down and holds one of Maura's hands in between both of hers.

"Yes. Thank you for being willing to help me."

"No problem." Jane pauses looking at Maura with a mischievous look in her eyes.

"Whattt?" Maura narrows her eyes, withdrawing her hand to pick up her wine glass.

"Can we watch the game now?"

"Oh, for goodness sakes, of course we can."