A/N: So a few days ago in creative writing class, my teacher told us to go on this website to research tropes. Tropes are figurative or metaphorical use of a word or expression like Comic Relief, Gender Bender, Filler, Bishonen, Tall Dark and Handsome, Birds of a Feather, etc. There's like tons and tons out there and so I was looking at D Gray Man which was awesome, there were so many. (I don't think I'm allowed to tell you the site, but just looks up 'tropes' and you'll find it in a snap.) We were looking up tropes coz it was gonna help us with our last assignment for the year, and I agree, tropes are really good devices for charecter and plot development. And so I had the idea of writing a fic about describing specific tropes for each chap that fits the charecters.

Disclaimer: I don't own DGM nor do I own the tropes that associate with the charecters and the anime/manga itself.

Warning: Some OOCness in this chap~

Trope 1, Evil Uncle: An uncle who's envious of his brother and or nephew and plots revenge somehow. (Yeah, that's easy to know, but I'll be giving the definition of each trope in every chapter so there's no confusion.)


Allen was brushing his teeth, minding his own business as he stared tiredly at his reflection. It was early in the morning and Allen wasn't in the mood for the work that Link had thrown at him. In speaking of which, the Inspector was standing beside Allen, brushing his teeth as well. Link was wide awake and ready, brushing his teeth faster and spitting out the paste at the speed of a bullet. He wiped his mouth and turned to Allen who was busy gurgling a mouthful of water and paste.

"Walker, I advise you to hurry up a bit."

"Hold on." Allen gurgled gutturally before spitting the water and paste into the sink. When Allen looked up, he saw the familiar smiling shadow of the Fourteenth staring at him from the reflection. Allen ignored the Noah's presence, but his chilling voice echoed intimidating in his mind.

How's my little nephew doing today?

Did you seriously just called me your nephew? Allen raised an eyebrow, glaring at the smiling shadow.

Of course, I am Mana's brother after all.

And that makes you my adoptive uncle, but that still doesn't change the fact that I don't like you.

I think we should have some bonding time then.

How the hell can we have bonding time?

We can go fishing.


Yeah, why not?

"Walker, what're you doing?" Link's voice almost made Allen jump in alarm. The exorcist composed himself and laughed half-heartedly.

"I was just thinking on what Jerry's cooking for breakfast." Allen abruptly lied, rubbing the back of his neck and nodded.

"Come on." Link urged and the two left the bathroom, walking down one of the long corridors. Link was explaining to Allen what kind of paperwork he had to do, but the boy was barely paying any attention.

You idiot, are you trying to embarrass me? Allen gritted his teeth in irritation.

Well I am your uncle.

An evil uncle, I'll give you that. . .

Just how am I evil?

Allen slapped his forehead rather hard and Link turned to him questionably, keeping a subtle frown, narrowing his eyes.


You've been trying to take over my body on several occasions! Allen mentally yelled but physically stomped his foot on the ground, erupting a small thud.

That's not really evil though, it's more like . . .sharing. We're sharing the same body, Allen, as well as giving each other a helping hand. I helped you restore the Ark and now I'm slowly gaining control over your body in exchange. Now does that sound evil?

Yes. I appreciated the help back on the Ark, but the fact that you implanted your memories inside me is disturbing and is turning me into a Noah! Hell, most of the Order thinks I'm a traitor now!

But being a Noah is fun! You get all these super cool powers and you're practically immortal! You should be glad that—




"Walker, what're you doing now?" Link was getting extremely impatient with the boy who was now making awkward facial gestures as he argued with Neah. Allen soon realized his position and cleared his throat sheepishly.

"Oh, uh. . . I'm just thinking about food again." Allen assured with another faint laugh.

"Well we are going to the cafeteria now, Walker. I suggest you to pay attention before I suspect something. Your behavior has been rather strange as of late. . ." Link muttered and Allen bit down on his lower lip nervously.

See what I'm talking about!

I only see a guy with dots on his face.

Allen huffed agitatedly and marched on ahead to the cafeteria with Link following tow. The Inspector was losing his tolerance and Allen was so close of bashing his head at the nearest wall, wondering if that could get Neah out of his head.

Why couldn't you plant your memories in someone else? Allen pouted, walking over to order breakfast.

"I'll just have a cheese omelet and some sausages." Allen exclaimed gloomily to Jerry.

"That's it?" Jerry gasped in disbelief, plucking a finger in his ear to check his hearing.

"Yeah, I'm not that hungry, plus I have a lot of paperwork to do." Allen answered. And the fact that I have a Noah in my head bugging the hell out of me!

Don't act like I can't hear you. Respect your uncle!

Oh I'll respect you alright. . . Allen's eye twitched, soon receiving his food and rushing over to the table where his fellow exorcists were sitting at. Allen angrily slammed his tray of food on the table, startling everyone as he yelled at the top of his lungs, striking a finger at a random direction.


Allen's voice boomed vociferously through out the cafeteria, bouncing off the walls in constant echoes. Then suddenly, there was complete and utter silence as everyone turned to Allen in awe. Even Kanda stopped eating his precious soba to stare at the moyashi. Lavi-who was nearest to the white-haired exorcist-figured that Allen's dark side has finally awakened and was the only one to move as he cautiously scooted to the farthest end of the table. Allen stood frozen in the center, feeling a lost of breath as he paled a deathly white, realizing what he has done.

So. . . Neah broke the silence—well at least in Allen's mind, everyone was just too stunned to speak. How about that fishing trip?

A/N: I don't think Neah is entirely evil, but it was listed as a DGM trope so whatever. The evil uncle trope is just for fun, it doesn't have to be 100 percent literal. Anyways, each chap will be a diffrent trope and if there's one that you wish for me to write about, be my guest. It's really easy to search for DGM tropes, just type it up and you'll pretty much find the site. There's. So. Many. Tropes. O.O So I'm gonna have fun writing this fic~ Lots of the charecters will be included, but it's mostly gonna be the exorcists. Suggestions for whatever trope you want me to write for a chap are welcome, thanks for reading ^-^

Oh by the way, I got the 'Respet your uncle' line from the movie Ponyo (love that movie~) but it's originally 'Respect your father.' since Ponyo's dad constantly says it. Gosh Neah was sooooo OOC in this. . . I'll try to keep the OOCness to a minimum, there shouldn't be much and I'll give out warnings if there's any as well as pairings coz pairings are gonna show up later on. There's also gonna be a particular charecter bashing, can you guess who it is? Actually I might reveal it next chap (with a particular trope that made me go 'lol' and deserves to be revealed coz it fits this charecter so much!) but I'll see what you guys think about this chap.